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VOXISTALE: Episode 2 "Recovery" Ch. 4

by comic

comic Frisk clears things up with Terrence, and learns of another death.
"So? How was it?"

Asgore and Frisk were alone in the car now, having dropped off Terrence at the park per his request. “Oh, it was, um...” Frisk paused. She didn’t want to worry Asgore, so she decided to talk about what had happened before the awkward incident. “It was really fun. We got burgers and lemonades, and almost uncovered one of Grillby’s darkest secrets!”

"You mean the one about..." Asgore was suddenly serious, and Frisk raised her eyebrows. It had been a joke, but she was quick on the uptake. Why was Grillby doing that simple thing he did such a huge deal all of a sudden? Asgore didn't continue, so Frisk shook her head. "N-no, I was just... making a joke..." She was a bit disappointed that Asgore hadn’t gotten the joke, and glanced out the window as the silence suddenly grew heavy. She could tell Asgore knew something was wrong, but she didn’t want to say it aloud.

"I'll take you home now." Asgore told her. "Ms. Juniper is done for the day, so the Relief Center is closed for now. Do you need anything from me?" He asked. “No, thanks,” Frisk shook her head. “Thank you for taking me to work today. I... had a lot more fun than I thought I would, actually.”

"I was hoping you'd feel better." He smiled. "I know that whenever I feel down, doing something to help other people makes me feel a lot better. It's good therapy."

“It’s a bit tiring too,” Frisk added, suppressing a yawn. “Or... maybe I’m just not used to doing work,” she shrugged. She hadn’t been to school in quite a while. She hadn’t really been doing anything that required effort lately. "Well, you have school tomorrow. Maybe... things can start returning to normal soon." Her father said, hope stringing his voice. “I guess I’d be alright with that,” Frisk nodded, feeling ready. The thought of going back after such a week of missed work was intimidating, but not as dreadful as it had seemed the day before.

They pulled into their driveway, the doors unlocking. "There should be some food in the fridge if you get hungry." Asgore told her. "And you might be without internet, the WiFi has been acting up again."

“I’ll survive,” Frisk gave him a smile as she got out of the car. “Have fun at work!”

Asgore chuckled. “I’ll do the best I can. I’ll see you later this afternoon,” he told her, before she shut the car door. The vehicle slowly rolled out of the driveway, before driving off in the direction of Obatech Industries.

She watched him go, before sighing, and heading back inside. Sure enough, the WiFi was out. That meant no Webflix, much to her dismay. Webflix was a great way to pass the time. She decided she'd check her bag for all that homework she'd had Greg and Terrence deliver her this last week. Might as well get some of it started, finally.

The homework was mostly algebra and English. They were reading a new book in English, and Greg had delivered her a copy. They were already on chapter eight, according to the homework, and she hadn’t even started.

Oh well. No time like the present. With a resigned sigh, Frisk grabbed her school bag from her room, dragged it downstairs to the living room, kicked off her shoes and plopped down on the couch with her English, which she'd deal with first.

Her thoughts continued to become distracted, however, with Terrence and the way she'd simply blown him off. He was trying to rekindle a relationship she wanted, but her own fears and insecurities had prevented it. Part of her considered texting him, but then stopped herself. Maybe it was too soon to talk about it? But not talking might just make things more awkward. Aaand now she was overthinking it. But she really couldn’t help herself; her mind was getting the better of her. She needed to focus. She doubted her teachers would expect her to have finished the homework, but she still wanted to put a dent in it.

Frisk was nearly halfway through chapter one when she snagged her phone, flipping it open, opened her contacts and hovered over Terrence's number, over the text button. This was gonna keep bugging her, and she felt so bad. She could recall his face when she'd denied him. Disappointment, dejection... She liked him back, so why was she being so difficult? Why was this so difficult?

As her thumbs tapped against the text box, she wondered what she’d even say. Would she apologize? Would she say she felt the same way? She had no idea. Did he even want to talk to her after what had happened? Somehow, things felt increasingly complicated.

Or... perhaps they were just so much simpler and she was over-complicating the matter. Ugh, why did she have to feel this way?

Taking a deep breath, she pressed the 'text' button and their chat pulled up. Now came the harder part.

She swallowed, and sent the first text.


She instantly regretted that. The period made it sound too serious. It wasn't casual at all. She’d ruined it already. Her heart rate went up slightly as the ‘read’ notification popped up, then came his reply.


She set down her phone, staring blankly at the English paper for a moment, before picking the device back up and staring at his reply. Slowly and decisively, she began to type.

‘Sorry for blowing you off earlier.’

She swallowed dryly, awaiting a reply, which soon popped up. It took a good second, probably because Terrence was as hesitant as her, or because his phone wasn’t quite as fast.

‘Nah, it’s cool. I shouldn’t have surprised you like that.’

‘I wasn't surprised.’ She replied simply.

‘Oh. Well, either way, I’m sorry. Hopefully things won’t be awkward between us?’ came his hopeful reply.

‘Hopefully not. Are you doing alright?’ She asked.

‘Yeah, I am. Just stopping by a friend’s place.’

Attached to the message was an image of a few cats, with a hand petting them, presumably Terrence’s.

‘Aw. What are their names?’

‘Not sure. They don’t have tags. I usually just call them Small Terrence #1, #2, and #3. They answer to ‘pspspsps’ though.’

