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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.5 Heart of a Criminal

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Not all criminals are evil.
I do not own Pokemon or nuzlocke. Pokemon belong to gamefreak and nintendo and Pokemon hard mode belong to Nuzlocke. all oc belong to me. please respect the following and enjoy

Dreams will fade into eternity, unless they are made into reality.

Last on "Virtue and Sins." Xion have sent Drago to capture a Munna from the Dreamyard, so she could get some dream mist filled with temperance. When Drago and Shauntal got there, Bianca bumped into them. She came here to capture Munna. they heard a cry from the other side and found two team plasma grunts trying to force munna to produce a some dream mist. After defeating team plasma they are confronted by Lady Diana, the mother Lilly the munna. Before they could be executed, Go a residential patrat of the area explain that it was Team Plasma. Now having completed the request, Dargo and Shauntal head toward their next destination: Nacrene City... yet there are still question unanswered. Some will be answer today and other in the futrure. but let rejoin Drago who had just finish training with Cheren.

Drago pov
Location: Route 3

Drago: thanks for helping me train.
Cheren: no problem. After all I'm learning lot from battling you.
Drago: Same here.
Drago's thought: Maybe I should tell him about Shauntal? I mean Bianca knows.
Drago:I need to tell you something kid.
Cheren: What is it?
Drago: Well Victoria is S-
Team plasma grunt: *run by Drago, Shauntal and Cheren.*
Gypsy Owshawott: Team plasma?! what are those guys doing.
Bianca: *chasing after team plasma.* get back here with that kid pokemon.
Shanatal: what happened?
Kid: those mean old men stole my pokemon.
???: how barbaric.
Drago: * turn around and see A female pidove.*
Pidove: It impressive how pathetic some humans are. Their greed for power drives them mad and when they can't, find it one normally, they will steal from others. It pathetic how weak humans are without the power of our kind help.
Drago: ... Who are you?
Pidove: I am Queen.
Drago: Listen Queen, Humans may not be powerful as some pokemon, but we mange to achieve many feats. With or without pokemon. Even made a group dedicated to help wild pokemons. So before so the next time you say that humans are weak, remember that power is only good reflecting on how you use it..
Queen: ... Tch, whatever.
Drago: Cheren scout out the area. Bianca wait with the kid.
Bianca & Cheren: Right *Cheren headed to area Team plasma ran to.*
Drago: *Head off to train.*
Shauntal: *follows Drago.*
Queen: ....

Sometime later.

Audino: *faints.*
Kingpin: *evolves into Pignite.* Alright.

It took a while, but I mange to evolve all of my starter. Good thing Audino are notorious for giving pokemon ton of exp if you beat them.

Gypsy: So, when do you think Go coming back.
Drago: I don't know.

When I send out my pokemon for some training, Go decided to got to a strange building saying it was a training center run by an elderly couple that were once world black belts.

Crystal: Hey Drago.
Drago: yeah?
Crystal: Why didn't you use the Camera?
Drago: ... Listen, as helpful as that is, it unfair for the other trainers. I'll only use the camera for emergency. Okay Crystal.
Crystal: Okay. *take the camera.* Hopefully you won't need it cause I'm going to upgrade it.
Cheren: Drago. *runs to him.* I found out where they went.
Drago: Where?
Cheren: The Wellspring cave.
Drago: Lets go. *recall my pokemon.*
Cheren: Right.
Crystal: Alright. Time to kick plasma's butt

Location: Wellspring cave.

Wellspring cave was a water way that had two parts. The first was the main floor and the other was the bottom floor. Here trainer can capture ragganolla or woobats . Of course what we came to capture was something different.

Woobat: Now, now gentlemen, there no need to- whoa. *dodge Tp grunt patrat's bite attack.*
Team Plasma grunt1: Man I hate Woobats.
Team plasma grunt2: dude, we supposed to liberate Pokemons, not them kill.
TP grunt1: This thing is nothing more than a demon with wings. It has to be kill. Patrat use bite.
Patrat: *bite try to bite it wing.*
Drago: *Throws a poke ball at the woobat.*
Poke ball: *shake 3 time.* ping.
Drago: Caught it. *pick it up.* Now then. Hand over that stolen Pokemon.
TP grunt1: Stolen. We didn't steal it. We liberate it,
Tp grunt2: Yeah. That girl was just treating it as if it was a doll.
Drago: Well then I guess we'll have to do it the hard way. *pull out a poke ball.*
Cheren: *pull out a poke ball.*
Tp grunt1: You take care of the kid, I'll handle this guy.
Tp grunt2: Right. *send out a patrat*
Drago: go Kingpin *throw out and poke ball.*

