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Embertail has something to say!

by Curtkid

Hows it hanging (colored).jpeg
Curtkid "Embertail, how are you not setting that branch on fire?"
"lol Idk!"

You never really see Charmanders do many crazy things with their tails aside from lighting things on fire, probably because they're worried about setting things on fire most of the time. I like to think you can train a Charmander to manipulate the fire on their tail to be one of those "cool flames" that can't really set anything on fire. Which I like to think this is the case for Embertail here, plus the guy loves making puns, good, bad, and anywhere in betweent!

(note: I'm not 100% certain if that "cool flame" thing is scientifically accurate/possible, but hey, I just thought this would make for a cute picture, besides, magic fire lizard!)

Anyway's, this simple little drawing I whipped up really quick, but if was fun to do. I mostly did this because I wanted to try out my new Tablet...I still need a little work, I would have sadly had this done a bit quicker if I just used the Line Tool, but I feel with practice thee Tablet will get drawing done a lot quicker. Anyways, Merry Christmas, New Years, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and/or whatever else you celebrate this holiday season! Hopefully I'll have a Christams theme picture for next year..

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