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VOXISTALE: Episode 3 "A New Threat" Ch. 1

by comic

comic Frisk returns to school and meets some new faces.
Frisk couldn’t hear, see, feel, or smell anything. All there was around her was darkness, the vague flickering of dancing shadows around her. She looked around in confusion, seeing nothing that stood out. For some reason, she felt like she was falling, but she seemed steady. She clutched at her chest, heart pounding wildly as she felt like she’d hit the ground at any moment, ready to gasp for air and sit upright to find it was all a dream...

But it didn’t happen. The feeling of falling just continued. She attempted to take a step forward, finding that she was able to. Out of fear, Frisk began to run, hoping to escape this strange cluster of shadows that seemed to mock her from afar.

As she ran, her heart was in her throat, the burning feeling that she was being watched practically devouring her. Adrenaline pumping, SOUL trembling, eyes watering, she felt the desperate urge to cry out.

But somebody came...

Frisk felt a presence behind her. She turned around, only to see more swirling shadows. What was going on?

She turned back around, the urge to run still in her, despite knowing it seemed useless. It was then that she saw something different. Something that stood out.

Two dim, green-ish lights in the distance. Unmoving. Pointed straight at her.

With a loud gasp, Frisk shot up in her bed, panting heavily, heart hammering against her chest, cold sweat clinging to her skin. She felt like she'd just ran a marathon, but knew it wasn't true.

Details of the nightmare began to fade away, and as she tried to remember...

It all just dissipated. Nothing was left.

Chalking it off as stress, Frisk threw her blankets off of her, and swung her legs over the bed, getting up. Still breathing rather heavily, she stared out of her dark window, and saw nothing. No shadows, no mysterious people, nothing of the sort.

Closing her eyes, Frisk let out a sigh, trying to calm herself down. Maybe she just needed to go for a walk...

She glanced at her clock, seeing that it was 2:00 AM. She still had about five and a half more hours of sleep to look forward to, which was a comforting thought. She could spend about a half hour on her walk, and then get to bed for the last five hours. Yeah. That would be fine.

She checked her phone to see if she had any new text messages- and there was one, sent at about 11 PM. She swiped on the notification to see that it was a text from Terrence, and that it said ’Sweet dreams, Frisk.’ She was a bit disappointed she hadn’t seen it sooner, but didn’t text him back to avoid the risk of waking him up. She could wait until morning.

The text was comforting though, and she tucked her phone into her pocket with a smile stretching her face.


Quietly, Frisk closed the door behind her, feeling the cool night breeze brush by her. It was soothing and relaxing, at just the right temperature.

Taking in another deep breath, Frisk set off at a brisk pace, choosing to start with some light jogging. That would do her some good.

Voxis, despite being the largest city in the world, was strangely dormant at two in the morning. You get used to it after a while, but to many, it was the oddest thing. Of course, plenty of lights were on, but traffic was little to non-existent. Barely any sounds polluted the air. It was one of the things that made Voxis so unique.

As she jogged, the only sounds that accompanied her were the sound of her breath, and her shoes hitting the sidewalk again and again. It was nice to jog at night. Relaxing, even. She passed by multiple buildings, deciding she’d head up to the school before turning back. That seemed like a good distance.

Frisk half-expected for someone to speak to her. Paranoia had always been part of her, but she was able to brush it aside for now. She looked both ways- no cars, unsurprisingly- and crossed the street she arrived at.

Arriving at the school was easy enough. The elementary school, at that. Her own high school was located closer to the heart of Voxis. Frisk came to a stop in front of the building, reading the sign.

Dreamhope Elementary School

It was a little daunting, behind here. Where Toriel used to work. Now...

Frisk turned away, deciding not to dwell on it. She needed to take her emotion, and use it as motivation to do better, just as Asgore had instructed.

On the way back, however, Frisk decided to take a detour, and eventually came up on a small garden cemetery called Freeway Cemetery.

