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Electric Vengeance:Chapter 1

by Anime Psyclone

Anime Psyclone A side project alongside my Sprites. Give me ideas for it.
It is hard to raise Electric Pokèmon. Very hard. If not impossible.
I was walking down the road with Jolte, my Jolteon, right beside me. As I came upon a cafe, Jolte shocked me with a blast of electricity. Jolte sometimes releases blasts of electricity when it's stressed. I entered the cafe, and got some tea. Jolte seemed surprised that I was getting tea, asI didn't really like it when it was younger. A Pikachu wandered into the building, and hit me with electricity. Jolte and the Pikachu shot electricity at each other, with a lot of electricity hitting me. I grabbed Jolte's Pokè Ball and had Jolte enter it. I then threw a Pokè Toy out of the building. The Pikachu ran after it, and I left the cafe, and then I went home.
  1. Anime Psyclone
    Anime Psyclone
    I won't make more of this BTW. Writing good stories isn't my thing.
    Oct 1, 2016
  2. CW0113
    Lol that's funny. Hey, It has a Pikachu like the story I suggested you to do!
    Oct 1, 2016