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Red Hood and the Outlaws Eternal: Episode 3 - Let's do this again sometime!

by HydreigonBorn37

HydreigonBorn37 Jason and the gang take out the trash
“Quick, she’s getting away!” Red Hood shouted as he sprinted after Faye Tality. Tatsu and Starfire pursued after their target as well.

“You incompetent bastards, get them!” Faye Tality shouted as she began to ascend a ladder. Her minions began to charge at the trio wielding various weapons, such as broken bottles and knives. In total, about twenty goons charged at Jason and his party. One grunt jumped at Jason, who proceed to grab the grunts arm and snap it. Jason then heaved the grunt into the wall of the sewer and cracked his skull.

Another grunt charged at Tatsu and brandished a knife. Tatsu proceeds to slash the grunts arm, disarming him. Starfire then grabbed the grunt from behind and tossed him into the air towards the seeing.

Jason drew one of his handguns and fired a bullet directly into the grunts skull, killing him in an instant. He proceeds to grab his other handgun and open fire upon the remaining grunts. Blood sprayed through the air as Jason took down all but 3 of the henchmen. Starfire and Tatsu made quick work of the three grunts and Jason ascended upon the ladder.

The fresh air his Jason’s lungs as he climbed out. Almost as soon as he reached the surface he heard gunshots. He tried to decipher the model of the gun using his extensive knowledge of firearms. It was a Glock 22, the firearm used by Bludhaven cops.

He proceeded towards the location of the gunshot only to see it turn into a firefight. Faye Tality’s grunts had taken shelter in a small apartment building. Several grunts peeked out of windows fired on nearly a dozen cops at the base of the building. Jason looked up at the building but the heard a loud explosion coming from behind him. The explosion knocked him unconscious.


Starfire looked proceeded towards the ladder a few moments after Jason had left. A large amount of C-4 slipped down the entryway to the sewer and exploded knocking Starfire to the ground. She blacked out for a second only to awaken to Tatsu attempting to pick her up. The C-4 had damaged the structural integrity of the sewer and the section of Bludhaven controlled by Faye Tality was collapsing into the sewer. Starfire grabbed Katana and blew threw the crumbling warehouse and apartment building which housed the grunts. Starfire made it through the rubble without too much difficulty and landed on a rooftop and placed Tatsu down.

Starfire then flew off, in search of the other human who helped her in the sewer.


Jason regained consciousness as he was being dragged by a grunt. His hands and feet were bound. The grunt set Jason on his knees and shoved his head to the ground. He was in the ruins of the two buildings. Around twenty men had circled around him, WIth Faye Tality, along with Jason in the center.

‘Well, Red Hood,” Faye Tality said as she marched towards Jason,” You’ve been quite the pain in my ass recently, haven’t you?”

Jason simply looked up and said,” I guess so.”

“You stand between me and my goals, and anyone who does that must be eliminated,” Faye Tality was inches away from Jason, and he began to sweat,” Any last words, Mr. Red Hood?”

“F#(% you, asshat,” Jason said as he slowly loosened his restraints. Faye Tality reached a hand out towards Jason’s face, but then she looked away. Jason looked towards what she was looking at. An African-American teen had come up behind one of the grunts the circle with a pipe and began to beat the grunt with a pipe. Faye Tality fully turned towards the teen as Jason loosened his restraints fully. He stood up.

A grunt with a crowbar charged Jason, and Jason punched him the face causing him to drop the crowbar. Jason picked up the weapon and charged towards Faye Tality, while she wasn’t looking. Red Hood swung the weapon and it collided with Faye Tality’s face. Her jaw snapped and she fell to the ground writhing in pain. Jason stepped over her and brought down the crowbar again and again on her face. With each swing, Her screams and cries got louder and louder until she simply stopped. Once Jason was done with her, her face was a mess of tears, bones, blood, and mutilated skin.

The teen finished beating the grunt and ran away as fast as he could. The remaining twenty-nine grunts circled around Jason. One of the grunts approached Jason and said,” THe boss is dead, guess it’ll be her dying wish for us to take care of you,” The grunt then brandished a knife and went to stab Jason. A green blast came out of nowhere and disintegrated the grunt in front of Jason. Starfire descended from above and began to take grunts out one by one. Jason joined in the fight and began to beat grunts to death with his handy new crowbar.

Tatsu descended upon the fight and shouted towards Jason. She shouted him and through a small Wal-Mart plastic bag at Jason,” You might want these!” Jason caught the bag and opened it, inside where both of his handguns. He loaded them and began to open fire on any remaining grunts.

Tatsu drew her Katana and jumped on a grunt and impaled him with her sword. Starfire grabbed another grunt and shoved his face into the mud and through him towards Jason, who proceeded to bash his skull in with the crowbar.

Only 15 henchmen remained and they decided to hightail it on out of that place. When the dust cleared It began to pour rain and Jason sat on a rock and washed of his swanky new crowbar.

He looked at the Tatsu and Starfire and said,” Well, that was fun, we should do shit like this all the time.”

It's been 3000 years...

JK 11 months.
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