She slowed her jog to a slow walk, entering the cemetery, heading down a main path before taking a sudden left and entering a long row of headstones.

Finally, she came to a stop in front of a large one, two names inscribed on it. Luthor Brewers and Candace Brewers.

These two names were important to her, but she rarely spoke of them. Sometimes she considered talking to someone about them, but something held her back. Maybe it was fear that her emotions would get the best of her. Or perhaps she was worried that the memories would feel more distant if more people knew about them. Frisk didn’t know, and frankly, she didn’t think she ever would. It was one of the many things she’d kept bottled up for a long, long time.

She stared down at the graves, pursing her lips. "Hey guys..." She began. "It's been a while since I came to visit. I've been doing better. No more... attempts. Not even after..." Her voice cracked, and she halted, closing her eyes. Even after all this time it was still so hard.

"I'm going back to school today. And uh... I might get back with Terrence." She chuckled sadly, staring down at the headstones. "You'd have liked him, dad. He's just like you. Funny, innovative, selfless, a little bit of an airhead sometimes..." Her voice trailed off. "I uh... gotta get going now. Need to catch some more sleep." Her eyes fell on a set of wilted, dead flowers lying at the head of the grave. "I'll get you guys some more flowers, too."

Frisk stood, giving the headstones and wilted flowers one last glance before turning to head home. She hoped she hadn’t woken Asgore on her way out. He was a heavy sleeper, though, so it was doubtful. As Frisk left the cemetery behind, she couldn’t help but ache. She still missed her parents- her biological parents. Toriel had been an amazing mother, and Asgore was an amazing father, and she love them with all her heart... but that didn’t mean she didn’t want her parents back. Luthor and Candace.

Once again, she was accompanied by only her thoughts, the sound of her jogging, and the slightly illuminated sidewalk.


"Are you sure you'll be fine?" Asgore asked from the driver's seat of his topless truck. Frisk rolled her eyes in exasperation, though not disrespect. "Dad, I'll live." She assured him. "It's not like I forgot how to school."

He chuckled, and nodded his head. "I know, I know... I just want you to have a good day."

"You too." She replied, reaching over and giving him a quick hug before throwing open her door and pulling her backpack out with her.

"And tell that Terrence boy that he's free to come over for dinner, tonight. I'm making bacon-topped lasagna." Asgore informed his adopted daughter as she closed the door, her face flushing, much to the old King's delight.

“I’ll let him know,” Frisk said, despite her embarrassment. She couldn’t tell if he was being serious or not, but knowing Asgore, he’d be delighted if Frisk invited Terrence over for dinner.

Her adopted father gave her a kind smile and a thumbs up, before driving away, headed off to work. In truth, Frisk was feeling a little intimidated. Returning to school after so long, even a week and a day, felt strange. She felt kind of... gross, almost, like her gut was trying to tell her how bad it was that she’d missed school.

Luckily, she was already almost caught up on homework, which made her feel better. Taking a deep breath, she headed toward the building.

As per usual, her morning class was Marine Biology with Greg. She felt a bit bad for brushing him off so often the past week. She'd have to make it up to him soon. However, when she arrived in class, Gregory wasn't there. Immediately, that concerned her. He was always there. Even after she took her seat and waited, more people arrived, and Greg still didn't show. Mind preoccupied, Frisk didn't even notice the girl asking her if Greg's seat was taken.


Frisk jumped, turning her head to look at the girl. She seemed to be a couple inches taller than Frisk, with thick and fluffy light brown hair covering most of her face. Only a single turquoise-colored eye could be seen. "Sorry." The girl added quickly. "I was just wondering if this seat was taken? Me and my friend are new and... he already found his seat."

She turned her gaze from Frisk to the desk in front of Greg's at a boy with thin black hair and deep blue eyes, staring back at the girl with an expectant gaze. Frisk followed the girl's gaze to the boy, blinking.

“So, uh... this seat. Taken? No?”

