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Pokemon nuzlocke: Virtues & Sins: ep.2 Chance Encounter

by phoenixacezero

phoenixacezero Pokemon
White nuzlocke
Virtue & Sins
Tv14 viewer discretion advise
I do not own Pokemon, Kill la Kill, or the Hard mode (aka Nuzlocke). Pokemon belong to nintendo and gamefreak, Kill la Kill belong to Trigger, and Nuzlocke belong to Nuzlocke. all oc belong to me.

Drago Pov

TV: Today we start off the news with the scandal about a sex video that appeared 10 days ago involving Ghost type elite four user and world famous novelist Shauntal.
Gypsy: Fake. The girl in the video wasn't Shauntal. Her boobs were the wrong size. fucking Nice and round, but they were the wrong size.

No surprise there. Most celebrity porn video mostly involved celebrity look-a-like looking for a quick buck. Cause of these explicit video, the celebrities' image to the public suffer greatly, thus causing damages that cannot be undone, even when proven it wasn't them getting gang-banged.

Gypsy: Speaking of video, Jack do you have that anime I ask for.
Jack: Of course *pull out some DVDs from his jacket.* All 24 episode of Kill la Kill.
Gypsy: Sweet. *grabs the DVDs and insert one of them into her crystal ball.*
???: Drago, Can you come downstair.

headed down and saw Hilda's Mom sitting at the table.
Drago: Yes mam
Hilda's mom: Your going on your pokemon journey tomorrow right.
Drago: Of course.
Hilda's mom: can you do me a favor?
Drago: Sure.
Hilda's mom: a year ago when my daughter left on a pokemon journey to become a pokemon master. from time to time she would send me postcard describing her journey. but one day they stop coming. I tried calling her xtransceiver but she haven't answer and she hasn't. I call it a hunch, but I have a feeling something bad happened. Please ask anyone if they seen my daughter my daughter.
Drago: ... Very well. I'll find your daughter.


Drago: Lets go guys we need to head to the professor's lab and meet up with our co-workers.
Kingpin: Let goes.
Jack: My inventory all set.

We left the door and arrived at Professor Juniper's lab and see a boy with black hair wear a blue jacket and blue pants and blond girl wearing . Jack run up him.
Jack: Hey buddy *pull out a watch.* want to buy a watch.
Drago: Jack.
boy ???: Excuse me sir? What is this your snivy and why does it have a watch?
Drago: Yes. As for why he has it, I have no clue. All I know is that he want to sell it to you. I'm Drago
Cheren: ah. so your the trainer we'll be working with. I'm Cheren, pleasure of meeting you.
Bianca: I'm Bianca. So is it true about you getting three starter.
Drago: yes. the snivy in the trench coat is Jack, the Tepig with the hat is Kingpin and the owshawott with the crystal ball is Gypsy.
Gypsy's thought: no one can resist the cuteness of the wott.
???: Ah so you must be Drago.

I look in the doorway and see a teenage girl with green eyes wearing a black jacket with a pin that look like 4 gears and black pants. her left side of her hair is dark green color on the left side and white on the right side.

Drago: How do you know?
Teenage professor : Juniper told me. I am Professor Xion.
Cheren: Professor Xion. I never heard of you.
Xion: That because I'm new. *hand us our pokedex and some poke balls.* Now go meet professor juniper at Route 1.
Drago: Alright lets go.

We headed to Route 1.

Xion's thought: Drago Viso Fortuna I wonder how far you and your friends will go? Will you shine brightly or will you crash and burn?

When we made it juinper gave us a quick refresher course on how to capture pokemon. I tried to capture one, but the lilpup fainted. So the only two left who haven't caught a pokemon is Cheren and Bianca.

Cheren: I guess it my turn to try.

We watched as Cheren walk around the grass, when suddenly a oddly colored patrat with blue eyes pop out of the grass. I heard about pokemon like these before. Since the discovery of one at lake of rage, trainers have benn looking high and low for such majestic beasts.

Bianca: SHINY!
Cheren: *checks pokedex. fires in his eyes.* Snivy use tackle.

I watch as Cheren's snivy tackle the patrat, unfourtunately, it tackle send it flying into a river. Cheren's jaw drop as his mind tried to get a girp on the situation. one word escape his mouth and i stare at him with anger.

