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I’m doing Fakemons... Again: Everybody Gangsta till the Leech Gal Fakemon appears

by Lord Of Pain

Lord Of Pain I’m not dead yet so I decided to post another Fakemon, but take a break from the 7 wonders of the world... so I made Leech girls cause to hell with my sanity amirite? Lmao

The Leech Pokemon
Bug Type

PokeDex :

Entry 1: LEECHETTE dwell in bodies of water or mud, splashing around and playfully clinging onto humans and Pokemon alike.

Entry 2: LEECHETTE is often seen in Pokemon Centers assisting in taking care of Pokemon, they are oddly mesmerized by bodily fluids like blood.

Demoileech (Lake Form)
The Leech Girl Pokemon
Dark / Poison Type

PokeDex :

Entry 1: They lounge on the beaches of lakes late at night, using their feminine looks to lure males towards them, before sinking their mouth like hands into the victim and draining their fluids.

Entry 2: Parents warn their children against swimming in lakes late at night, those who ignore these warnings are dragged to the bottom of the lake by a stalking DEMOILEECH for feeding.

Demoileech (Ocean Form)
The Leech Girl Pokemon
Ice / Water Type


Entry 1: Thanks to their more humanoid form, they can traverse the land for moderate periods at a time, Humans have used them for medical Blood Letting treatments.

Entry 2: DEMOILEECH can survive in water as cold as Arctic Oceans, and are often seen latched onto Water Pokemon as big as GYARADOS and WAILORD and assisting them in Bloodletting treatments.

Demoileech (Land Form)
The Leech Girl Pokemon
Ground / Rock


Entry 1: They can be found in humid regions hidden in the moist soil or Mud, their thick near impenetrable hide has led them to develop a careless nature in terms of self preservation.

Entry 2: Travelers use the presence of DEMOILEECH as an indication of there being water nearby, if offered meat, the DEMOILEECH will willingly lead them to the nearest body of water.