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Let's Play Journal of Alpha-Sapphire: Entry 4: Pirates In Hoenn?

by Psycho Monkey

Psycho Monkey A very densely packed Entry that could have been split into two or three parts where all kinds of new experiences await Sapphire. I even threw in an unexpected cameo at the end just for amusement. ;) The third installment of my #summercamp15 participation.
Entry 4: Pirates In Hoenn?

When I woke up I peered out of my tent again. The rain had stopped but it was pretty cloudy outside. Well I can’t expect it to be sunny every day of my adventure and I can’t just stay here all day either. May already has a head start on me that just keeps getting larger. I’d hate to keep her waiting for me in Rustboro. Huh. I wonder if May got caught in the rain. It’s too bad we couldn’t have kept each other warm~

“Morning everyone!” I greeted my Pokémon cheerfully. Today was a new day and I was going to face it with a smile! :) My Pokémon returned the cheerful greeting, sounding just as ready as I was to get this show on the road! The five of us ate our breakfast, then packed up and began our trek through Petalburg Woods.

Looking around, I noticed the native Pokémon coming out of their nests and burrows to start their day as well. The sound of rustling grass alerted me to a particular Pokémon starting its day near where I was. Compared to the catching spree my first day, yesterday was kind of slow. What better way to start today than with a brand new Pokémon to add to my party! :D I took out my DexNav and slowly crept towards it. Looks like I was tracking a Wurmple. The grass was wet, probably from dew or last night’s weather, so it tickled my legs as I walked through it. Hopefully this doesn’t cause me to lose my footing and scare the Wild Pokémon away.

Up ahead I saw the grass shaking. I almost had it! Just a few more steps and… Huh!? I noticed another Trainer also trying to sneak up on it. It was a boy wearing green shorts, a green tank top, sandals, and a straw hat carrying a big net over his shoulders like he was ready to swing it down on the Bug-type the second he got close enough. He too noticed me which caused him to step his foot down in a way that made the grass rustle. The Wurmple picked its head up and cried in surprise before scurrying off.

“Hey! Whadda ya think yer doin’?” the boy yelled at me accusingly.

“What do you mean me? You’re the one who scared the Pokémon away!” I shouted back defensively.

“I wouldn’t have if ya hadn’t been tryin’ ta catch it b’fore me!” he shot back.

“But I saw it first!” I pointed out. I didn’t know if that was actually true or not, but I wasn’t going to take this kids attitude! D:<

“Then we’re gonna settle this wit’ a battle! Go my super Bug Pokémon!” he challenged sending out a Wurmple.

“You already have a Wurmple and you’re trying to catch another?” I yelled. Turned out the Bug Catcher actually had three Wurmple so I let Lotad, Beldum, and Taillow have a crack at all of them. Alpha had his turn yesterday on Winston and that other Trainer.

“Hey sorry ‘bout actin’ out back there.” apologized the Trainer when he lost. “It’s jus’ that Bug-types are more common early in the morning so I came all the way out here last night jus’ ta catch some more.”

“No hard feelings. Wurmple aren’t exactly rare so I’m sure we’ll both find another one. Besides, I acted like kind of a jerk too.” I apologized as well. I’m sure it won’t be the first time I would have to compete with another Trainer for a Pokémon so no use getting bent out of shape over a Wurmple.

Not long after that battle I heard rustling again. The Pokémon in Petalburg Woods were definitely more lively than the ones from Route 104! I looked around carefully, not just for the Wild Pokémon, but for any other Trainers I might have to compete with. By the looks of it, it was just me. I took out my DexNav and started sneaking up on the mystery Pokémon. It wasn’t one I had registered yet so I was excited about encountering it!

When I got close enough, I saw a small round tan Pokémon with short green feet and green spots adorning its body. I didn’t see any arms, so it could easily be mistaken for a large mushroom cap if it held still. I took out my Pokédex which called this creature Shroomish, the Mushroom Pokémon. It’s a Grass-type and this specimen was female. The Shroomish turned around giving me the grumpiest facial expression imaginable. It kinda looked like this ):<

“Go Beldum!” I called sending out my silver dumbbell. This looked like a rare species so I wanted to make sure I caught her. “Use Hold Back!” I instructed. Beldum whacked Shroomish with its arm causing the Mushroom Pokémon to cry out. She retaliated by Tackling Beldum for little damage. I got out a Pokéball and threw it. After the appropriate number of shakes, I found myself the owner of yet another new Pokémon! :D