Cheren: Fuck.
Cheren: Sorry got carried away.
Bianca: I caught a pokemon. *holding up a lilipup.* I gonna call it Pup Tart.
Lilipup: my name isn't Pup Tart you idiotic-

Bianca dashes off to the next town.
Drago: Well it seem Bianca the forst one to beat us to the punch. Well we best grind.
Cheren: yes. also let see which one of us can become the champion first.
Drago: Your on.

We shook hands on it as our journey

Accumula Town.
I exit the poke center and see a crowd gather around a strangely dressed group.

Ghetsis: My name is Ghetsis
Drago: who this clown.
Ghetsis: I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to talk to you about pokemon liberation.
Drago's thought: oh great. A group with a con-artist for a leader. Who is this guy trying to fool. The only reason pokemon are tormented are because of d!cks for trainers. Team rocket, Aqua, magma, galactic, they all want power.
N: your pokemon... Just now…your oshawott was staring at two girls.
Gypsy: how did you know?
N: cause I heard you saying that girl was wearing a pair of black panties and wondering how her female pokemon are like in bed.
Drago: Why would she say something like that unless... *i look at Gypsy* Are you a…
Gypsy: lesbian? F**k yea.
Cheren: pokemon talking it is impossible.
Drago: it is. My headphones are pokemon translators.
N: it seem your friend can't hear them. Overall I commend you for your brilliants. My name
Drago: Drago Viso Fortuna, and this guy is Cheren. We're racing to see who cam be the champion.
N: ... Then fight me sir drago. *sent out his purrloin.*
gypsy: *pull out a crystal ball.* better yet I tell your pokemon's fortune.
Drago: your kidding me right?
Gypsy: I see.. I see... You getting hit by a bunch of water gun. *blast his pokemon withwater gun.*
purrloin: *KO.*
N: pokemon will never become perfect beings if they are confined. *pickup his pokemon* till we meet again Sir Drago.
Cheren: huh.... what a strange guy. But I'm not going to worry about it. Trainers and Pokemons help each other out!
Drago: stlll young and so naive.
Cheren: What?
Drago: just go to the gym. but capture a pokemon.
Cheren: very well. *heads to the next route*
Jack: what was that all about?
Drago: Let just say, I've seen people who abuse their pokemon in order to gain power. Now
lets head for the next gym.

Route 2.

I just stand there dumb found at what happened. we were about to capture a patrat when suddenly this trainer comes in and toss ultra ball, plus he thought it was mew he caught.

Drago: things are not going my ways today. ARCEUS, JUST GIVE ME SOMETHING TO CATCH! *kick a nearby tree, causing a girl to fall out.*

And as luck would have it I did catch something that day. I look at the women in my arms. She with a purple short-bobstyle hair, red round rim glasses and a purple dress. this girl, it couldn't be.

Drago: Shauntal of the Elite 4.
Shauntal: Hello.
Gypsy: Dude, say it will rain shiny pokemons.
Drago: I don't think that how it works.
Shauntal: *dumfound* What are you talking about?
Drago: I was talking to my owshawott Gyspy.
Shauntal: *stared at gypsy.* So this is your starter.
Drago: well one of them *toss the poke ball into the air summoning both Jack and Kingpin.* these are my other two starter. Jack Snivy and Kingpin Tepig. I'm Drago Viso Fortuna.
Shauntal: So you aced the test.
Drago: Yeah. Now, what are you doing on here on route 2.
Shauntal: *sigh* I'm here cause of that cursed video. Ever since that video appeared, I my reputation in shamble. Most of my friends think I'm some sort of whore and the company that publish my book refuse to do so. One day I got a message from anonymous sender saying that they could prove my innocents, but it was a trick to steal the pokemon on me. Now I have no pokemons, stuck in the middle of the woods, and I'm still viewed as a whore.
Drago: well, I could help prove your innocents.
Shauntal: Why would you want to help me?
Drago: Well first off, It was the right things to. Second, I know it wasn't you that starred in
that porn.
Shauntal: *eyes widen in surprise.* But how?
Drago: well... *take my earphones off and put them on her.* Gypsy explain.
Gypsy: Cause the Shauntal in the video had way bigger boobs. I'm mean *rub her face in Shauntal's cleavage.* I'm not saying these are not nice. I mean these are nice and plump, but the girl in the video had way bigger melons than your.
Drago: *blushing* Gypsy *grab her.* sorry, she can be a bit affectionate.
Shauntal: *bluhes* I see.
Drago: care to come along?
Shauntal: Sure. It better than going alone.
We walked along the route as we head to our next destination. I can say for certain that this is going to be an interesting journey.

To be continued.