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The Addams Family: Everyone Hail To The Pumpkin Queen

by Aura

Aura AKA Aura's super happy fun time with the smudge tool!

So yeah this is Blair Addams. I tend to draw characters in order to flesh them out, which is why this picture of her doesn't reflect her slightly awkward nature, as I only decided on that point when I was in the inking stages. So, not entirely accurate, but meh its cute so I don't really care.
  1. qlovers
    Cute Pumpkin ♥ So adorable ♥
    Aug 7, 2017
    Aura likes this.
  2. Ravyne Nevermore
    Ravyne Nevermore
    Wow! It's really good! :)
    May 22, 2015
    Aura likes this.
  3. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Yup, definitely cute! The fact that the Pumpkaboo line is quickly becoming one of my favorite Pokemon and her motif is based on it, yeah, I love it! ♥ Clever title too! *starts humming This is Halloween*
    Apr 19, 2015