“It’s not taken,” Frisk informed her. “Well, usually my friend sits there, but it doesn’t look like he’s here today.”

“Cool. I’ll keep his seat warm,” the girl said, taking a seat. Frisk felt a little strange. She always sat next to Greg in this class. His absence was worrisome- or... maybe he’d transferred classes? She gulped, not sure what to think.

“Are you.. alright? You’re sweating a bit,” the girl whispered as Mr. Gagne immediately launched into one of his infamous, mind-numbing rants about oceanic pressure levels, or maybe this one was about seashells. Greg was the only one who could pay attention long enough to know, half the time.

"Huh?" Frisk turned distractedly to the girl. "Oh, yeah, yeah, I just... it's nothing." She returned her attention to Mr. Gagne as he droned on, excitedly talking about the amount of plankton consumed by whales on a daily basis. How the man found this exciting was a mystery to anyone, but nobody seemed more out of it than the new girl's guy friend, who was staring blankly at Mr. Gagne with wide, glassy eyes, mouth halfway open, a bit of drool beginning to drip down. It was gross, but also a bit humorous to look at.

A new kid noticed, beginning to snicker, but the teacher was way too into his speech to notice. The girl turned back to Frisk.

“Could you wake me up if he assigns us any work?” she asked. Frisk gave her a quizzical look. Was she planning to fall asleep in class?

“Sure?” Frisk nodded, to which the girl gave a wide smile, before closing her eyes. She was asleep in seconds- out like a light. Frisk blinked, secretly wishing she could fall asleep that easily.

The class seemed to continue like this for the next thirty minutes. The boy staring blankly and stupidly at Mr. Gagne, the girl beginning to snore away, and Frisk trying to wrack her brain enough to understand why Greg wasn't here. He came even when he was sick. He gave half the class the flu last year. So that was out of the question...

Then her mind traveled back to when she, Greg and Terrence had gone to Grillby's the day Toriel had died. Gregory had mentioned that something was going on in his life, but Frisk and Terrence had been disinterested at the time...


Frisk took a moment until she realized Mr. Gagne was staring right at her- wait... no, he was looking at the girl.

“Ms. Brexin,” he called out to her. Her eyes opened slightly, and she turned to look at Mr. Gagne.

“Sleeping in class, are we, Ms. Brexin?” the man frowned, folding his arms, clearly on edge that someone was ignoring his speech.

“No sir,” she replied simply, smiling with a casual stretch.

“Then I’m sure you can humor me. About how many pounds of food does a blue whale eat, per day?”

“Eight thousand,” she replied simply.

Mr. Gagne blinked, looking a little peeved that she’d actually gotten it right. “And how did you know the answer to that question, Ms. Brexin?”

“You’ve been talking about it for like... twenty five minutes, sir...”

"I… er… very well." Mr. Gagne pursed his lips, gazing around the class for a moment, before his eyes fell on the classroom clock. "O-oh my. Have I been talking for that long?"

He made his way to his desk to grab a stack of papers, calling himself an ‘ignorant shrimp’ underneath his breath.

A few people groaned as they saw the classwork. It was never difficult in this class, but there were a lot of questions in a miniscule font, making it tedious and very time consuming. There was no way they’d finish after the length of that speech.

"Feet off the table!" Mr. Gagne told Sadie, clearly already getting annoyed with the girl as he moved down the aisle of desks, handing out worksheets on each desk he passed. "I forgot to introduce them, but we have two new students here, class!" Mr. Gagne informed. "This here is Ms. Sadie Brexin, and the young man in front of her is Mr. Rian Dasterian. They've just come down from Savory City."

A few greetings were murmured from around the classroom, and it was quite obvious that there were plenty of half-awake people in the classroom. The two new students didn’t seem to mind, however. Frisk was a bit curious about them- they both seemed really unique. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to befriend them- especially if they’d be sitting nearby from now on.