“Alright!” I cheered. I sent out my new Shroomish and healed her with a Potion. “Welcome to Team Sapphire Shroomish. I hope we can get along.” I said to her. I swear, if Shroomish had human facial features, she would be blushing. She made a quiet cry that I wasn’t sure how to translate. Since she wasn’t acting out against me or trying to escape she obviously didn’t mind being caught. And I though human girls were hard to figure out! @_@

As I continued through the woods, I worked on Training Shroomish so she could catch up to my other Pokémon. Along the way I caught a Zigzagoon and finally got that Wurmple! :D Since my party was full with six Pokémon though, Wurmple’s Pokéball dematerialized in my hand as it was somehow transported to the PC. Sometimes I wonder if the technology in this world isn’t some kind of video game voodoo magic.

Up ahead I heard the sounds of rustling grass again. Either I’m about to catch another Pokémon or I’m about to get in some good training! I took out my DexNav but strangely it wasn’t reacting to anything. Could that sound be a Trainer then? Either way, it will still be good experience!

When I got close, I saw a middle aged man with thin brown hair wearing glasses, those waterproof swishy pants, and a white lab coat carrying a silver briefcase. He appeared to be looking for something. He was getting on his knees and checking under logs, in hollow logs, under roots, and in the grass.

“Did you lose something?” I asked him. The man jumped up in surprise obviously having not expected company. When he noticed I meant him no harm he quickly recomposed himself.

“Y-yes. I am looking for Shroomish. I simply loooooooove Shroomish! They are my favorite Pokémon in the entire world!~” he said fanboyishly. “They are more common when it is wet out so I decided to come all this way from Rustboro to look for them. Well, that and I’m official business.” he added slightly lifting his briefcase.

“I just caught a Shroomish today if you’d like to see her.” I offered. “But you can’t have her! She’s my Pokémon!” The man’s face lit up with excitement.

“Don’t worry! As much as I love Shroomish, I would never do them harm by separating them from their Trainers!” he promised.

“Well, here she is.” I said holding out Shroomish’s Pokéball to let her out.

“*Squeeeee!!* She’s beautiful! :’D” cried the Shroomish fan in sheer joy. He got back on his knees as if he wanted to give my Shroomish a hug. After staring at her for a few seconds making both Shroomish and me feel uncomfortable, the man looked up at me. “You say you just caught her? Promise me you’ll take good care of her.” he beseeched.

“Of course I will. I always take care of my Pokémon.” I promised giving a thumbs up.

I looked ahead as blue blur caught my eyes along with the sound of something coming towards us quickly. Jumping at us from around the corner was, and I can’t believe I’m writing this, a pirate! =0 It was a man dressed in grey-blue pants, a black belt tied off to the side, white and blue striped socks, a tight white and blue striped shirt, black shoes with a blue stripe on the front, black gloves, and a black bandana with the letter ‘A’ written as if it were the skull and crossbones on it. If that wasn’t the description of a pirate then I don’t know what is!

“*Grrr* You! Devon Researcher!” he growled pointing to the Shroomish fanboy. “I’ve been tryin’ to ambush you all damn mornin’ but you keep makin’ it difficult for me! You just had to dawdle in Petalburg Woods didn’t you? Well I’m sick of waitin’! Hand over them papers now!” he demanded angrily. His threat would have been more effective if he went ‘Arrr!’

“KYAAA!!” screamed the so-called Devon Researcher with possibly the most feminine scream I’ve ever heard. I doubt even May’s screams would be that girly. :| He ran behind me and crouched as if hiding or using me as a shield. What kind of adult uses a kid as a shield anyway!? “Ya-you have to protect me! You’re a Trainer s-so it’s up to you to fight him off, right?” he sniveled like a coward while hugging his briefcase tightly to his chest. I should just walk away and not get involved, but there are two things stopping me. 1) A Trainer always helps those in need. 2) I want to fight the pirate! I mean how cool would that be!? :D

“What’s this? Are you actually protectin’ him?” the pirate interrogated me.

“You got that right!” I announced. “You shouldn’t be attacking people on land! I’ll send you back to the ocean on your pirate ship!” I taunted. …I really need to work on my taunts because that just sounded stupid. <<

“You’ve got some nerve kid! No one who dares get in Team Aqua’s way will get any mercy! ‘Specially not punks like you!” he spat taking out a Pokéball. “Get ‘em Poochyena!” he called throwing the ball. Emerging was the shaggy grey canine species.

