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Novalune's Imaginative Collection: (Entry #07) Primarina: Delicate Composure

by Novalune

Novalune You may already know that Primarina as the Soloist Pokemon. Primarina has this phenomenal ability to release water balloons in the atmosphere while dancing beautifully. Moreover, Primarina is able to sing so many harmonious tunes using its instrumental voice.

Primarina is sitting down on a rocky plateau in the center of a placid light blue lake. Primarina is looking up composedly into the atmosphere and takes a moment to think about some thoughtful melodies. Primarina spends most of their time out there on the lake by themselves to practice their singing, dancing and daydreaming.

There is enchanting fortitude in Primarina's eyes. An enamouring determination that Primarina looks forward to taking part in an entertaining battle soon. Primarina will usually wait until the moonlight to release their water balloons, as the water balloons will help to create an enthusiastic scenery.

Primarina has such an innocent, and glamorous design. It reminds me of a lot of Azumarill as Primarina and Aznumarill are both dual-type Fairy/Water Pokemon. What I find fascinating about Primarina is that it resembles a fusion between a sea lion and a mermaid.