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Pokemon Black & White Version 3: Ep 2: A Trainer's Hardest Decision.

by PokemandanEX

PokemandanEX Make sure you guys tell me what starter Pokemon you want Dan to have.
Dan is an 11 year old kid from Asperitia City in Unova. And he's about to get an awfully big surprise. *Xtransciever Rings* "Hmm?" * Answers Xtransciever* "Oh hello Professor Juniper, it's been awhile hasn't it...mmmhhhmmm...! Of course, I'm sure he'd be all for it...mhm, big green hat? Got it! See you soon." "DAN IM HOME AND I HAVE A SURPRISE FOR YOU!" Crashing can be heard from inside Dan's room as if he's attempting to run at his do- AHHH. "CMON MUM TELL ME WHAT THE SURPRISE IS CMON TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME!" " You sure are as energetic as always, anyway your surprise is actually a question." "*Sigh* Mum, with all do respect, don't put my hopes up like that if by a surprise you mean a question." "Do you want to become a Pokemon Trainer?" "No." "What? Are you sure? Maybe you didn't hear me correctly." "No, I heard you correctly, I'd just prefer to stay indoors playing video games." "Uhhhh..." "OF COURSE I WANT TO BECOME A POKEMON TRAINER MUM, IT'S MY DREAM!" "Oh good, you had me fooled there, anyway you can choose your first ever Pokemon pal when you find a girl wearing a big green ha-"Big green hat, got it, bye mum love you see you in the near possible year.*Slams door behind him* "That boy, he's going to need a brain to do well out there." So as Dan runs down the streets of Asperitia City' he bumps into his best friend Sam. "Hmm? Dan? You look like your in a hurry, what are you up to?" "I'm going to get my first ever Pokemon!" "Really? Cool, is it ok if I come with you?" "Sure, but, I need to find a girl with a big green hat, do you have any ideas where she could be?" "Your guess is as good as mine bud." "Hmm...How about Asperitia's viewpoint?It's got the best...well, view in Asperitia." "Good idea." So, the two of them raced to the viewpoint and climbed up the stairs to see the back of a girl with a big green hat. Dan approaches her whilst Sam waits by the stairs."Wow, Asperitia really does have one of the best viewpoints in Unova, oh, hello, do you know where I can find a boy named Dan?" "Uhh, yes, yes I can." "Wait...You're Dan, yikes I didn't expect you to match the description so well, anyway, hi, my names Bianca, Professor Juniper's assistant/helper. I'm here to give you your first Pokemon." "Awsome." "So, here are your choices." Bianca then gets a cylinder like tube and presses a button on it, three poke'balls then appear inside the tube. "Who will you choose, the Grass Type Snivey, the Water Type Oshawott or, the Fire Type Tepig.
  1. PokemandanEX
    I'm about to write the 3rd episode now so, Snivy it is. :) also, good to see you or chat to you.
    Aug 12, 2016
  2. Teapot
    Why not take Snivy? :)
    Aug 12, 2016
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  3. PokemandanEX
    Aug 12, 2016
  4. Herbmonsolo
    Aug 11, 2016
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