“Well, since Shroomish is already out, use Stun Spore!” I called.

“Blind it with Sand Attack!” countered the pirate. Poochyena kicked dirt in Shoomish’s face blinding her. She shook her head releasing a thick cloud of yellow powder, but the spores settled on the ground next to Poochyena instead. “Heh! Take that!” he taunted. “Know what, take another Sand Attack too!” The Bite Pokémon kicked more sand at Shroomish further diminishing her accuracy.

“You scoundrel! Stop being so mean to Shroomish!” demanded the Devon Researcher shaking his fist at the Aqua. The pirate shot the researcher a scary look causing him to whimper behind me again. Pathetic. >_>

“This can end right now if you hand over them papers!” ordered the pirate.

“No way! Tackle Poochyena Shroomish!” I commanded. My Mushroom Pokémon ran at her foe but attacked the ground instead.

“Ya stupid kid! Poochyena! Show this punk what a real Tackle is s’pposed to look like!” ordered the Aqua. Poochyena rammed Shroomish causing her to cry out in pain. Poochyena then howled as a few yellow spores got caught in his fur paralyzing him. “What the hell?” yelled the Aqua.

“That would be Shroomish’s Effect Spore Ability! You’re Poochyena is paralyzed!” I boasted. “Now drain some energy back with Absorb Shroomish!” I called. Shroomish shot a green tendril of energy from her mouth but that missed Poochyena too.

“Bein’ Paralyzed won’t matter if ya can’t hit me! Tackle that fungus again Poochyena!” the pirate commanded. The Bite Pokémon was a bit sluggish, but he was still able to land his attack leaving Shroomish very weakened.

“Shroomish no!” cried her fanboy.

“I’ve got this!” I reassured. I took out Beldum’s Pokéball in my right hand and held out Shroomish’s in my left. “Return Shoomish! You’re up Beldum!” I called swapping my Pokémon in one fluid motion.

“Ya think a measly Pokémon switch will help ya? I’m a member of Team Aqua! I ain’t gonna lose to a kid!” jeered the pirate. “Hit that one with Sand Attack too!” Poochyena kicked more dirt in Beldum’s eye but the Iron Ball Pokémon just shook it off like nothing.

“Our turn! Use Iron Head!” I commanded. Beldum’s head started shining like clear silver as it fired itself off like a rocket. It hit Poochyena in his right flank knocking the wind out of him.

“*Grrr!* Don’t let that hunk a metal do this to ya! Power up with Howl!” ordered the pirate. Poochyena tried opening his mouth but seemed to be suffering from a case of lock jaw. Or paralysis rather! >:D

“One more Iron Head!” I called victoriously. The Iron Ball Pokémon once again rocketed into its opponent, this time delivering the KO.

“What the hell!? Ya-yer just a kid! No way you can be this crazy strong!” the Aqua cried in denial. “*Grrr!* You’ll pay for meddling with Team Aqua!” he growled putting his angry face back on.

“Then bring it on! Send out your next Pokémon!” I taunted. The Aqua’s face went from angry to sheepish.

“Yeah, I wish I could, but I’m out of Pokémon.” he admit lightheartedly. “I guess I’ll just let ya off with a warnin’ this time so consider yerself lucky! I’mma kick yer ass if I ever see you again!”

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll see. Just get back on the Jolly Roger and return to Treasure Island.” I told him. That sounded better! :) The Aqua merely scoffed at me and returned back the way he came. I could have sworn I heard him mumble something about Rustboro but I didn’t really catch it. Still, I never thought I’d get to meet a real life pirate and get to battle him! :’D

“*Sigh* Thank you so much! If it weren’t for you, that thug would have stolen these important papers.” the Devon Researcher said motioning his briefcase. He opened it up and aside from a folder of papers, he also had a few Item Balls. “Here, let me heal your Shroomish and Beldum.” he said taking Potions out of two of the balls. Once my Pokémon were fully healed, he took out another Item Ball. “This is a thank you gift. It is a Devon invention called Exp. Share. When turned on it links all of the Pokémon in your party so that each one grows stronger even if they don’t participate in battle.” he explained.

