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Sinnoh Wars Series 1: Episode 2

by What Did You Do To Snoke?

What Did You Do To Snoke? Team Jet, Team Fuego and Team Eternal are the three new teams fighting for dominance of Sinnoh against the police forces. The Circle of Jesters seems to have gone into hiding in Hearthrome City. Darren starts to do a bit of digging into Team Fuego, attempting to visiting the Fuego ironworks/ Vallegym Windworks area to discipline get that this is the heart of the conflict.
A rally was called in front of Jubilife City's main police station. The remaining police force of Jubilife was increased by groups coming from other parts of Sinnoh, who managed to escape the grasp of the other teams. They spoke into a microphone recounting their encounters with the various teams. From this, Detective Darren was able to compile a database about each team, with the help of Amelia and Samson.
"We shall venture north." Darren announced. "