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Encounter! The Savior, Suicune!

by Hisseki

Hisseki Much like @~Principessa~Phantom~ I took part in the "Stranded RP". Basically, our characters were to get stranded (hah) on an island where the potential to meet a legendary existed. The legendary I chose was Suicune, my fave XD Here's what I wrote. Hope you find it entertaining, or likable, or something XD
Axel kicked at the dirt below his feet. The forest seemed everlasting, and he wished he hadn't lost track of the group. He was lost, he was thirsty, he was in huge trouble. The shrubbery seemed to thicken as he progressed in any direction. Calling out to the rest of the group was no longer an option, as his voice refused to let out a single cry. Was this it? Was he never to leave this cursed forest of death? He had to keep trying, to keep walking until he escaped. His legs screamed at his decision, wanting to fall right off, but he trekked on nonetheless.

Twigs and thorns cut at Axel, branches and rocks tripped him, bushes and other plants obscured his vision, but he kept going. He felt it in his heart that this was the right way, and if it wasn't, then that would be the death of him. He cut his way through the merciless forest with his bare hands, ignoring as best as he could the red lines across his uncovered skin. His footwork was staggered, his breaths short, and his throat begging for a single drop of water.

Light. Light broke through the green walls of the forest, and filled Axel with a new hope. With this newfound strength, he charged through the forest until he reached a clearing. It was a small clearing in reality, but to him, it was quite grand. The trees simple ceased to exist in that one area, and in the very center sat a pond. Taking no chances to check for a mirage or illusion, he practically sprinted to the water. When he got there, the water was a deep brown color. Hazardous. If I drink this, I'll probably die even faster... but if I don't... Axel weighed the consequences of drinking the pond water versus not drinking it.

A sudden ripple in the generally still pond disturbed his thoughts. His vision had been hazy throughout his venturing of the forest, but Axel could've sworn he saw something standing atop the pond. He rubbed his eyes, hoping this would clear his vision. Such a wish was left denied as his vision stayed impaired. Staring back into the pond, he began contemplating again whether or not he should drink the dirty water. Yet again, a ripple in the pond disrupted his thoughts. Axel quickly looked up to see a blob of two prominent colors, a cerulean and a purple, sitting on top of the water. It moved a bit closer to him, and as it stepped, a third ripple formed, this one unlike the previous ones. It shone a brilliant white light and covered the pond in it's entirety. Axel's mouth gaped as he watched the murky brown pond become entirely clear. His hands cupped the water as he hastily drank it. After one single sip of the water, he felt completely refreshed. His voice had returned to him, his wounds had healed on the surface, his vision was restored, his body no longer ached. He was fixed, and all by this water.

Axel tilted his gaze from the pond to the figure in front of him, the figure that had gotten much closer since he last saw it. The blue quadruped stood gracefully above the pond's purified water, it's red eyes gazing directly at Axel with pity and curiosity. It's purple mane flowed directly behind it despite the lack of wind, and it's ribbon-like tails did the same, only forward rather than back. Axel rubbed his eyes once more, absolutely convinced that this was all an illusion brought on by his dehydration. As he put his hands down, he realized that the being was directly in front of him, one paw on his forehead. He stared in awe as he realized exactly what the being was.

It was a Suicune. As he was about to utter it's name, a sudden burst of wind headed north, colliding with Axel's back. Suicune looked up, smiled at Axel, then took off in one massive leap, not even disturbing the water that he stood on. Just like that, he was gone. Axel had heard myths about Suicune, how it could purify water with one touch, that it hailed from Johto, that it had two other counterparts. The fact that he encountered it, not to mention touched it, was life-saving and life-altering simultaneously.

The north wind had carried it off, and directly after it did so, Axel was filled with a new sense of direction. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an empty water bottle from the ship that he was on, the ship that crashed, the ship that indirectly granted him the opportunity to meet a living myth.

Just a little water, to remember this moment by,
he thought to himself with a smile as he scooped up a small amount of the cleanest water he ever laid eyes on. Judging by the previous gust of wind and by the sun, he made a mad dash for the rest of the group, his heart racing at the thought of telling them all exactly what happened.
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  1. Cloudswift
    Is there a part 2?
    Oct 6, 2016
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    Il Fantasma
    Ayy! Nice, buddy! This is super good! :D
    Sep 21, 2016