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Elemental Spirits: Elemental Spirits: Kristin Brand and Kirasu

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire?"
Name: Kristin Brand
Gender: Female
Appearance (Human): Kristin is 4’10” and has brown eyes, pale skin, and blonde hair. She wears a red jacket over a yellow T-shirt, jeans, a beige bandana (around her neck), and red tennis shoes.
Spirit/s They have: Kirasu (pronounced Kĭrăsū in this case)
Spirit’s Element: Fire
Spirit or Spirits’ appearance/s: Kirasu is similar to Agunimon armor-wise (the armor’s actual shape). She has a feminine build, and her armor is scarlet in color, with the areas that are yellow on Agunimon’s armor being gold on hers. The stripes on the horns and the mark on the diamond shaped thingy (for lack of of an official name, it’s the circled area here:[​IMG] ) are crimson in color. Kirasu does not have the Fire Spirit mark or the white stripes on her mask . Instead, those areas are scarlet like the rest of her mask. Her gauntlets are black with the imprint of a lion’s head on them. Her hair is the same color and style as Agunimon’s, and her eyes are a light bluish gray. Her belt has the Japanese symbol for fire on it.
Info about Kristin: She’s Swedish. Her last name is fire in Swedish. She occasionally does yoga.
Info about Kirasu: Practices mental training with yoga exercises. She fights by freely using Oriental martial arts, among other tactics.
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