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Pokemon Black & White Version 3: Ep 4: If At First You Don't Succeed...

by PokemandanEX

PokemandanEX Will Dan and his Snivey be able to beat Sam and his Tepig? Find out this episode!
Last time, Dan chose his starter Pokemon Snivey to accompany him on his travels, now Dan is facing off against his best friend and potential rival Sam, along with his newly hatched Tepig. But, who will prevail? Find out as we continue into Dan's quest! "GO, TEPIG!" "TEEEEEPPPPIIIIIIIIIGG!" "SNIVEY, I CHOOSE YOU!" "SNIVEEEY!" " You can have the first move Sam." "A bit cocky aren't we?" "Heh, nah, I just know I can't lose!" "We'll see about that, Tepig! Use Tail Whip!" "TEEPIGG!" " Hah, that didn't do anything to Snivey, now it's our turn, Snivey! Use Tackle!" "SNIVEEY!" "TEEEEPI-OOTTHH!" "Gah, c'mon Tepig you can do this! Use Tail Whip again!" "Dude, come on that attack isn't doing anything your just putting Tepig through more pain, and now your gonna pay, Snivey! Use Tackle again!" "SNIVEY" "TEEEEEEPIIIIIIIGGGG!" "SNIVEY?" Snivey's attack missed. "Alright, Tail Whip one more time!" " TEEEPIIG!" "Ok, I've had enough, Snivey! Finish this with Tackle!" "SNIIIVEEEYYY!" "Wait for it Tepig...NOW!" "TEEEPPIIIGGG!" Tepig dodged the attack. "Ok finish this up with Tackle Tepig!" " TEPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGG!" "NO SNIVEY!" *Snivey gets thrown back on impact. "Snivey...Y-you ok?" "I've been watching this battle and I know how to referee a match...Snivey is unable to battle, the winner is Tepig, so the victory goes to Sam!" "B-but...How? You beat me with one Tackle...How?" "You see, Tail Whip is a move that doesn't cause damage to an opponent, but lowers their defence. So, I knew 3 Tail Whips and a Tackle were the moves I needed to pull off to beat you, so Tepig's Tackle was stronger because your Snivey's defence was lowered by 3 stages." "So, Dan. You need to know there are moves that can lower the attack or defence of an opponent, the same thing but instead raise, not sure why you would do that for your opponent and everything I just said but instead it would affect your Pokemon, you can check this by looking at your Pokemon's attack information on the Pokedex." "Hmm...I see, thanks for the match Sam, thanks for telling me about stat changing moves Bianca." "Wait where are you going?" To catch some Pokemon." "But you don't know how...Do you?" "Wha do you think the Internet is for?" "Point taken." "See ya around Bianca, Sam." Dan then leaves for Route 19, but is stopped by his mother and Sam's sister, Lola who has recently turned 5. "Dan wait! I have some Running Shoes for you, the shoes your wearing can't take most of the terrain around Unova, let alone running." "Thanks mum, oh, hi Lola, sorry it's so late but Happy Birthday, did my mum give you that Charmander plushie I got you?" "Hi Dan, yeah you're mum gave me the plushie, how did you get it though? I haven't seen any of them in shops when I walk by." "That's because I got that Charmander plushie shipped all the way over from Kanto, so you have a plushie of a Pokemon that is in a completely different reigion." "Awsome, thank you Dan, oh yeah, I have a gift for you, it's a map of the Unova reigion, just in case you get lost or need to plan where you need to go, there's two because I need you to deliver the other one to my brother." "Ok, thanks, both of you, I guess I'll see you around." "Yes, oh yes here take this Xtransciever, that way we can stay in touch, good luck son, make me proud." "I will mum!" And so, as our hero ventures off into Route 19 to catch and see all the Pokemon that inhabit it, the true journey begins. Find out what happens next time in Pokemon Black & White Version 3!

Dan's Pokemon's current level.

Snivey-Lv 6