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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.3. first crime or Striton's Gluttony

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Pokemon
White nuzlocke
Virtue & Sins
I do not own pokemon or the nuzlocke challenge. Pokemon bleong to game freak and nuzlocke belong to nuzlocke. please enjoy the following.

“He who distinguishes the true savor of his food can
never be a glutton; he who does not cannot be
otherwise.” -Henry David Thoreau

Narrator pov

Last time on "Virtue and Sins." Drago had met Cheren and Bianca, two trainers working along with Professor Juniper and Xion, a new pokemon professor assisting Juniper. Drago and Cheren both failed to capture a pokemon on route 1 while Bianca capture her first pokemon. Plus arriving at Accumala Town they Drago came across team plasma, whose goal is to liberate all pokemon and N , a boy with an ability to understand pokemon. fianally Drago met Shauntal of the elite 4, who is trying to find out who posed as her in a porno, only to be stranded with no pokemons. Now let rejoin Drago who is battling a Bianca near Striaton City.

Drago Pov

Drago: Gypsy, udse water gun.
Gypsy: *fired a torrent of water from her crystal ball at tepig.*
Bianca: Heavy use tackle.
Heavy Tepig: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *tackle Gypsy.*
Drago : Finsih it with water gun.
Gypsy : *used water gun on Heavy. Heavy gets blasted into a tree* Heavy : *KO*
Shauntal : Heavy is unable to battle, the win goes Drago.
Bianca : you did good Heavy. *recalls heavy into his poke ball.* You were awesome Drago. I still can't believe your tepig beat. T.J with a single ember.
Drago : Well it was a critical hit, so I'm sure it would of hang on.
Shauntal : You both did a splendid job.
Bianca: Thanks Miss Shauntal. umm can I ask you something?
Shauntal: Sure.
Bianca: *fidget her fingers *Well, Is it true what they said on News. About you... I mean it can't be true.
Shauntal : *blush* No.
Gypsy : *hop on my shoulder* That remind me Drago, We need to disguise her.
Kingpin: exactly lass, why do we need to do that?
Gypsy: Cause she a celebrity. If people see her, they'll swarm all over her like flies to a carcass.

She right. Member of the Elite four is practically king or queen among trainers, so they'll barely give her any peace and quite, and that what she need right now. after all, taking careof those reporter was still a hassle. maybe Jack has something we can use.

Drago : *look at Jack.* Do you have any disguises.
Jack : Unfortunately, no.
Gypsy: If I may. *close her eyes and focus. She start to chant something in an mysterious language.*

A mysterious aura briefly surrounds Shauntal.

Gypsy: My work here, is done bitches. Now instead of a fine looking elite four member,everyone will see a foxy looking pokemon veteran with long black hair, with the exception of those who heard me chant the spell.
Drago : ....
Gypsy: not as in revealing sexy, I mean good looking in normal clothes sexy.
Drago : I'll take your word for it. So Bianca, did Cheren come by here.
Bianca : Yes, he went to the trainer's school. Hey can you tell Cheren to meet me in front of
this new restaurant that opened up in the Dreamyard.
Drago: sure.
Bianca: Thanks.
Jack : Can we go to the Striton City gym first.
Drago : Why are you eager to go take on the gym?
Jack : take on the gym. I'm want to go there to try out their fine cuisine. It a restaurant.
Drago : later, but first we need to tell Cheren.
Shauntal : So what did he say?
Drago : He saying that he want to go eat at the Striaton City gym first.
Shauntal : Oh...
Drago : Is there something wrong?
Shauntal : It just... it was one of the place me and my ex-boyfriend went to.

So that why. I recall an article in the Kanto's Time about Shauntal's ex, The star pitcher of The Starmie cheated on her with a cheerleader. When words got out, the media had a field day. Soon rumor started flying around. Some say that he cheated on her with another Elite
4 member or that He cheated cause she cheated on her first. It impressive how fast the truth can be distorted.

Drago : Listen, you don't have to come with us to the gym if you don't want
Shauntal : No, I'll come with you guys. I want to cheer you guys on during the battle. beside, it time for me to move on.
Drago: Okay.