“I think I’ll turn it off then. I’d rather have my Pokémon practice in battle to keep all of them in shape.” I said opening the Item Ball. The Exp. Share device looked like a black helmet with four lightbulbs on the top. I found the switch on it and made sure it was in the off position.

“Suit yourself.” he said before looking around warily. “I… I should probably head back to Rustboro. Even though I need to deliver these papers to Slateport, I should probably report to the President what happened here first.”

“Good luck! Try not to get ambushed by anymore pirates.” I said jokingly which got me a nervous laugh in return. “Good luck finding Shroomish too.” I added to boost his moral a bit.

“Y-yes. Thank you!” he said appreciatively before heading off.

I stood there for a second before facepalming. We were both heading to Rustboro City so wouldn’t it have made more sense for us to go together? If that pirate really was part of a “Team” as he claimed, that researcher was in trouble if there are any more in the area.

The rest of my day went by rather uneventfully. I only encountered one other Trainer who used a small white Bug/Ground-type called Nincada. Besides that, my time was spent simply travelling through the Woods training my Pokémon. The only Wild Pokémon I battled that I hadn’t already caught were the two cocoons, Silcoon and Cascoon. I learned from my Pokédex that they were evolutions of Wurmple so I saw no need in catching them. Once the sun started to set casting darkness over the forest, I set up camp and spent another night in Petalburg Woods.

“--that kid sure had some promise as a Trainer--”

“Who’s there!?” I shouted quickly sitting up. I was in my tent. Since it was still pitch black out, I got out my flashlight and started looking around. I could have sworn I heard a voice just now but maybe it was just a dream. I picked up Alpha’s Pokéball and cautiously walked outside. I shined the light all over looking for any sign of people. That was when I heard the sound of rustling grass nearby.

“I know you’re there! Show yourself!” I demanded shining the light on the patch. A large purple moth with yellow antennae and wide green wings flew out with a shrill cry and swooped over my head back into the darkness. So it was just a Pokémon. I really did imagine those words. Get it together Sapphire! I crawled back in my tent and went back to sleep.

The next morning I emerged from Petalburg Woods back onto Route 104 soon after breakfast. If I had known I was so close to the edge I would have pressed on so I could have camped under the stars. I probably also wouldn’t have woken up looking for phantoms either. Oh well. :p

As I walked up the road, I heard a loud, obnoxious scream. It didn’t sound like a person in trouble, more like a kid just being loud and obnoxious for the heck of it. Sure enough, the source of the screams was a young boy shouting his lungs out to the sky.


“Excuse me!” I heard a female voice call. A woman with shoulder length light brown hair with a flower in it wearing a pink shirt and a long white dress came running down the road.

“WASSUP!” the boy greeted needlessly loud.

“I run the Pretty Petal Flower Shop up the road there and your yelling is disturbing our customers and the flowers. Could you please stop.” she requested.

“Oh. Sorry.” apologized the boy in a reasonable tone. “Today is just such a nice day IT MAKES ME WANNA SHOUT!” he started to sing.

“Stop it.” the woman requested again, this time more firmly.

“Okay, okay.” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a grey disk. “Here, as an apology, you can have my favorite TM, Echoed Voice!” he offered handing the woman the disk.

“No thank you. You keeping your voice down is reward enough.” she turned down. That’s when the boy noticed me.

“Here! You look like someone who would love to shout his lungs out too! Once you try this TM you’ll understand! It’s a scream!” he said practically forcing the disk into my hand. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the number 49 engraved on it.

“What do I do with this anyway?” I asked.

“You teach Technical Machines to your Pokémon of course!” said the boy as if it were obvious. “If you don’t have a TM Case, I recommend buying one in Rustboro so it doesn’t get scratched up. That would make me SCREEEEEAAAAM!” he yelled.

For the time being I put the TM in an Item Ball and stored it in an unused pocket in my backpack. I’ll be sure to nab a TM Case when I get to Rustboro. Right now I wanted to check out this Flower Shop. I asked the shop owner if I could go with her just so I wouldn’t look like a creeper following her. She agreed so we traveled up the road to a building with an orange roof surrounded by flowerpots that sat on the ground and on wooden tables. There were also Berry trees around the shop as well. Even without getting too close, the area had the strong fragrance of flowers. I could only imagine what it smelled like in the shop itself.