Frisk couldn't help but giggle. One of the many reasons she was so attracted to him was because of his great sense of humor. It was akin to Sans, but unique within itself.

‘I love-’ She caught herself about to put 'you' after it. No, she couldn't put that. It was too soon and would be too awkward. She finished the sentence. ‘-that so much.’

‘They seem to like it too, unless they’re just using me for the free tuna,’ came the reply. Frisk knew that she had to keep going on her homework, but she didn’t want to end this conversation yet. It was like the encounter had never happened, like she’d never rejected his advance.

‘I’m surprised you haven’t introduced me,’ Frisk typed, before hitting the ‘send’ box.

‘Maybe one day.’ Came his reply as Frisk glanced past her phone at her homework. With things smoothed over with Terrence, she felt she could properly focus on getting her work done now.

‘I have to catch up on some homework now. Promise me we can chat later tonight!’ she texted.

‘Sure, I‘m not busy,’ he replied. With a satisfied smile, Frisk set the phone down.

Still smiling, she readjusted her book and started to read it, before something caught her eyes. Just out of sight, she thought she just saw something move by the living room window.

Frisk quickly turned to look at it only to find the darkening sky outside.

How weird. She hadn’t even noticed. She hadn’t been texting that long, she was sure of it. Oh well. She returned to her homework, wondering if the thing she’d seen moving had just been her imagination. Great. Now she couldn’t focus again.


Frisk awoke with a jolt at the sound of the front door opening. Heart thumping violently in her chest, she whirled around on the couch to turn to the door and- To her great relief, it was only Asgore, lumbering in with some groceries in-hand. Noticing her, he smiled. "Frisk, dear. Could you help me with some groceries?" She exhaled, before giving a nod. “Yeah, sure. You startled me,” she admitted. And here she’d thought her sleep schedule might be back to normal. Had she passed out in the middle of homework? She hadn’t even felt that tired. She quickly made her way over to him to assist with the groceries, taking half of them off his hands as he set down the rest in his other arm on the counter, before the both of them returned to the truck to collect the remaining groceries.

Asgore seemed particularly worn out this evening. Perhaps he'd had a rough day. She considered asking him about it, but decided to wait until he was relaxed before doing so. It didn’t take long. The groceries were soon put away, and Asgore was more than happy to plop down on the couch for some much needed rest.

She sat down on the chair beside the couch, watching as he rubbed his face tiredly. "Is everything okay?" Frisk asked. He sighed, taking a moment before lowering his hand. "Um... Frisk..." He began. "They found another body."

Frisk put a hand to her mouth as she gasped, surprised, immediately having a lot of questions, but she didn’t want to bombard her dad. “Is... who... who’s body?”

Asgore took another long moment to answer, meaning Frisk probably knew the monster in question. Of course, she knew most every monster anyway.

"The uh... employee at McOswald’s. The one Mettaton partially runs. Papyrus is the manager there?" He stated. "Burgerpants, I believe was his name."

“What?” Frisk recalled the name. Burgerpants was the employee at MTT resort back in the underground. The one who despised his job and sold her that steak in the shape of Mettaton’s face so many times.

"I'm sorry, I... just got the news. He was already dust by the time they… yeah." He told her. "Fortunately, nobody else was hurt. Papyrus was out on business with Mettaton tonight."

Frisk wasn’t sure how to take this news. She felt awful, especially because she hadn’t spoken to Burgerpants in a while. She did know he didn’t particularly fear death, so… maybe he was happier now. It was a cruel thought, but the best solace she could give him.

But on the other side... He had hopes and dreams for a better life outside of Mettaton's employment. Now? He was just... gone.

Asgore and Frisk sat in silence for a few moments, before Frisk got up. "I'm gonna go to my room." She told him, grabbing her phone and her English book, pretty certain she'd read through chapter 8.

When Frisk got to her room, she immediately laid down on the bed. She’d been hoping to get some sleep tonight. It was a school night, after all- but the thought of Burgerpants dying tormented her, keeping her awake. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop imagining what the poor employee’s final moments were like. What had even happened?

Unable to rest, she began pacing her room, running by the scenario in her head. Both the one for Toriel and now for Burgerpants. Burgerpants was just… working at his job. Maybe behind the counter, and some hooded figure approached, raised a gun and...

But the scenario for Toriel had shifted. Originally she thought it was a gang of muggers who killed Toriel, but thinking about it more... she could have handled that. No… It was those mystery people. That was the only thing that made sense. But why were they doing what they were doing? Why were they hunting down monsters? Why...

Her thoughts were interrupted as she glanced out of her window, and saw someone standing in the yard, staring up at her bedroom. She looked back quickly, eyes widening...

But the yard was empty. Nobody was there.

It was then that she recalled the same thing happening earlier that day. Wait... was... was someone scouting the house out? But judging from the pattern, the mystery people killing monsters...

Oh no. Was... was someone planning to attack tonight? If Toriel had gone first, then Burgerpants, it only seemed logical that they’d be targeting Asgore now, not Frisk. Paranoia creeped in, and fast.

It didn't seem she'd be getting any sleep tonight...


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This concludes the eighth chapter and the second episode of Voxistale. I'll admit, this episode was short enough that it probably could have been split into two chapters instead of four, but oh well. Things are gonna really start to pick up next episode, so stay tuned. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, feel free to share them. Feedback is always appreciated.

VOXISTALE created by Comic (Adam Caldwell-Byrd) and Mokko (Desmond Teryn)
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