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Red Hood and the Outlaws Eternal: Episode 2 - Guns, Swords, and...Ultra Violet?

by HydreigonBorn37

HydreigonBorn37 Red Hood and Katana pursue a villain named Faye Tality in search for Starfire
Jason and Tatsu sprinted through the streets of Gotham City. They had gotten a lead on a villain named Faye Tality, who could potentially know the location of Koriand’r. Once they reached the location of their lead, Jason gestured for the pair to slow down. The pair had been told that Faye Tality’s base was an old warehouse.

Jason snuck towards the side of the warehouse. He quickly climbed up the side of the building to get a look at any henchmen Faye Tality might have. After looking through a skylight on the top of the warehouse, Jason spotted ten henchmen through the warehouse. There were three henchmen on an upper landing. Three in a laboratory of sorts, and four wandering on the bottom floor. “Alright Tatsu, stay silent, we want to take all of the gang members out before we confront Faye Tality.” Red Hood whispered from the top of the warehouse.

Red Hood explained the positioning of the henchmen to Tatsu. “Alright, I’ll take the ones on the bottom,” Tatsu stated. Jason climbed back down the wall and opened a window while remaining silent. Not long after Tatsu climbed through the same window and descended onto the bottom floor.

Jason made the first move quietly ascending on one of the henchmen, only to snap his neck quickly. Red Hood ascended onto the next henchmen a slowly strangled him. The last henchmen on the upper landing saw Red Hood, he opened his mouth to speak, but Red Hood was fast enough to throw a combat knife from inside his coat, killing the next henchmen.

While Jason cleared out the upper landing, Tatsu went to work on the bottom floor. She killed two of the four henchmen in one stab, while they were talking. She crept up to the third on and slit his throat. She jumped toward the final henchmen and stabbed him straight through neck.

Both vigilantes ascended on the laboratory room at the same time, Jason popped through vent at the top of the room and Katana enter right through the door. Tatsu charged one of the henchmen, stabbing him through the chest. Jason shot the remaining henchmen. “Well that was surprisingly easy,” Jason smirked as he explored the small laboratory room.

The lab had seven bedtables, six of which had skeletons, all of which had several needles stabbed into their skulls and rib cages. The last bed table, which had no skeleton, the needles that were meant stab into the test subject were melted off.”Looks like we're not going to find this Starfire” Tatsu sighed.

Jason inspected the bed table further. Below it was a melted hole, which leads to the sewer. Jason felt the sides of the hole. The sides of the hole were still warm. “I think she’s still out there, likely not too far from here.”

“Well, she could be one of the skeletons,” Tatsu said.

“Let’s find out, there must be some files around here that tell us who was assigned to what table."

Several minutes of searching later, Tatsu and Jason found some files on experiments that had undertaken here. The looked through the files and found several files assigned to seven different superheroes The experiments all had one thing in common, they were attempting to remove powers from superheroes, which inevitably killed each hero. Jason came across the file assigned to the empty table, only to discover that Starfire occupied that table. “Bingo,” Jason said as he held up the file,” Now let's jump down that hole.”


Starfire burst through the leather straps that bond here, she melted away the needles about to pierce her skull. She stood up from the table and disintegrated the scientist who had placed here there, using her ability to harness Ultra Violet rays. She slid under the table, to hide from the many henchmen lurking the warehouse. Under the table, was a small locked trap door. Starfire pressed her hands against the trapdoor, melting holes into it. Through the holes, Starfire saw an exit into the sewer. She melted the trap door and fell through-hole, landing into the sewer.

Starfire made light into her hand as she walked through the sewer. The light showed tracks of what looked to be wheelbarrow tires. She could also hear a conversation in the distance.

“Hurry up! Black Mask doesn’t pay you to move slowly!” Starfire heard a woman shout.

“Sorry, but the mud is awful to push through!” A man answered.

Starfire silently floated towards the conversation. She extinguished her light. HSe looked up ahead. She saw a man pushing a wheelbarrow full of neon canisters and a woman dressed in all black.


Red Hood slid under the bed and through the hole. A few seconds later, Katana did the same. The pair walked for a bit until Red Hood gestured for them to stop. He turned his ear towards the end of the tunnel and listened in.

“Hurry up! Black Mask doesn’t pay you to move slowly!”

“Sorry, but the mud is awful to push through!”

Red Hood snuck forward, towards the conversation. Only to see an orange girl, floating in the air. The girl turned to see Red Hood and instantly sent green blasts towards Jason. Jason drew his guns and fired at the girl, but missed due to the girl's incredible speed. Red Hood jumped away from the green blasts. When the green blasts hit the ground, they melted a hole into the ground similar to what Jason had found earlier.

Jason lowered his guns and asked,” Wait, are you Starfire?”

She looked towards Jason and but couldn't understand him

Tatsu caught up to Jason.

“Thank God you didn’t get kill-” Jason said as he was interrupted by a shout.

”Hurry back here!” The woman in black shouted. She pressed a button on the side of her leather jacket which started flashing red. She then shoved the man pushing the wheelbarrow out of the way. She grabbed a canister from the wheelbarrow and chugged its contents. Her eyes began to fade to black, and then back normal. She dropped to her knees and let out a loud screech in pain.

The woman stood back up, now fully recovered and faced the trio. She began a monologue,” I am Faye Tality, servant of Black Mask, but I am no longer a mindless mobster, for the experiments in that lab have given me POWERS!”

“Lady, calm down, let’s just get to fighting,” Jason remarked as he jumped towards Faye Tality. Before Jason could get to Faye Tality, the henchmen that pushed the wheelbarrow stood back up and shoved Faye Tality in the back. Faye Tality landed face first in the mud and started laughing maniacally at the henchmen.

“Ohh you shouldn’t have done that..” Faye Tality chirps. The henchmen's flesh began to melt away, which disintegrated his body entirely, except for the skeleton.

Katana watched the man die and began to access the situation. Once she was done, she shouted towards her new allies,” Guys, she has fatal touch, we have to keep our distance, don’t let her touch you!”

Jason smirked,” I won’t have to get close,”. He pointed his gun at Faye Tality but was interrupted by an ambush of around twenty henchmen who all piled into the sewer at once surrounding the trio. Faye Tality grabbed the remaining canisters out of the wheelbarrow and ran towards the exit.

To be continued...

Sorry this took like 10 years to write, I had some major writers block and I had some stuff
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