Striaton City.

Striton City. while it not one of the biggest city in Unova, it home to many fine restaurants. From the elegant Kalos food and loving atmosphere of the Creme le Dream, to the exotic taste of Kantonese food. Here farmer setup market to sell their finest produce to restaurant owners. The crown jewel of this town is the world famous Striaton City Gym, owned by three brothers. According to a magazine article, The gym leader you fight is based on what pokemon you chose as a starter. Whatever type you have, you'll end up facing a gym leader that has a type advantage over yours.

Drago: Hey Shauntal.
Shauntal: Yes?
Drago: Did the gym leader ever take on a trainer with three starter pokemon?
Shauntal : yes. They fought a girl trainer from Nuvema Town. She challenge them all with three of her starter pokemon and won. She even beat the champion, But gave up the title soon after.
Drago : a girl from Nuvema. By any chance her name was Hilda?
Shauntal: Yes. Why do you ask?
Drago: Well Hilda's mother ask me to find her.
Shauntal : She missing. Oh dear. Did she ever tried notifying the police?
Drago: That easier said than done. If it was pokemon that was taken, they be all over it. But this is a trainer. A person whose always on the move, looking for the next challenge around the corner. Unless she a criminal or she settled down, They won't give a rattata's ass about it.
Shauntal: DRAGO!
Drago: sorry. Still she passed the Advance Trainer Exams and beat the champ.
Shauntal: yeah. Hey look, there the trainer school. *point*

I look in the direction of where she was pointing to and saw the trainer school.

Three Wise Monkey Pokemon Trainer School

we enter inside and see Cheren giving a lecture.

Cheren: In a pokemon battle it is best that your pokemon have moves that are not only the same type as pokemon, but move that can help defeat an opponent's pokemon weak against and move that can change the tide of battle. Of course if your pokemon cannot use a move with a type advantage, So a move that is neuteral. now any questions?

I watched as a some of the students raised their hand out of curiosity. Cheren look around and pointed to a boy with a blue baseball cap.

Blue baseball cap boy: Can we see a live pokemon battle?
Cheren: hmm *notice Drago* Ah, Drago perfect timing? Can you challenge me to a quick
pokemon battle ?
Drago : Sure.
Teacher I will referee.

The teacher led us to the battle area in the back of the school with the kids following behind us. I watched as the middle-age man picked up two different colored flags. A red flag in his right and green in his left.

Teacher: take your places.

We did as instructed and went into opposite direction of each other.

Teacher : The battle between Cheren and Drago will begin. The battle is over when either trainers pokemons are unable to battle. *raise both flag.* Now begin.
Cheren: Go Snivy *toss a poke ball and summon his Snivy.*
Drago: Alright Kingpin, Showtime!
Kingpin: Alright Lad.
Drago: Kingpin use ember.
Kingpin: *fire a stream of ember from his nose. The searing flame make it mark. Cheren's Snivy still stands.*
Cheren: Snivy, use Leer
Cheren's Snivy: Yes sir! *fiercely stare kingpin down.*
Kingpin: *slightly loses his defensive stance.*
Drago: Kingpin uses ember Kingpin: *use ember. hit*
Cheren: use tackle.
Drago: saw that one coming. Kingpin stand your ground and use ember.
Kingpin: *take the tackle and fire ember in it face, sending it back.*
Cheren's Snivy: *Fainted*
Teacher: Snivy is unable to battle. Kingpins win.
Cheren: Snivy return *calls it back* Go purrloin.
Drago: Go jack
Jack: *take the field,
Cheren's purrloin: eep. hey jack.
Jack: tide. do you have the money for that CD I sold you.
Tide purrloin: yeah about that.... *pull out a white flag.* I SURRENDER! *tap the poke ball and goes back in*
Drago: ....
Cheren: ....
Students: ....
Teacher: ..... um Purrloin is surrender, the victory goes to Jack... thereforth Drago is the winner.
Shauntal: What just happned?

That exactly the question that going through my mind right now. That purrloin, he got scared and turn tail. Just what exactly does Jack do for a living.

