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Red Hood and the Outlaws Eternal: Episode 1 - Red Dead Redemption

by HydreigonBorn37

HydreigonBorn37 I guess I'm making a series now...
Red Hood was done with Bruce, he couldn’t stand to be around him for than an extended period of time. He’d given Dick and Tim his warning and he just left. Bruce quickly figured out that Jason was the Red Hood.

He quickly rushed away from the Batcave. Jason had more pressing matters to attend to. He was hunting the alien badass Lobo, who had been causing under the radar trouble around Gotham City and Blüdhaven, mainly killing lowlife thugs in allies. That was something Jason was an expert on. He hopped on his motorcycle and drove across Gotham City back to where he shot Har Goyle. He had moved the corpse to strategic position in an apartment building, which had place in the ceiling he could hide and wait for Lobo.

Jason had encountered Lobo several times before. Each time he tried to face this alien ended in utter failure. Hell, he hadn’t even been able to damage the fiend. But, he had to try at least one more time before using his backup plan.

A few of Har Goyle’s minions had crowded around the corpse of their dead gang leader. Jason heard them talking about who should take up the mantle their gang.

Jason listened from a hiding spot for a few minutes, before hearing blood curdling screams. Lobo found Jason’s bait. A grayish blur ran around the room killing every single person in the room. Except for Jason, who had been watching the seen from the ceiling. The gray alien slammed the last goon against the wall, killing him on contact.

Lobo looked towards the wall and shouted with disgruntled voice, “I can smell you! Reveal yourself!” Jason pounced down from the ceiling. Upon contact with ground, Jason pointed one his pistols at Lobo. Before Jason could even make a quip, The gray alien looked at him, then sped towards Jason at incredible speed.

Jason was slammed against the wall. Lobo held him there to talk to him, “I’m going to kill you, and just like I did to your friends here.”

Jason looked back into the intimidating red eyes of the alien, “You honestly think I’m friends with these scumbags? Gets your hands off me you damn dirty ap…,” Jason stopped himself before he said ape, “Uhh… whatever the hell you are.”

Jason broke loose from the alien’s grip and kicked him in the stomach. He fired several shots into Lobo’s flesh, all of which proved ineffective.

Lobo grabbed Jason by the neck after his puny attempts to harm Lobo. “Have a nice flight!” The alien attempted to throw Jason through the window of the several story apartment. Red Hood stopped himself as he flew through the window, but just barely. The arm Jason used to stop his momentum dislocated. He crawled back into the building.

Lobo looked at him and growled, “You’re tougher than I thought.”

He advanced towards Jason and picked up his body, “Any last words?” Lobo asked.

Jason struggled but then said, “‘Have a nice flight?’ is that the cheesiest f#$%ing line you have?”

Lobo, disgusted, tossed Jason out the window. Jason grabbed the wall with his non-dislocated arm as he flew out and tried to shimmy his way across the side of the building.

Once he made his way to fire escape, Jason climbed down the stairs until he reached his motorcycle. He hopped on his vehicle and drove to an old run down building he called home.

Red Hood parked his motorcycle and walked into the building. He took off his mask once he entered. His scarred and bloody face was horrid site, and he intended to keep it keep secret. They were constant reminders of the pain Batman didn’t save him from. Jason stared at his mask. In some ways, he thought of Lobo like himself, and in stopping Lobo, Jason would be able to better himself.

Jason sat at a small worn out desk in a room in a building. It was time. If he was going to take down Lobo, he had to get some help. He shuffled through various files of Metahumans and Vigilantes. After hours of searching, Jason pinpointed two names of potential candidates for his team, Tatsu Yamashiro and an alien dubbed Starfire.

He began to inspect the files closer. Tatsu Yamashiro, a young Japanese woman with sword that traps the souls of every person she kills. Last Known Location: Gotham City

“Not very much info, strange considering I got these from Bruce,” Jason said to himself. He flipped to his other file. Starfire is an alien who has the ability of FTL travel, UV blasts, enhanced speed and strength. Last known Location: Blüdhaven

Jason closed the files and left his home. He set out to find Tatsu and Starfire.