“Here we are.” said the shopkeeper motioning the building. “Please look around at our pretty flowers. We also have a sale on Wailmer Pails going on so talk to my younger sister if you want to buy one.” she informed before going inside.

I walked in after her only to have my nose assaulted by sweet and pleasant aromas that mixed together like nothing I had ever smelled before. I looked around at all of the different flowers they had on display. There were as many colors as there were in a crayon box. The only floor space available was in front of the counter where the shopkeeper now stood and a path that seemed to circle the store. The rest of the building had tables on every wall and on as much available floor space as possible. I couldn’t even see the table tops due to flowers covering every available inch. Flowerpots even hung from the ceiling! One other thing I noticed as I looked around was that I was the only boy in here! Everyone else were girls! :x

“We don’t usually get guys in here. So are you shopping for your mom or maybe a girlfriend?” teased a girl about my age wearing a red skirt, a white buttoned shirt, a blue jacket, and a few bracelets.

“Wh-what’s wrong with a guy coming into a flower shop on his own?” I asked defensively.

“I’m only kidding!” she laughed. “It’s cool. Heck, I’m actually impressed! Girls like a man who appreciates nature. Especially one who can garden.”

“They do?” I questioned with interest. =0

“Yup! Buy a Wailmer Pail today so you can plant your own flowers. That way, instead of buying flowers for that special someone you can grow them yourself for extra sentimentality!” she told me with a wink.

“But wait. You work here right? Shouldn’t you be trying to sell me flowers instead of telling me to grow them myself?” I asked her suspiciously. The girl only giggled.

“I’m also trying to sell you a Wailmer Pail. Besides, we also sell the flower seeds you would have to buy to grow your own as well as the mulch. :p” she pointed out.

“So you’re just trying to get me to spend more money!” I accused in realization.

“Not at all. The motto of the Pretty Petal Flower Shop is to ‘Let pretty flowers fill the world!’ How they fill the world makes no difference to us. Like I said, girls like a man who appreciates the beauty of nature.” she said.

“I’ll… I’ll buy a Wailmer Pail then.” I conceded.

“A good choice! We have a sale going on right now so you came at just the right time!” she complemented with a smile. While I bought a bucket shaped like the Pokémon Wailmer, I felt a tug on my pants leg. I looked down to see an adorable little girl.

“Hello there!” I greeted crouching down to her level.

“I wanna be like my big sisters too so I’ll give you this.” she offered holding out a blue and tan Berry. I knew this kind to be a Chesto Berry, useful for waking a Pokémon up with its strong minty flavor. “If you plant Berries and water them, they grow into Berry trees. I’ve also heard people say you can use a machine to make Berries into candy. That sounds yummy!”

“Thank you so much!” I said patting the girl on the head.

“And thank you for shopping with us. Please come again any time.” said the middle sister who had rung up my purchase. On my way out the oldest sister asked if I found everything ok. I told her I did and thanked her for bringing me here.

While walking up Route 104, I noticed the north half was much more recreational than the southern half. The lower half had a clear path leading to the beach and woods, but there were still areas of tall grass to explore for Pokémon surrounding the path. The only wild area I noticed on this end however was behind Pretty Petal. Route 104 North seemed more like a place for the residents of Rustboro to escape city life and enjoy nature. Among the people walking around were a few Trainers that I was able to battle and win against.

I followed the path until it led me to a wooden bridge that crossed a wide lake with clear blue water. I decided this was a great place to take a quick lunch break and let my Pokémon rest up some while enjoying a scenic view. Once we were done and ready, I packed everything up and kept going across the bridge. Standing in the middle of the bridge were two little girls, identical twins no less, wearing identical green dresses. I felt like I was seeing double! @_@

“Look Gina! It’s a Trainer!” said the girl on the left.

“Yay! A Trainer Mia!” cheered the girl on the right.

“Battle our Pokémon, Mr. Trainer!” Mia demanded excitedly.

“Yeah! Battle! Battle!” Gina chanted.

“Sure thing! How can I say no?” I agreed sending out Alpha. To my shock, both girls sent out a Pokémon each. Mia sent out a Lotad and Gina send out a Seedot. They never mentioned they wanted a Double Battle! =0

“Wait! I though you wanted to fight me one at a time?” I questioned in surprise.

“Nope! We are twins so we battle our Pokémon together too!” cheered Gina.

“We both battle with our Pokémon at the same time! You can use two Pokémon too!” reiterated Mia.

