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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Episode 5: Team Rocket's Back!

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan Clyde's Team
Croconaw (Male) Lvl. 35
Weavile (Female) Lvl. 33
Gengar (Male) Lvl. 34
Gabite (Male) Lvl. 34
Togepi (Female) Lvl. 20
An old man who loves Slowpokes goes down a well to save the slowpoke. Clyde investigates and finds out that it was Team Rocket!
With 2 of the 8 gym badges, Clyde explores more of the city. "Sorry Kid, but no one is aloud without a Team Rocket Permit!" TR Grunt said. "TEAM ROCKET?! I thought they were disbanded 3 years ago!" Clyde said. "We were. We're Neo Team Rocket! Our boss is down there! Now shoo, Scumbag!" TR Grunt said, angrily. "Togepi, I choose you!" Clyde said. "A battle, eh? Go, Rhyhorn!" TR Grunt said. "Togepi, Use Double-Edge!" Clyde commanded. Togepi created a large pulse and striked at Rhyhorn! "Rhyhorn, Drill Run!" TR Grunt commanded. "Dodge it, and use Aura Sphere!" Clyde commanded. Togepi used Aura Sphere on Rhyhorn, and it was Super Effective! "No, Rhyhorn, Megahorn!" TR Grunt commanded angrily. Togepi crashed into boulders. What? Togepi is evolving! Togepi evolved into Togetic! Clyde popped out his Pokedex. "Togetic, the Happiness Pokemon, and the evolved form of Togepi. Togetic is said to be a Pokemon that brings good fortune. When the Pokemon spots someone who is pure of heart, it is said to appear and share it's happiness with that person." "Togetic, Aura Sphere!" Clyde commanded, When Aura Sphere hit Rhyhorn, Rhyhorn fainted. "GHAH?!" TR Grunt gasped that he lost. "I'm coming, Slowpoke!" A Mysterious Man said. The Man speared the TR Grunt into the well. "Oh Gosh! Come on, Croconaw!" Clyde said, and went down that well! "Oh! My name is Joe! I love Slowpoke. I have a Slowbro in my Poke Ball. Team Rocket was disbanded 3 years ago by a 10 year old Child!" Joe said. "GO DESTROY TEAM ROCKET!" Clyde walked up to a Man. "Yo, Jerk!" Clyde said to the Tall man. "Oh, it's you. Clyde? My name is Giovanni, Leader of Team Rocket!" Giovanni said. "You're the Hero now! You can stop your journey! All you have done, was stupid and retarded! You're a 12 year old Pre-Teen who can shut up about anything! You think you're tough?! I've gotten beat by a 10 year old and disbanded my organization! I was a Kid his age and abandoned my Pokemon to create an organization with my Friends! Now, I'm an Old Man who can only walk and talk about Certain and important things! If you think you're a Hero, Let's battle!!" Giovanni said. "Go, Croconaw, I'm counting on you!" Clyde said. "Go, Golem!" Giovanni said. "Use Rock Blast!" Giovanni commanded. "Dodge it and use Aqua Jet!" Clyde commanded. Croconaw used Aqua Jet on Golem and Golem grew stronger, somehow. "Good, Golem. Use Stone-Edge!" Giovanni commanded. A Bunch of Stones hit Croconaw! What? Croconaw is evolving! Croconaw evolved into Feraligatr! Clyde popped up his Pokedex, again. "Feraligatr, The Big Jaw Pokemon, and the evolved form of Croconaw. Feraligatr intimidates it's foes by opening it's huge mouth. In battle, it will kick the ground with it's thick and Powerful hind legs to charge at the foe at an incredible speed. "Feraligatr, Use Hydro Pump!" Clyde commanded. Hydro Pump hit with a Critical Hit and it's Super Effective! Golem fainted. "Darn!" Giovanni said. "Oh well kid, you won." Giovanni. Giovanni disappeared, so as Team Rocket! "Thank you for saving the Slowpoke! As a Reward, I'll give you this Mega Stone!" Clyde obtained a Venusaurite! "This mega evolves Venusaur!" Joe said. "Thank you, Joe!" Clyde said. "Let's Go, Feraligatr!"

To be Continued[​IMG]
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