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Pokemon Black & White Version 3: Ep 1: The Introduction.

by PokemandanEX

PokemandanEX Let the story begin.
Our world is inhabited by mystical creatures known as Pokemon, Humans and Pokemon have lived amongst each other in peace and harmony, some choosing to breed Pokemon others battle with their Pokemon for sport and fun. And a Pokemon Trainer's journey can begin at the age of 11. So, like any other young boy, a kid from Kanto in Pallet town called As-Wait, this isn't a story about Ash, ok, *Cough Cough* a kid named Re-What? This isn't a story about Red either? Is this story even based in Kanto...no...It's based in Unova? Well then who's it about? No one important is in Unova yet, in fact, no one should know what Unova is for another...oh wait Ash is still some how 11 by Unova isn't he. Fair play, ohhhh this is a story about him. Ok *Cough Cough*. This is a story of a kid named Dan.