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Eclipse's Journal: Eslipse's Journal (Page 2) {The Legend of Regialpha?

by Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon 33 Views last time, Wooo! I'm taking requests of what will happen next.
Sun and moon: Let's Get this show on the road!
Rowley: Am I introduced?
Sun and moon: Yep ;)
Rowley: Woohoo!


I slowly walked in into the classroom. It looked kinda creepy, There was Spider Webs Everywhere, Ghost banners, And Pokémon Plushies that looked dead because of the Ketchup on them. I saw the most popular Pokémon in school was even scared, Pepole call him Rowley, He was a Rowlet with Cool shades and a Baseball cap. When I looked at the teacher... He was a Gengar I Freaked out so much that I felt my soul Escaped for a Couple seconds. I looked at Sparks, Sunshine, and Hunter and they looked like their Sun and moon Game package was late due to Weather. I laughed a bit until the teacher said for us to sit down. "Hi Class!" He said. The class (Except me) Responeded with a Scared groan. I laughed slightly until he said. "My name is Mr. Haunted!" The class got scared even more they looked like Lusamine's Pale Dress. I kept laughing. Mr. Haunted continued... "So today Since it's the first day of school, I have a story to tell!" "Is it Spooky?" Rowley asked kindly. "Well..."
Mr.Haunted Said like he was struggling to answer. "It might be..." He ended.
The whole class groaned.

"So Ready?" Mr Haunted said.
"I guess..." The other Class moaned.
"So Once Upon a Time, All the way in October,2, 194028 BGKR (Before Groudon, Kyogre, And Rayqauza) A Mysterious Pokémon called Regialpha was one of the only pokemon alive, He was So lonely that he wanted a Friend but Arceus,Palkia, And Dialga were busy shaping the Earth. So Regialpha started to think of what to build. It then thought to make a Pokémon that looks similar like it. He started To Journey around the Earth to Gather Supplies, The First thing he Spotted was Rocks. So be Began to Build, Build and Build. When the project was complete he named it Regirock"
Mr.Haunted Said. The whole class was amazed by the story that they wanted to hear more.
"So Regialpha had fun, but he wanted his clone to have fun too, So he Walked around once more and saw some ice, So he Started to Build, Build, Build and When he was Finshed he named it Regice. After that he was glad to have more friends, But one day he thought.. "Why stop there?"
So he Traveled Once again and saw a Crater so he gathered the Iron from it and started Building
And when he was finished he named it Registeel."

"And When A Wild Mew Attacked Regialpha lost and he thought... "I need something to protect me and my friends" So he Used The Leftovers from Ice,Rock, and Steel and he started Building with all three items. When he was Finshed he called it Regigias.
While him and his Friends where star Gazing over a hill. Arceus Appeared, He looked Very mad like he was about to rage. Regialpha was so scared he told regigias to defend him. Arceus Froze Regigias and talked to Regialpha."

"You Messed up time!" "He said in a Anger. Regialpha Tried to Apologize, but he asked "How did I do this?" Arceus Sighed and said. "Only I can Create Pokémon. You will pay with a fate!" Regialpha was scared he tried to run but Arceus Blew him from the face of the universe. He than Turned to Regigias and Gave him a Curse for Attacking. Regigias Apolagized saying that he had to do it, it was his masters orders. Arceus felt sorry for giving him a curse and... "ZZZZZ" went the class and it interrupted the story. Everyone fell asleep and the bell rang."

"Uhhhh" went Mr.Haunted

Sun and moon: Hope u like it!
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  1. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Dec 9, 2016
  2. Cloudswift
    Hey, could I add a character?
    Name: Grace
    Species: Kirlia(Female)
    Personality: Grace is kind and hates to see others hurt. That said, mess with her or her friends and you're in trouble.
    Appearance: Grace wears a pink bracelet, white shoes, and a hot pink jacket over a green tee-shirt.
    Dec 9, 2016
  3. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Thanks. Making the third one now
    Dec 9, 2016
  4. Ness342
    Dude the story's are so cool
    Dec 9, 2016
  5. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Sun and moon: Credit to Dobbs and gameraz! for Making the Story Alive!

    And if ur asking "Why did you steal this blah blah blah." I didn't. I got permission from him because he wanted to spread the story and get more subs.
    Eclipse: Zzzzz
    Sunshine: Zzzzzz
    Rowley: Zzzzzz
    Alice: Zzzzzzz

    Sun and moon: Oh wow.... now I have to wake them up so Eclipse can tell what happens next.... :'|

    And this is my version. I didn't copy it, as this page had a slight change

    Edit: I edited this so much due to typo
    Dec 5, 2016