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Rumi's Adventure: Eiden Saga chapter 6: Training Begin!!

by Spoiled Bread

Spoiled Bread How to train our pokemon?
This is the sixth days of Rumi’s apprenticeship under the twin. Words had spread in the village about Rumi and her new pokemon. Rumi enjoyed the attention from other villagers and all that, but she never thought she would spent all six days in demanding activity. Kariya told Rumi and her pokemon Chama to do push ups, sit ups, squat jumps, sprints, swimming and any other physical training. Today was no different, they were doing a jog around GrandMeadow, not an easy one because GrandMeadow was a huge place. Kariya and magmar were already far ahead while Kayla and electabuzz had slow down to accompany their new jogging companions.

“I don’t understand.” Rumi initiated the conversation while trying to keep her pace. Her body was drenched in sweats.

“What is it that you don’t understand? Please do tell me.” Kayla replied with her usual calm and reassuring tone.

“I expected to be teached things about pokemon... Like how to battle, command them correctly, bonded with them, and the likes. Not... not... this heavy training.”

“Ah, I see. People think being a trainer is all swirlix and rainbow. In reality, it’s not. I know this is harsh training you get but please try to enjoy it.” Kayla's words made Rumi a bit more relaxed.

“Do you think becoming a trainer is all about battle? Do you think that if you play a lot with your pokemon and read the inside out of a pokedex then you can win any battle? Ha, naive! Pathetic!” This one is Kariya’s reply. Looks like he decided to wait for the rest of the group.

“That’s not helping, brother!”

“You are too soft, sister. I know you are better at socializing than me, but I’m sure I can train Rumi better than you. Afterall, I am Kariya! The magnificent trainer that will become the next Pokemon Champion!”

“Really, you are too much... Ah, let’s take a rest here. Rumi and Chama looks like they can faint any moment now.” Kayla pointed at a set of rocks with a nicely placed tree, its shadow made this place a good place to rest. They sat on the rocks. Rumi gulped down the water on her bottle.

“But to answer your question seriously, Rumi. Physical training is really important. Except you are rich like us. You’ll eventually have to hunt for another pokemon. This is not impossible, but you need to embark on a journey through the wilderness. Combing forests, jungles, deserts and oceans to capture more pokemons. This of course require a great deal of physical fitness. There's also a lot of reasons for that you will learn by yourself much much later.” Rumi nods silently, she seemed tired but still eager to listen to Kariya’s lecture. Kariya continued

“And that’s not all. Rumi, do you know what is the best thing to do to make a bond stronger?” Kariya asked Rumi with an unexpected serious tone.

“Ehh, umm. Playing?” Rumi answered innocently.

“Well, no. The best strengthen bond is hardship! There’s nothing that beat the experience of going through hell together. knowing someone got you covered when you are in the most vulnerable state, trusting their lives on each other...” Rumi couldn’t believe her eyes bet she thought Kariya’s eyes had glisten for a brief moment.


“Thanks for reminding me, Chama. This is no time for me to be nostalgic. Hear this, you two. There is no shortcut to become stronger! Pay with your blood, tears and sweat! Don’t give up! I’m sure you’ll become a great trainer someday!” Kariya’s spirit was contagious. Rumi could felt her body flooded with energy!

“Yeaah!!” Rumi yelled as loud as she could.

“That’s the spirit! Are you ready to become the best trainer!”

“Yeahh!!!” Rumi and Chama threw their fist upward.

“ALLRIGHT!! Are you ready to finish the last 5 kilometers running!”

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