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Elemental Multiverse: Unverses 1-13

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Let's take a look at the different Universes!
Universe 1, the Robo-Elementals
Dylan never went to Elemental Academy, and so without him, the group was defeated by Avery. Luckily, Dylan's genius allowed him to create several "Robo-Elementals" that would defend the earth instead. They later defeated Golem and Dakumata.
Universe 2, Girls
The boy elementals never went to Elemental Academy, and the girl students: Azure, Jaune and Roxy, got much stronger. They defeated Golem and Dakumata later on.
Hero Jaune
Hero Roxy
Hero Azure
Universe 3, Warrior Elementals
Technology never advanced far enough for Elemental Academy, but there was an Elemental Training Camp, where another Kevin and Azure went to there. They are much more wild and battlehungry, and there is another fighter known as Tyler, who is Kevin and Azure's friend and leader. He is a Wind Elemental. They bet Golem and another enemy.
Warrior Tyler
Warrior Kevin
Warrior Azure
Universe 4, Elemental Academy
The regular universe.
Universe 5, Golem's Elite Army
Kevin's Final Attack backfired and instead the electricity went back into him and stopped his heart. Golem then killed the rest, other then the Earth Elementals(Jaune and Hoogen). He then transformed them into Mini-Golems and put them in his army. He then took over the world after turning humanity into rock people.
Universe 6, Sidekicks no More
Dylan, Max and Crimson were the only ones who went to Elemental Academy, and became stronger then the ones in Universe 4. They defeated Golem and Dakumata.
Hero Dylan
Hero Max
Hero Crimson
Universe 7, Ice Age
Avery defeated the Elementals by freezing Jaune before she could power up Kevin. He spared Max and Dylan, and made Dylan create a Mind Control Helmet. He put it on Max, then froze Dylan, saving him for whenever Max's helmet ran out of power. Avery then froze the world for his Yeti Family to roam free.
Universe 8, Ultimate Tiny
Tiny received the Power Up from Jaune instead of Kevin, and unleashed his full powers. He then defeated Avery with ease, and later defeated Golem and Dakumata. He trains constantly, and has gotten a student named Michael, a Fire Elemental.
Ultimate Tiny
Universe 9, Fire and Ice
Avery revealed his plans on the first day of Elemental Academy, and defeated the Elementals. However, Azure used her fire abilities to protect her and Dylan, then defeated Avery. Since then, Azure and Dylan have been in an eternal battle against Avery. Golem never awakened as there wasn't enough elemental energy, and Dakumata wasn't interested in Earth as there wasn't that many strong fighters.
Fiery Azure
Icy Avery
Universe 10, Dakumata
Dakumata managed to turn Roxy to his side, and therefore the Family Elemental Blast could not be peformed. Dakumata then destroyed the world, then went off with his soldiers and Roxy, looking for another planet with strong fighters.
Dark Roxy
Universe 11, Future
This Universe takes place MUCH further in the future, with the children of past elementals, Azure, Kevin, Jaune, Logan, Roxy, Dylan, Max, Tiny, etc. These include Hannah, Troy and Fri. They are very inexperienced and have only beaten up simple thugs or robbers, but do have great strength.
Universe 12, Humans
Kevin was never an Elemental, therefore he never went to Elemental Academy. Instead, he trained in Martial Arts for his entire life. He was born earlier on then the Universe 4 Kevin, being 38 years old. A younger Azure, Logan and Tiny, also not Elementals, sought out Kevin and became his students. They also have defeated Avery, Golem and Dakumata. Note, Tiny is NOT Kevin's brother in this Universe.
Old Kevin
Young Azure
Young Tiny
Young Logan
Universe 13, ymadacA latnemelE
Same as Universe 4, but the Elementals have different Elements and some have different personalities.
Reversed Roxy
Reversed Max