“Work together Alpha and Shroomish!” I called sending out my second Pokémon. “I want both of you to Tackle the Lotad!” I instructed. My Pokémon did as told, each assaulting Lotad one at a time.

From my experience, Seedot were only dangerous if you attacked them while they were Biding their energy. Lotad on the other hand had Grass-type moves which were dangerous for Alpha. If I hadn’t already sent him out before the battle started, I would have used one of my other Pokémon. I’d hate to wound his pride by switching him out now.

“Absorb your health back from the blue one Lotad!” called Mia. Lotad opened its beak and shot a glowing green tendril of energy from her mouth at Alpha. The tendril dug into his shoulder and sucked his energy for heavy damage.

“Use Harden Seedot!” called Gina. The Acorn Pokémon sat still while Hardening its shell.

“Alpha, are you ok?” I asked him worriedly. He nodded weakly. “Alright! I want both of you to Tackle Lotad again!” I commanded.

“Astonish the blue one Lotad” Mia called quickly. Alpha landed his Tackle but got slapped by one of Lotad’s front feet before Shroomish could come in for the finishing blow. “Oh no! Lotad!” cried Mia as her Pokémon was knocked out.

“Don’t worry Mia. I got this!” reassured Gina. “Bide your time Seedot!” she told her Pokémon. Seedot gave my team a look as if daring to attack it.

“Shroomish! Slow Seedot down with Stun Spore! Alpha! Growl at it until it gives up!” I told my Pokémon. Alpha made cute cries trying to drop Seedot’s guard while Shroomish ejected her yellow spores from the top of her head leaving Seedot hopefully immobile.

“Try Growth Seedot!” Gina encouraged when Bide didn’t work. Seedot instead started expanding its body.

“Use Tackle you two!” I called. Both of my Pokémon slammed into Seedot but it wasn’t going down without a fight. Gina called for another Bide, but Seedot was looking weakened enough that I was willing to order more Tackles. At the last second, the Acorn Pokémon was also taken down.

“Aww we lost even though we worked together.” Mia said disappointedly.

“I’m so disappointed that we lost.” Gina grumbled. “But you are really strong Mr. Trainer.” she complemented.

“Yup. Very strong!” agreed Mia.

“Thanks you two! You’re both really strong too.” I told them. :)

I walked to the other side of the bridge and no sooner were my feet back on dry land did a Fisherman challenge me to battle. Much to my surprise, the Fisherman sent out a certain large red fish with yellow barbels, yellow fins on his back and stomach, white pectoral and tail fins, and a clueless look in his eyes. I recognized it right away as Magikarp! When I was in Elementary School, a boy in my class bought one from a salesman who tricked him into thinking he was buying a powerful Pokémon. In reality, Magikarp are really weak so most people get upset when they find out. Magikarp however eventually evolve into the monstrously powerful Gyarados if a Trainer is patient enough. Since this Fisherman only had three Magikarp, I made quick work of them with Lotad.

After the battle, I met an old woman who gave me a Chesto Berry just for the heck of it. I also gathered a few more Berries from nearby trees. From there I walked the last few miles of the road to finally arrive in Rustboro City! ^_^

I was amazed at how huge Rustboro was compared to the other three towns I had visited. This was definitely what I would call a city. It may have even been bigger than Olivine! The buildings were certainly taller at any rate. Apartment buildings and business skyscrapers made up large city blocks that were divided by grid like roads. Rustboro also wasn’t completely urbanized either. There were trees adorning street corners and entryways to some buildings. There were even patches of grass throughout the city, one of which had a stone fountain built on it. The city was almost the perfect blend of modern and natural.

The main road leading through the city took me passed the Poké Mart. Well, I did need to pick up a TM Case, plus I was getting pretty low on Pokéballs. I only had three left. I walked towards the Mart but I was greeted by a familiar and very welcoming sight exiting the building.

“May! I didn’t expect to see you so suddenly!” I greeted with a wave.

“I knew you’d make it to Rustboro Sapphire!” she complemented happily. “But just look how big it is here! Littleroot doesn’t even compare.”

“I know what you mean. When I got here I was worried we wouldn’t be able to find each other.” I admit. But I’m glad we did~

“I actually thought I’d run into you sooner. I bet you did a lot of training in Petalburg Woods huh?” May guessed.

“Yeah, you could say that. I also got to battle a pirate!” I boasted proudly.