The worksheet they'd received was, as everybody expected, fairly simple. Multiple choice answer, but it was long and dull, and they had very little time left to finish it.

Frisk put her name down at the top, then Mr. Gagne in the 'Class' blank. She'd almost accidentally put Mr. Shrimp for some odd reason.

The girl began to mark in the boxes, the ratio of hard to easy questions being about one to ten. There was the occasional one that she’d get stuck on. She made the mistake of glancing over at Sadie’s worksheet, just to check how far she was, only to find that the turquoise-eyed girl had already finished, and was now leaning back in her chair, looking miffed that she couldn’t put her feet up.

This was surprising, as the only person who could finish so quickly was Greg. Of course, Frisk had no idea if the girl had actually answered each question correctly or simply guessed. Attitude suggested the latter but evidence of earlier suggested the former.

Once Mr. Gagne had his back to the class, writing something on the white board, the girl subtly grabbed her worksheet and held it out to the guy, who accepted it and started copying off her work.

The boy- Rian, if Frisk recalled correctly- seemed like quite the skilled copier, zipping his way through the worksheet with little trouble. He wasn’t even reading the answers, so it seemed he really trusted Sadie’s work. In under two minutes, he’d ‘completed’ the worksheet, and handed Sadie’s back to her. The two exchanged a subtle high-five.

They were clearly friends, and seemed to be a team of sorts as well. Frisk found it to be... interesting. She'd always considered herself to be very close with Gregory and Terrence, but these two even now we're displaying sibling-level closeness.

It was enough to make her smile, at least a little.

Frisk soon realized that she herself had a lot more to finish, and the clock seemed to taunt her. This would be a lot easier if Greg was here- he did a good job of helping her with the rare, albeit existent difficult problem.

With just seconds to spare, Frisk completed the packet- just as Mr. Gagne began circling the classroom with a metal bin to collect the papers in.

Before he was even done, the bell rang for next period, and the remaining papers were simply thrown at Mr. Gagne, the class rushing to get out. Frisk was one of the few who stood calmly, but she was stopped. "Frisk, can you wait here for a second?" He asked, stooping down to pick up some worksheets on the ground.

Frisk swallowed. She’d no doubt be late to her next class if this took too long, but she didn’t have much of an option. She had a feeling this was just about the work she needed to catch up on due to all her missed days, but nevertheless remained in the classroom to see what he had to say.

Once the last student had left, Mr. Gagne rose from the floor with the worksheets, and took them to his desk. Once they were set down, he turned to Frisk. "How are you holding up, Frisk?" He asked.

She blinked, not having expected that. “I... what?” Frisk questioned, admittedly a bit confused.

“I know this may seem a bit strange,” Mr. Gagne nodded. “I’m aware I’m not exactly anybody’s favorite around this school- or the best teacher by any means,” he stated, “but it does matter to me that my students are doing okay.”

"I'm... fine." Frisk nodded. Mr. Gagne gave her a small smile. "That's good, Frisk. I know losing someone close to you... it's never easy. So if you ever feel the need to find a safe place to talk, Mrs. Difa hosts counseling sessions in the cafeteria after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays."

Frisk had never heard of Mrs. Difa, or these counseling sessions, but she was actually glad. She was definitely feeling better, but maybe it wouldn’t be too bad to try attending one of those. She didn’t like to think that she needed counseling- but a guaranteed judgement free environment? She had nothing to lose.

“Thank you, Mr. Gagne,” Frisk smiled.

“Of course. Now run along, I wouldn't want you to be late for your next class. I know how Coach Small can be.”


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Episode 3 has begun, and with it, we've met two new characters. Sadie Brexin and Rian Dasterian, who will soon become more important to our characters and story. What's happened to Gregory? And where the hell are the fight scenes I promised? If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to share. Feedback is always appreciated.

VOXISTALE created by Comic (Adam Caldwell-Byrd) and Mokko (Desmond Teryn)
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