Tatsu held her katana closely. She could hear voices pounding through her head. Those voices belonged to her dead family. She tried to drown them out, but couldn’t.The sounds of her dead loved ones, kept nailing into her skull.

But for now, she had something else to concentrate on. She had heard that the gang leader Har Goyle had been shot by some vigilante, who apparently was much like herself.

She maneuvered through the tight allies of Gotham City. She needed to make her way to Blüdhaven if she was going to find this other vigilante. The more she thought about who/what this other person was, the more she was intrigued.

After about a half an hour of walking later, Katana heard the voices of two men conversing. “Oi, what are we gonna do know that the boss is dead?”

“I dunno Jim, but this is the time for us to show the crime world what we’re made of,”

The first man had deep australian accent, while the second higher pitched American accent.

“Bryson, I couldn’t agree more, If we could just take control of Har Goyle’s gang.”

“We’d turn Blüdhaven upside down.”

Katana unsheathed her blade and ran towards the two men, who had walked into the ally. She charged towards the Australian man and threw him on the ground. Tatsu began to repeatedly kick the man in the stomach “Stop!” The man managed to shout as he coughed up blood. Tatsu raised her blade above the man’s back and fatally thrust it into the man’s spine. The other man turned and sprinted away.

Katana gave chase and tackled the man. She pressed the blade to his neck and slit his throat. Blood dripped from her blade to the ground as she proceeded towards Blüdhaven.

After about an hour and half of brisk walking, Tatsu had reached Blüdhaven.

She surveyed the locale looking for any leads on this vigilante. She came across a crime scene around an old apartment building. She hid in the shadows listening to several cops talking about the crime,while watching a security tape from the apartment building. Apparently, several gang members arrived upon a the site of their dead leader, and had been brutally murder by a grayish alien. Tatsu was intrigued by this, for she had from several of her sources that a grey alien had been hunting down low ranking gang members, and that a vigilante named Red Hood had been hunting this same alien. Tatsu heard one of the cops say,” Who the hell is this loser trying to be Batman?”

“He looks like a clown running around with the red mask. He’s not trying to be Batman, Look, He uses guns.”

Tatsu caught a glimpse of the security camera, showing Red Hood be thrown from the window for second time. She looked up at the apartment building. Which had one window smashed out . next the building were footprints leading to some tire tracks. Now that she knew who the vigilante was, she could speak to her sources and track him down.


Red Hood walked back to his hideout. It was nearing daytime, and he needed to get some shut eye before the day started. He opened the door to his hideout only to hear rustling behind him. He turned quickly while drawing his guns. He turned directly into a the point of a katana. Red Hood looked at the tip of the blade, which was centimeters away from his face. “This may be a wild guess, but I assume you’re Tatsu.”

Tatsu lowered her blade and asked,”How do you know my name?”

“I have my ways.” Red Hood said.

Tatsu entered the building, pushing pass Jason. She looked around the building until she came across a file which had a picture of her, and file with a little information on her. “How did you get this information, hardly anyone knows of me.”

“Let’s just say I might have “borrowed” a few things from the Batcave.” Red Hood bragged

“Like the Batman Batcave? How do you even know were it is? Or how to get in?” tatsu questioned further.

“ I have my ways, tell me Tatsu, How much exactly do you know about the Red Hood?” Jason asked.

“Nothing. Aside from your alias and that you are hunting a grey alien, who has a habit of brutally killing gang members.”

“Good, that’s all you need to know.” Jason said,” I’d like your help in this endeavor.”

“I mean, I guess I could help. But don’t expect this to become like a permanent thing.” Tatsu said.

Red Hood started towards the door of his hideout,“ I guess we're a team, for now. I had one more member planned for this team. Now let’s go find Starfire.”

Hey guys, I had a lot of fun writing this and am happy to be able to join the authors of the Eternal Series for Phase Three. Red Hood and the Outlaws will be bit more of wacky and fun series(after a few episodes). Go read all the other authors stories if you actually want well written stuff.

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