“What? A pirate? No way, you’re making that up. Stop teasing me.” she said playfully.

“No, it’s true. He even acted like a pirate trying to steal something from a Devon Researcher.” I told her.

“But the Devon Corporation is right here in Rustboro. I guess if you know about Devon, then it really must have happened. That’s so cool that you got to battle a pirate! I’m actually kinda jealous. Just joking!” said May with a laugh.

“Yeah, I wish you could have seen it too.” I said. Wait did I just say that out loud!? :x

“Me too.” she agreed. Phew. “By the way, you said your dad won’t let you challenge him until you have four Badges right? I’m sure he already told you, but there is a Gym here in Rustboro too.” May informed.

“I think I’ll challenge the Gym tomorrow when my Pokémon and are fresh and ready for battle.” I decided.

“In that case, you should go check out the Pokémon Trainer’s School across the street from the Pokémon Center.” suggested May pointing in the general direction behind the Mart.

“What’s the Pokémon Trainer’s School?” I inquired tilting my head to the side.

“Only the most prestigious academy in Hoenn! I’ve even heard that the Rustboro Gym Leader remains the highest ranked honor student ever to graduate from there. Classes are held during the day for students enrolled in the school to learn how to be Trainers. After school hours, the staff holds free tutoring sessions to students and nonstudents so this would be the perfect time to brush up on your battle knowledge if you wanted to.” she explained excitedly.

“Even my Dad trains constantly to improve himself. I think a little extra practice would do me some good if I’m going to beat him someday.” I decided. “W-would you like to come with me?” I asked nervously. Dammit! Why am I getting tongue tied at a time like this? >_<

“I’d love to, but there were a few more Pokémon I wanted to catch in Petalburg Woods. I kinda ran out of Pokéballs earlier.” she admit rubbing the back of her head an blushing slightly. It was such a cute sight! ♥

“Oh. Well that’s fine I guess.” I responded dejectedly.

“Sorry.” May apologized with a guilty look on her face.

“Don’t be! I’m almost out of Pokéballs too. We can do something else together when you get back.” I reassured trying to cheer her up.

“Thanks for understanding Sapphire. I’ll see you later then!” she said flashing her beautiful smile at me. ♥

I walked inside the Mart and bought extra Pokéballs, a TM Case, and a Badge Case to store the Badges I was going to start earning.

“Looks like you’re a Trainer planning to catch a lot of Pokémon.” noticed a man standing by the counter. He pulled out a TM with the number 54 engraved on it. “As a free promotion, I’m giving out TM54 which contains False Swipe. It’s a move guaranteed to weaken a Pokémon but not knock the out making them perfect for capture. I gave one to a nice young lady that was just in here too.” he explained. I thanked him for the gift and left. I wasn’t sure what I would need False Swipe for when Beldum already had Hold Back but it never hurt to have a backup.

My next stop was the Pokémon Center for obvious reasons. While I waited to get my Pokémon healed, I overhead two people talking. One mentioned how they got an HM01 from a man known as the Cutter who lived next door. The other explained that ten years ago Pokémon Centers used to be two stories tall and had an area on the second floor known as the Cable Club. Those were interesting, and maybe even useful, pieces of information, but I wasn’t sure why they were just talking about random trivia. I clearly missed something in that context.

I left the Pokémon Center and went next door to meet this ‘Cutter’ person. I learned from the man’s daughter that he taught his Pokémon the move Cut and helped expand Rustboro from a small town to what it is today. The Cutter then gave me an HM01 so that I could teach my Pokémon how to Cut down trees.

Since the Pokémon Trainer’s School was across the street from the Pokémon Center, I didn’t have too far to walk. Inside the entrance to the school was a billboard with different events going on at the school posted on it. One of the fliers on the board was for the tutoring sessions I was here for.

After School Tutoring
Monday-Friday 4-8pm
Saturday hours by request
Room 202
Instructor: Mr. Quick Claw
All welcome​

I wonder if ‘Quick Claw’ was his real name or if that was a nickname. I went to the designated classroom where an old man stood by the whiteboard talking about status ailments. Looking around, there were only five students in the classroom. The teacher suddenly turned around and threw something past my head causing me to scream in surprise. I’m so glad May wasn’t here to witness that. >_<

“You are late. Late students get a taste of my Quick Claw!” warned the teacher. I looked down at the item thrown at me to see that it was a long white claw. Yup. Definitely a nickname.

