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Elemental Academy: Elemental Multiverse Chapter 1

by Thieving Fox

Thieving Fox Chapter 1: Based of the EPIC fanmade comic series: Dragon Ball Multiverse, tells the tale of a tournament held between all the different universes: 1 through 13. FYI, this takes place 5 years after the original Elemental Academy, all of them are in their last year of highschool, Elemental High.(Except for Tiny) Please enjoy!
Spoiler Alert: Major plotpoints in Elemental Academy are included in here that have not been in the actual
"So....What...?" Kevin asked, confused out of his mind. Standing there was a green, cricket like man wearing a tie. The creature sighed.
"Let me go over it again: I, along with some of my colleagues, are among a species called the Sumato Bagu. We discovered the Multiverse Theory is true after we invented a universal traveling machine, aka this ship behind us." The cricket explained, pointing at the enormous ship behind them.
"We found 14 other universes, one of them where there is only one single planet with no life. So, thinking it could be fun, decided to hold a tournament to see who was the strongest of all the multiverses. We will not be particapating, but YOU can. You are the last universe we've visited, so it would be nice if you could make your choice quickly, my friend, Kumo, is very impatient." The bug man said, pointing to a spider like creature with a baseball cap in the ship, glaring at the Elementals.
"Okay....Alright, can people come and watch the tournament?" Jaune asked, popping up next to Kevin.
"Of course! It would be great for more audience members." The cricket explained.
"Great! Thanks Mister......" Jaune paused.
"Right." Jaune beamed.
"Okay, raise your hand if you wanna spectate." Kevin ordered, turning to his friends.....and Crimson.
Jaune, Thomas, Max and Hoogen's hands went up, all then walking into the ship.
"Alright, now those who want to FIGHT!" Kevin screamed, raising his own hand up. Dylan, Logan, Azure, Tiny and Crimson's hands followed. The ran into the ship, with Roxy punching Kumo in the face and starting the ship up. Kuriketto quickly jumped aboard and closed the doors, as Roxy flew out of their universes. In 5 seconds, they teleported out of sight and into a large stadium, filled with millions of spectators.
"Woah...." Tiny awed, and fire quickly erupted in his eyes.
"AWESOME." The younger elemental screamed, and jumped up in the air repeatedly. Kuriketto lead them into their bunker, with the label "4" on it. Roxy and Logan decided to go look at the other fighters, so Roxy created a mini tornado they could ride on. They spotted a bunker with the label 7 on it and jumped down. They were shocked too see Avery and Max, who for some reason had a helmet on his head that surged with electricity, standing there.
"Avery!?! But...We killed you 4 years ago!" Roxy yelled in disbelief.
"Oh did you? In my universe, I killed Kevin and Jaune, then disposed of the rest of you. Other then Max, his primitive pal and Dylan. I had Dylan create a helmet that allowed me to control Max and his monkey, then destroyed the nerd." Avery laughed, which Max followed.
"Well you aren't beating US! We're a whole lot stronger!" Logan boasted, and 'accidently' crushed the titantium wall he was leaning on with a single punch.
Logan and Roxy walked away, but quickly found another interesting universe, the 12th universe.
"Hello! Anybody here?" Roxy asked, and was startled by seeing an older looking Kevin with a younger Tiny, Logan and Azure.
"Hello.....You. And....Logan?" The "Old" Kevin replied, rubbing his eyes.
"What's going on?" He asked.
"We're from Universe 4, br- I mean, sir. I'm assuming your an only child in this universe, huh?" Roxy asked.
"Yes. And...Your an elemental, aren't you?" Kevin asked,
"Yeah, aren't you? Or atleast your.....friends?" Roxy asked.
"I'm not an Elemental, and these are my students. They are not Elementals either, but we are the strongest in our Universe. We use our martial arts skills to fight, and we have defeated countless enemies in our years. Not to brag, Haha." The parallel Kevin chuckled.
"Ah! So were any of your enemies elementals?" Logan asked, curious.
"Yes, we had Avery, a yeti's offspring and an extremely powerful ice elemental, Golem, an earth elemental giant and a gigantic beast filled with pure rage named Dakumata." Kevin explained.
