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Lightning Stormers: Electrified

by Shauna23

Shauna23 Nala escapes Hatch, but what happens next?
Hatch's truck came barreling into view. I was about to scream out when Ian and Micheal pulled me into the truck. I felt helpless. I was going to another one of Hatch's plants to be used all over again. But the driver wasn't wearing a uniform. Suddenly I understood. This was just to evade detection. Then, we would go home. But where is home, exactly? Micheal spoke to Taylor, the newest glow I knew of. "Why is she here. She's useless and a minion to Hatch. At least her brother, Linel, can throw lightning balls. What an she do, huh? She's useless." I knew they were talking about me. "I agree with that," replied Ian. I turned in shock. I had found Ian last week and was gonna be released from that prison with my help. And all he thought of me was worthless. I was mad. And that was never good. Around me, lightning cracked as it circled me. I was about to do my moth powerful ability, a mega surge that could stun even glows. Micheal, Taylor, and the imprisoned glows looked up in shock. I touched Ian's shoulder and a wave of lightning hit him. He didn't die but was majorly hurt. I was the only glow with two abilities: a regular surge and a mega surge. "That's what we do to traitors."