Cheren: Good battle sir Drago.
Drago: Thanks. By the Bianca wanted me to tell you to meet her at the new restaurant that opened in the dreamyard. Wanna go there.
Cheren: hmm.. sure.


Xion's thought: So this is all that left of the Pokemon Energy Lab after the explosion. All that research and effort on how to harnessing Musharna's dream mist blown to bits. I can sense it. The energy from the explosion and desire that corrupted Musharna. bottomless greed and
gluttony, blinding pride and envy, perverted lust, fiery wrath, lifeless sloth, and dark betrayal. all those sinful thoughts were absorbed and transform the Dream Mist into a Catastrophic Nightmare. It new name suits it. The dreamyard- A junkyard covered with the jagged shards of broken dreams.

Drago: Professor Xion.
Xion: *look at me* ah, Mister Fortuna and Cheren. Nice to see you. May I ask who is your friend? *point at Shauntal*
Cheren: Yeah. What is your name? Crap. We forgot to discuss name.
Shauntal: My name is Victoria Valentines.
Xion: Cool
Drago: we're here to meet Bianca for lunch.
Xion: Cool. Mind if I join?
Gypsy: Fuck yeah.
Drago: Of course.

We headed to the restaurant and see Bianca taking a seat. the place was old fashion ramen. On the right side of the shop was "Trinity Bowl." There was an old man behind the counter. he was wearing a white shirt with 3 green 3s and brown pants.

Old man: welcome to Trinity Bowl, I'm Zeek the owner. may I... *look at my pokemons.*
Drago: Yeah. there mine.
Zeek: Then your a lucky man.
Drago: Lucky
Cheren: It cause three is consider a lucky number in Stiarton city and that having 3 pokemon of a certain kind will bring you good luck on certain things.
Drago: really? So what does it mean to having 3 starters?
Zeek: Well, having three starter mean your going to great start to your journey.
Drago: ......
Shauntal: Drago?
Drago's thought: Good start. I failed to capture two pokemon. How the fuck is that consider a good start. why couldn't it be have good luck at slots.
Zeek: *Hand them some water bottles.* anyways, what bring all five of you here. Are you all on a triple date?

My face turned red as a charmeleon. I looked around and saw that everyone was blushing like mad, except for Xion who was on the ground laughing. I decide to chug my water to calm my nerve.

Cheren: We're not on a date.
Bianca: He right. I only see Cheren as a friend!
Drago's thought: He guessed that that we were dating, not that you were dating Cheren.
Gypsy: If Any of them was dating, Drago would have gotten some pussy from Shauntal already. *point at Shauntal.*
Drago: *spit water in surprise.* GYPSY!
Shauntal: What did she say?
Drago: You don't want to know?
???: excuse me.

We turn around and saw 3 guys wearing waiter outfit and interesting hair colors.
Bianca: wait aren't you three the Striaton city gym leaders.
Cress: Yes. anyways can you help us with something?
Drago: sure.

They explained that an apprentice of their, Eric had opened a restaurant last week called Heaven's Feast and ever since, people have been acting strange lately. For the customers who can afford it, they become uncontrollably fat, while those who cannot afford another bite, take drastic measure or starve to death. I ask why didn't they call the police and they told me that they did, but the police said that there was nothing out if the ordinary.

Xion: that is troubling.
Drago: Then we'll just have to prove it.
Cilian: You mean...
Drago: I'll take the case.
Zeek: So your a detective.
Drago: No. But someone has to do it.
Xion: I will investigate as well. If you find something that you want me to analyze, call me.
Jack: I'll go get an associate of mine to help out. *leaves*
Drago: Let go guys *recall Kingpin and Gypsy back into their pokeball*

I went around town asking question about the Heaven Feast. From a farmer, he told me that
he saw two people mauling a woman to death. luckily the woman survived thanks to a
trainer. I decide to go to the victims house. From Laural's testimony that the two men
wanted the food she bought. She recognized one of the men as Johnny Buckler, a former co-worker from Unova Times. He was fired for slacking off ever since the Heaven Feast opened. I wonder if...

