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Towairaito: (Episode 4) The Fox Returns

by Ariados twice

Towairaito and Hana were on their way to another village when the later got the feeling that they were being watched. “Towairaito, I think that someone might be following us.” Hana said. Towairaito sniffed the air. “We are being followed. By a fox demon.” He turned around to see a pair of green eyes peeking out from a leafy tree. Suddenly, the green eyed mystery figure leaped out of the tree and landed on Towairaito’s head. It was a fox demon, though it more resembled a human than a fox. “Towairaito!” the fox demon squealed. Towairaito recognized the fox demon’s voice. “Kasai?” he asked. The fox demon nodded in affirmation, confirming that she was. Towairaito smiled. “It’s been so long. How are you?” he said. “Besides all the times other yokai tried to kill and/or eat me, I actually did alright. I ran into a kawauso family that said that you had slain the catfish yokai that had been causing them trouble, and that you helped another kawauso who lived in that area find his way home. I said I was a friend of yours and they told me where you were headed. I decided to see if I could catch up with you.” Kasai said. She grinned.

Dun dun , then the name of the episode being read by the title character

“So how do you two know each other?” Hana asked. “We met when Towairaito was small. We were both on the run from demons that were trying to kill us. Towairaito went to hide in a cave that I was already hiding in. We bumped into each other, and after talking, realized that we we in similar situations. We ended up traveling together for a while, helping each other to fend off demons. At some point we got separated. I’ve been searching for him since then.” Kasai said. The fox demon was hitching a ride on the back of Towairaito, who was in his wolf form. She seemed to be comfortable with traveling this way. “So, where are we headed?” Kasai asked. “Someone from another village came to find me. They told me that they were having a problem with a demon. So that village is where we are going.” Hana replied. “Are you sure your village will be alright without you?” Towairaito asked. “They have not been left defenseless. There is another priestess there ready to fend off demons should the need arise.” Hana responded. The priestess had been relieved that there was another priestess in her village so she could leave without worrying too much. The village they were headed to greatly needed their assistance. The group soon arrived at the village. “We're here.” Hana told the others.

To be continued ….
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