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Pokemon Daria's Adventures: Electrike's Home

by JC111414

JC111414 Daria has been traveling across Route 101 for two days now. She can't seem to find a exit to the next town as she discovers a terrible truth
I just woke up and backed up my things to move on. I have been traveling for two days now and I wondered how my pokemon was. "Go Treecko" I said. "How are you doing" I asked. "Treecko" he said happily. We continued walking. We saw construction workers messing up a bunch of trees that had different pokemon. One took position to attack and I stayed to watch. "You want to be the hero of the day" A worker said. "Electrike!" The pokemon said. "Dex, what's that" I asked.
The Lightning Pokémon
Using electricity stored in its fur, it stimulates its muscles to heighten its reaction speed.

"Electrike defending his home" I thought. "Go Whismur, use Echoed Voice" The Worker said. "Dex scan Whismur" I said.
The Whisper Pokémon
If it senses danger, it scares the foe by crying out with the volume of a jet-plane engine.

Electrike took the attack decent and went for Discharge which almost knockout Whismur until a light appeared. "Your busted Electrike, Whismur is evolving" The Worker said. Whismur then took shaped and evolved. "Loudred" The pokemon said. "Hmm" I said and put Dex infront of me
The Big Voice Pokemon
It shouts loudly by inhaling air, and then uses its well-developed stomach muscles to exhale.

"Interesting" I said. "Loudred use Hammer Arm" The Worker said. Electrike quickly dodged the attack and hit with another Discharge. "Maybe, he would be an awesome team member" I thought to myself and Treecko nodded in agreement. "Ok" I said as I heard the Worker. "Use Earthquake" he said as Electrike went flying and bump to one of the trees. "We need to help" I said. "STOP!" I yelled as I ran to The Worker. "Look what we have here, a ten year old who started her journey recently" He said. "I'm Daria from Floaroma Town, and I demand to speak with the leader" I said. "I'm the leader, a 12 year old, my father is in charge of this to eliminate pest like Electrike" He said. "His is only trying to defend his home" I said. "His home is going to be destroyed to started a new project" He said. "Well, I won't stand here, I I win in a battle you'll give up this 'Project'"I said. "Sure, Go Loudred use Echoed Voice" He said. "DODGE and use Vine Whip" I said. Treecko dodge the attack but Loudred also dodge. "Loudred use Flamethrower" The Worker said. "DODGE" I said. Treecko couldn't dodge and was hit at direct hit. "Treecko no" I said. "Guess this is going on" Worker said. Electrike came to me. "I tried" I said. "Wait" I voice called. "She was easy target, why don't fight me" UK said. "Unstoppable Kalosian, why" I asked. "This is my job, to defend pokemon" He said. "Fine I, Wade, won't give up on a trainer that calls himself a Hero" Wade said. "Go Monferno" UK said sending out the pokemon. "I forgot to scan it back there" I said. "Dex" I said taking it out.
The Playful Pokémon
It skillfully controls the intensity of the fire on its tail to keep its foes at an ideal distance.

"Loudred use Earthquake" Wade said. Monferno took that hit and didn't fall down. "What" Wade said. "Monferno use Close Combat" UK Said. Loudred fainted. "Return" Wade said. "Guys we are out of here" Wade said. "Thanks, UK" I said. "No problem" UK said leaving.