I Look in the direction of the voice and see a Tan skin woman with black hair. double d breasts wearing a red halter top and a black mini skirts.

Prostitute: *seductive voice* How about you and me go meet a friend of mine at her place
and have some fun?
Drago: ... Do I look like some loser that like blowing his money on a one night stand with
some whore.
Prostitute: No... But you could always give us some Heaven Feast leftovers.
Drago: Are you high or something. Why would you need some lousy table scraps.
female Zorua wearing fedora: *hanging on a grappling hook.* Cause Heaven's Feast is gold in this City.
Drago: Who are you?
Jack: that would be Crystal, my informant. If it info that you need, Crystal is your girl.
Drago: So Ms.Crystal, what were you saying about the food from Heaven Feast.
Crystal: It the gold of the city. Due to high prices of the food, People began to do anything to obtain it. From Selling their home and Valuables, to Prostitution, stealing, murder and everything in between.
Drago: So do you know what in the stuff?
Crystal: I wish. The only way in is to have a card key and the only one whose has that is Eric.
Drago's thought: Maybe I should get some as a sample for Xion to examine.
Drago: How much is for the cheapest meal?
Crystal: 30'000
Drago: 30'000 FOR A FUCKING MEAL!
Prostitute: *leaves* weirdo.
Drago: Where am I going to get that much dough? The trainers on this nearby routes are all
rookies and don't have that much prize mon.... what if I tried balling a trainer for it.
Crystal: Considering how much people obsessed over it, sure.
Drago: Alright let's find someone who has take-outs.

I decided to hide behind the ally and wait for a customer to come out of the restaurant and challenge them to a pokemon battle. If I pull it off, We might be able to solve this case. Still I feel like a stalker waiting for that one girl to walk by and abduct her. I saw a man with fancy
blues clothes that looked like they were about to rip. holding a dog bag. Around his waist were poke balls. I stealthy walked out of the ally and head toward him.

Drago: excuse me sir.
Fnnacy man; yes.
Drago: Would you like to battle?
Fancy man: sure. what are the condition?
Drago: If I win, you have to give me that doggie bagyou have there. If you win, I'll pay for your next five meals at Heaven Feast.
Fancy man: DEAL!

I sent out Kingpin. suddenly a random man came up.

Rnadom man1: Don't battle him, battle me and I'll give you 10'000 if you win.
Random woman1: no me. Beat me and I'll give you a blowjob.

slowly a huge crowd start to form, all are people want to battle me, so they can get me to pay for their meals. Soon a fight breaks out as every trainer sent out there pokemon. Just what in that stuff. crack or something. I saw that the fancy man's food was sent flying.

Drago: Someone catch it.
Jack: I'm on it. *uses vine whip to catch the doggie bag.*
Drago: Nice work Jack. *grab the doggie bag.* Now lets get this stuff to Xion.
Random man 1: THAT GUY GOT THE FOOD!

{Xion's building}

We ran as if we were being chased by a herd of taruos.

We ran as if we were being chased by a herd of taruos. Drago: *call Xion on the Xtransceiver.*
Xion: {on the other line} Hello.
Drago: LETS US IN!
Xion: *opens the door.*
Drago, Kingpin, & Jack: *jump inside*
Xion: *create an ocean blue force field around the building.* Crowd: *bang violently against the force field.*
Drago: Mantico
Xion: Mantico my mantric. he goes stir crazy when he sense after a bitch in heat.
Xion's: well at least I got a name for that Mantiric. So why are those people out there going
stir crazy.
Drago: well *hold up the heaven feast.*
Xion: *grab the heaven feast.* please wait a moment *head up stair.*

(Time break. )
Everyone got back from gathering info. The only person to find something interesting was Cheren. according to an eyewitness report, people have been suffering horrendous hallucination to the point of either being thrown into asylum or to die from stress or suicide.

