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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver: Episode 2: When Thunder Strikes Again

by ProtoMegaMan

ProtoMegaMan Clyde battles the Violet City Gym Leader, Volkner. Will Clyde win, or suffer defeat?
Clyde is in Violet City, healing up his team to the Max. "Volkner, the Flying Type Gym Leader!" Clyde said. "I WILL WIN!" Clyde enters Violet City's Gym and meets Volkner. "Hello young one." Volkner said. "You shall remember the first time you've battled me!" Clyde gets Spooked a little. "Clyde vs Volkner!" yelled the announcer. "BEGIN!" "Go, Golbat!" "GO, Sneasel!" "Use Sludge Bomb!" Volkner commanded, as a Sludge Bomb was going directly to Sneasel! "Sneasel, Night Slash!" Clyde commanded, as Sneasel sliced up the Poisonous Bomb in Half! "Alright, Sneasel, finish it off with Ice Punch!" Clyde commanded, as Sneasel punched Golbat with Ice! "Golbat is unable to battle, the winner is Sneasel!" the announcer announced. "Go Pidgeotto!" "Pidgeotto, Hurricane!" Volkner commanded, as a hurricane flew in and hit Sneasel! Critical Hit! "Sneasel is unable to battle, the winner is Pidgeotto!" the announcer announced. "Croconaw, I choose you!" "Croconaw?!" Volkner said. "You know Starters aren't the best right?" "Volkner, me and Croconaw have a little something called a strategy." said Clyde. "Use Brave Bird!" Volkner said. Pidgeotto charges down to Croconaw. "Croconaw, grab Pidgeotto!" Clyde commanded. "HUH?!" Volkner gasped. "Throw it up into the air and use Hydro Pump!" Clyde commanded. Pidgeotto was thrown and hit by Hydro Pump. "Finish it off! Use Thunder Fang!" Clyde commanded, as Croconaw hit Pidgeotto with Thunder Fang and Pidgeotto fainted. "Pidgeotto is unable to battle. The Winner is Croconaw, which means the victor, Clyde Hensley!" the announcer stated. "Man, Oh well." Volkner said. "Here's your badge, you've earned it!" Volkner said. Clyde left the gym and saw someone. "Huh?" Silver was there! "Huh, so you've won to the Gym Leader, eh?" Silver said. "Yes, Yes I did." Clyde responded. "Well, Clyde, I'm still 100x stronger than you. I've gotten a Charmander and it evolved into Charmeleon. Hope you lose the next gym battle."
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  1. ProtoMegaMan
    Yep. And Silver has Mega Charizard X, so Kevin would lose.
    Jul 4, 2015
  2. SonicAaron
    Damn Silver is nastier than my rival Kevin!
    Jun 20, 2015