“Sorry, I thought the open sessions meant show up whenever.” I apologized nervously.

“Oh it does. But look at the time. It’s 7:45. Class is almost over.” Mr. Quick Claw announced. “Now take your seat and try to learn something in the time you have left.” I nodded in compliance and did as told.

“Now then, a Pokémon that is Frozen is helpless. It cannot move to attack or defend itself. It will eventually thaw itself out but a Trainer can remedy the Frozen status by what Items?” queried Mr. Quick Claw. A boy with unkempt red hair and blue eyes wearing glasses raised his hand. “Yes Zack!” the teacher called on.

“Aspear Berries and Ice Heals cure freezing. So does using a Fire-type move.” Zack answered confidently.

“Very good. However, refrain from listing moves that can cure status on the test. This lesson is only on Items. Sleeping Pokémon are also vulnerable until they wake up. However a Pokémon afflicted with Sleep can also fight back with the attacks Snore and Sleep Talk. If your Pokémon do not know those moves, what Items will you need to wake your Pokémon up?” This time a pale girl with white blonde hair and bright green eyes raised her hand. “Go on Eve.”

“Awakenings, Chesto Berries, Poké Flutes, or Blue Flutes.” Eve replied with a superior tone like she was above everyone else in the room.

“That is correct. Brian. You have a Fire-type. When your Pokémon Burns an opponent, they suffer an Attack drop and slowly weaken from the pain. What Items would your adversary need to cure their Burns?” Mr. Quick Claw asked a boy with blue eyes and spiky black hair.

“Rawst Berries and Burn Heals Milord.” Brian responded cockily.

“Indeed. Pokémon struck by Paralysis suffer a drop in Speed and may even be unable to attack. What Items would a Trainer need to go about restoring a Pokémon that is Paralyzed?” A serious looking boy with dark eyes and long black hair tied in a ponytail raised his hand. “Raiden.”

“Paralyze Heal or Cheri Berries. Both are equally effective.” Raiden replied stoically.

“That’s right. When a Pokémon has been Poisoned it will slowly weaken as the poison takes its course. You have been pretty quiet tonight Chane. Can you answer what should be done to alleviate Poison?” the teacher asked a girl with wavy auburn hair and brown eyes.

“P-Peacha Berries a-and An-Antidotes.” Chane answered nervously.

“Excellent. However, all five of you missed three obvious answers. Can our late guest tell the class what those Items are?” Mr. Quick Claw queried looking right at me.

“Lum Berries, Full Heals, and Full Restores. They can be used to cure any status ailment.” I responded with a gulp. Those answers should be right. :x

“You are correct young man. Last question of the night. Let us see if you know this answer as well. Of the different status restoring Items we spoke of tonight, which ones can you give to Pokémon to use in battle?” he asked me.

“The Berries. Pokémon just eat those but they have no idea how to use man-made Items.” I answered much more confidently.

“Excellent! It looks like you already knew quite a bit about this subject.” complimented the teacher. “As a favor, I will let you keep the Quick Claw I threw at you before. If you really are a smart Trainer, you will use it well.” he told me before dismissing the class. It was certainly informative, if only as a refresher. I picked up the Quick Claw on my way out and put it away in my backpack.

I left the school and went straight back to the Pokémon Center. I wanted to walk around Rustboro some more but I was worn out from travelling here in the first place. Aside from battling the Gym Leader tomorrow, I would also see what else Rustboro had to offer. I was determined I would explore this whole city! In fact, that was my new goal. Explore every inch of Hoenn during my journey! ^_^
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    Knowing them, those five probably got detention and were forced to attend the tutoring with Raiden sighing exasperatedly at the trouble the others cause him. :p But no, Arka Squad is merely making a noncanon cameo as chibified preteen versions of themselves because there were conveniently five students in the school in-game and conveniently five status ailments that conveniently tie in with the five members of the squad. Brian=Burn for Axel, Raiden:paralysis for being an Electric-type user, Zack=Frozen for Lloyd's Ice Beam, Eve=Sleep ironically for Diva's Insomnia, and Chane:poison for Izzy's Effect Spore. But now I kinda want to write a one-shot of Arka Squad in a school setting. >:D
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    I really want to know how the RoTN team ended up in Pokemon Trainer School XD I'm assuming some wacky shenanigans happened
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