Xion: *come down stairs holding a piece of paper.* Well I found out something... odd.
Chilian: What did you find out?
Xion: Well, I found traces of dream mist inside it, and after some careful scanning, this dream mist had been alter affect the person mind, causing them to needed the food as there only food source. Any other food would be rejected.
Drago: How did you find out all that info.
Xion: science and magic.
Shauntal: so your from Kalos?
Xion: yep.
Drago: well then there only one thing left to do. Time to face Eric.
Crystal: take this *hand Drago a camera.*
Drago: A camera.
Crystal: this is no ordinary camera. this will allow me to scan the opponent pokemon and
help me find out what level they are and their ability. also will warn me if it has explosion or self-destruct. just press
Drago: thanks.
Xion: I'll stay here and work on an antidote.

Location: Heaven's Feast. Normal Pov

15 year old guy with yellow hair wearing a waiter outfit: perfect, perfect. Finally, I achieved my dream of being the most successful chef in
Waiter: *knock.* Sir Eric, there a man at the front desk complaining about the food.
Eric: Impossible. *head to the to the front desk.* Sir, may I ask what is the problem sir.
Drago: yeah. drugged food.
Eric: Listen officer. I sure we can...
Drago: I ain't no officer I'm just the guy who going to kick your ass.
Eric: Oh really now. Boys.

two strong looking guys appear.

Gypsy: I got this. *pull out her crystal ball and project a video of porn.*
Two bodyguards and some of the new customers: PORN! *Get distracted by the porn.*
Eric: you got to be kidding me. Fine then I'll have to use my own pokemon. Go lilipup. *sent out lilipup.*
Drago: huh. *press the button.*
Crystal zorua: {on screen} Hiya. point and I'll scan it.
Drago: *pointed the camera at the lillipup.*
Crystal Zorua: okay. here it stats
Drago: thanks. Go gypsy! .... gypsy?
Gypsy: *distracted by the porn*
Drago: Really? Jack you go fight this one. Start of with vine whip.
Jack: With pleasure. *vine whip the lilipup.*
Eric: Use bite.
Lilipup: *bite Jack's vines rapidly.*
JacK: ouch!
Drago: Jack, shake it off.
Jack: *try shaking it of by slamming it multiple time against the ground.*
Lilipup: *fainted.*
Eric: FUCK! Look like I'll have to use my ace. GO, PANSAGE! *SENT OUT A PANSAGE*
Crystal: scanning... done here the info.
Drago: Jack return.
Jack: returns.
Drago: go kingpin and use flame charge
Kingpin: *Flame charge into pansage*
Eric: Pansage use work up.
Eric: *rushes up to it and use potion to heal it. and move out of the way*
Drago: Use flame charge.
Kingpin: *flame charges into pansage.*
Eric: hit it with vine whip.
Drago: ... Flame charge.
Pansage: YAHHHHH!
Kingpin: FOR THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD! *Flame charge thepansage into a wall.*
Pansage: *faints*
Eric: What?! no this can't be! i have to get out of here.
Drago: oh no you don't *knock Eric out.*

<Drago's PoV >
After Eric's was exposed, he was sent to prison for violating FDA regulation and Heaven's Feast was shut down. the gym leader decided to give me the gym badge and a fee meal as gratitude for saving their town. Gypsy decided to celebrate by going to HootHoots. Xion is still
looking for a cure for the people for who ate the food. Cheren and Bianca went out to train for the gym battle. Crystal decided to come along with us but as shauntal's pokemon. AS for Me, Jack and Sahuntal, we decided to relax and ate at the gym.

{At the gym}

Shauntal: Thanks for taking me here.
Drago: no problem. so Jack how are you enjoying the food.
JacK: Dvine. truly arts of the legendaries. *raises his glass of champagne with his vine .* a
toast to our first gym badge.
Drago:*raises his glass.* to the future!
Shauntal: And to the bonds we shall create. *raises her glass.*
D,S, &, J: *toast.*

???: Sir. We have confirmation that Eric has been defeated.
???: no matter. We got enough power from him. for now send some followers to gather some dream mist for our next plans.
???: and Eric.
???: ... Silence him.

"Temperance and labor are the two best physicians of
man; labor sharpens the appetite, and temperance
prevents from indulging to excess” -Jean-Jacques Rou