"So did we! Man, I can't wait to fight of you!" Roxy said, she and Logan looking at their Universe 12 counterparts, who looked back.
Meanwhile, Kevin and Hoogen had been looking around for a universe closer to theirs. They suddenly stumbled upon one with the label "13".
"This is the last universe! Let's check it out!" Kevin cheered, and walked in.
"Hello!" Kevin yelled, and noticed someone else said the exact same thing in the exact same way.
Kevin turned around to see himself, in different clothing. He tested to see if it were really another him by dancing around. The other Kevin did it at the exact same time.
"Neat!" The two elementals chimed. Hoogen looked around and saw himself, Azure, Crimson, Jaune, Logan and Roxy.
"Wait....What are your elements?" Hoogen asked.
"Mine is Earth, Hoogen's is Water, Azure's is Life, Jaune's is Air, Logan's is Electricity, Max's is Fighting and Roxy's is Fire." The other Kevin explained.
"Oh! Mine is Electricity, Hoogen's is Earth, Azure's if Fire, Jaune's is Earth, Logan's is Fighting, Max's is Life and Roxy's is Air." The original Kevin replied.
"So our elements are....
"Mixed up." The Kevin's beamed.
"Well, I can't wait to fight one of you! I know you'll do just as good as us." Roxy remarked, as the Universe 4 heroes walked away, waving goodbye. Suddenly, an announcement went off, and the elementals dashed back to their bunker.
"THE FIRST MATCH UP: Tyler of Universe 3 against Fri of Universe 11! Tyler is the Leader of his Team in Universe 3, and Fri is the daughter of Azure and Dylan in Universe 11!" The announcer spoke, causing Dylan to faint and Azure's jaw to drop.
"How is that little brat my dau- Oh my god she looks just like me." Azure realised, and fainted like her friend.
Tyler hopped onto the arena, which was a green tiny planet. He pulled out a spear and put up his shield. Meanwhile, Fri jumped up and crashed down, creating a crater with her fist. Fri grinned and struck a pose.
"Begin!" The announcer yelled, and the fight started. Fri fired multiple fireblasts, hoping for one to land. However, none did as Tyler blocked them with his shield. Tyler then jumped up and launched his spear directly at his opponent. Fri caught the spear and melted it. Tyler sighed, and shot a gust of air at his opponent, which....did nothing.
Fri ignited her fists with fire and punched Tyler in the face multiple times. She finished her attack off with a final punch to his stomach, sending him flying down to the ground. Fri created a gigantic fireball in her hands, then tossed it down at her foe. When the attack ended, Fri fell back down onto the ground. She saw nothing in her opponents place, and started worrying she had killed him. Suddenly, Tyler appeared behind her and delivered a swift kick to Fri.
Tyler then tossed a tornado at his foe, which sent Fri flying. The Fire Elemental almost went off the ring, but luckily she ignited fire beneath her feet that rocketed her backwards, allowing her to deliver a fiery kick to Tyler's chest, catching him off guard and knocking him down onto the ground. Fri leapt back down to her bunker, as Tyler laid on the ground, defeated.
"That was an exciting match and a great way to kick off the tournament! Next match, Maxwell from Universe 6 against Robo-Fire of Universe 1! Max is one of the smartest, and craziest, of his world, and sniper of his group! Robo-Fire is Fire Elemental Robot created by Professor Dylan to protect the earth, and having the unique ability of throwing fire bullets! Looks like these two gunners will have an explosive match!"
Kevin of Universe 4 walked over to Universe 11 and greeted them. One of the fighters, Hannah, looked over, her eyes widening.
"Wow! Dad, I never knew you could look....young." The girl said, which confused Kevin.
"What are you talking about?.....Oh, you probably have me confused me with someone else. I'm Kevin Raitoningu." Kevin explained.
"I know. I'm Hannah Raitoningu, daughter of you and Jaune Chikyu." Hannah stated, and her father from another dimension's jaw fell down to the ground, and a mind blown picture went off in his head.
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