You know what one of the worst mistake a trainer can make. sending out the wrong pokemon. For novice its not knowing type advantage. For trainers of any level, it mistaking one poke ball for another. That why we mark them, unless their all different kind.

poke ball: *materialized Jack servine.*
Crystal: Wrong poke ball.
Drago: Just have to roll with it. Jack use leaf tornado
Jack: *Produce a fierce tornado of leaves*
TP grunt 1: *smiles*
Drago's thought: why is he smiling?
Tp grunt1: use bide.
Drago, Cheren, Shauntal: Bide!
Grunt's patrat: *use bide. The leaf tornado hit. The bide convert the pain into damage.*
Crystal: Drago, order Jack Finish it off quickly before it unleash it attack.
Drago: Jack use vine whip.
Jack: *vine whipped the grunt patrat*
Patrat: *faints*

Tp Grunt: Wha…? how could we lose when we have righteous on our side?!
Cheren: not bad, Drago.
Drago: No prob
Cheren: Ok, go return the Pokemon to that girl.
???: you don't need to return it!
Shanatal: what the more of these guys?
TP Backup: how troublesome. Not only do you fail to understand, but you actually got in our way, to boot.
Drago: What your gain?
TPB: huh?
Drago: what are you trying to gain from all of this? What your true goal.
Drago: Then we best beat you two. Jack leaf tornado on the first one.
Jack: *hit the first one with leaf tornado.*
Cheren: Snivy, vine whip..
TPB2: Use detect Patterz.
Patterz patrat: *see a vision. dodge the vine whip.* Miss me
Patrat: *bite Cheren's snivy.*
Drago: Jack, use vine whip.
Jack: *knocks it off the patrat with vine whip.*
Cheren: thanks. Snivy use vine whip.
TPB2: Patterz, dodge and then use bite.
Patterz: Sure thing man *dogdes and bite cheren's snivy on the leaf part of his tail.*
Cheren's snivy: *bleed*
Cheren's snivy: *try to shake it off*
I watched as Cheren's snivy fails it tail around in pain, trying to get off the grunt's patrat, drops of blood painting the ground around them. After few minutes agony...

Cheren's snivy: *toss Patterz into the air.*
Jack: *Fire a powerful leaf tornado at Patterz. It hit Patterz sending him flying to his trainer.*
Patterz: *faints.*
Drago: now tell me, why are you doing all this?
TPB2: like we said before, in order liberate pokemon from foolish people, we will take their pokemon!
Drago: Then let make a deal. Me, Cheren, and Victoria will release our pokemon.
Cheren: WHAT?!
TPB2: good to see your finally coming around.
Drago: Let me finish. We'll release our pokemon, but only if you release your pokemon as well.
TPB2: what?! No way.
Drago: why? You said that your goal.
TPB2: Because, Patterz was raised in captivity since he was an egg. I never taught him how to hunt. I leveled him up with rare candy from a snivy in a trench coat, but that it. This was our first pokemon battle. I only join cause of the pay.
Drago's thought: Note to self: Talk to Jack later on
Drago: good. Now apply that knowledge to other trainers who also have those kind of pokemon. Some of those pokemon wouldn't be able to survive 3 days in the wild.

I watched as the grunt converse with each other. Some of them seem to be agreeing with me, other trying to come up with a counter-argument. Then one of the grunts tossed me a painted poke ball.

TP Group: Team plasma out! *use a smoke bomb and escape*

Drago: Dammit! They got away.
Shauntal: Well at least we got the girl's pokemon back. Let's return it to her.

Location: route 3

We returned the the poke ball to the girl. The girl explain that one of the grunts posed as a doctor and told her that he would heal her pokemon after she got into a battle. After the grunt got the her pokemon, He dropped his disguise and ran off about the time Bianca saw what happened. The girl thank us and headed back to the preschool. Soon after Cheren and Bianca left for the the next town, Go rejoin us, except he was no longer a patrat. He evolved into a watchog. Congratulating him on evolving. We continued our journey to the next town. I sent out the woobat I caught. He thank us for saving him from Plasma. As a reward, Bishop the woobat joined our party. we headed out to get the next badge. Hopefully the next town can offer us some clue to Hilda.

??? pov

???: *hiding among the tall grass.* That guy strong, plus he a quite the intellectual. I wonder if he can become the next champion. *Follows Drago in secret.*

Without a strong foundation, The idea and your dreams will fall apart.