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Rumi's Adventure: Eiden Saga chapter 2 - Caterpie Hunting

by Spoiled Bread

Spoiled Bread Grubbin best larva pokemon!!
One day Rumi was picking Berries in the forest. She planned to give these berries to Aunt Joanna. But then a conversation attracted her attention. Rumi crouched down behind a bush, she leaned forward so she could hear the conversation better.

“Where is Aaron?!” Asked a boy with a big belly, his figure was huge and he had a mean face, his name is Bruno and is one of the most feared kid at GrandMeadow.

“I don’t know. He should come sooner. How dare he make us, I mean, you, Boss, wait like this?” A skinny boy named Perk was chewing some nuts while waiting Aaron. Perk is one of Bruno’s lackey, the other is Aaron of course.

There was a rustle and Aaron emerged into view. He was a regular boy in anything, both appearance and skill.

“Aaron! What took you so long! Now what is that thing you want to talk about?” Bruno asked impatiently. After catching his breath Aaron answered.

“Yesterday morning, when The Twin battle at the arena. I was walking around in the tall grass.” Aaron’s story was abruptly cut by Perk’s question.

“Wait. How can you skip watching the great battle of The Twin to wander around the tall grass? And where is this tall grass you mentioned about? You know well GrandMeadow is basically surrounded by tall grass.”

“Perk, please. Let me finish the story. So on my way to the arena I caught a shadow of something in the tall grass. I investigated it and know what? I saw a caterpie!!” Rumi could heard Bruno, Perk, and herself gasped in surprise. How lucky for Aaron to found a pokemon. What happened next?? She unconsiously move forward a bit. Aaron continued his story.

“Of course I tried to caught it. But I ended being caught in its string shots instead. Need hours before I could freed myself. Unfortunately the Caterpie was nowhere to be seen and my mother told me to do some errands for the rest of the day. Well, here’s my plan: Let’s search the eastern meadow for that caterpie! I’m sure it’s still around somewhere!” Bruno seems interested while Perk didn’t looks like he believed Aaron. That plan sounds so interesting that Rumi ended up leaning forward too much and fell down face first to the ground instead. The boys looked in surprise at the girl who just suddenly appeared from a bush.

“Who is she?” Bruno asked with a mix of annoyed and amused expression.

“It’s Rumi. The girl that live alone next to Aunt Joanna.” Aaron answered.

“H-hey, hello! I just heard that you boys want to comb the meadow for a caterpie. Let me in!!”

Bruno’s expression became more unreadable after he heard Rumi’s proposal. “Boys, gather!!” He yelled. The boys formed a circle while putting their hands on the shoulder of each other. After discussing it for a while. The circle broke and Bruno said to Rumi.

“Ok, you are in. But remember this, that caterpie is mine! No matter who find it.”

“Agreed!” Seeing a caterpie was enough for Rumi anyway. The kids immediately went to the eastern meadow.


GrandMeadow was a small village in the southern part of Eiden region. It was a village surrounded by grassland, making it a suitable environment to raise cows, sheeps and horses. But there was still a lot of area that has tall grass in it, eastern meadow is one of such area. The grass there was varied in height, some of them only as tall as an adult knee-length, but a few of them could even hide an entire house in it. And now Rumi, Bruno, Perk and Aaron were combing that area. They decided to split up to cover more area. Rumi was searching quietly when Perk suddenly screamed.

“Ahhh! There is it! AAHHhh...!!” The kids gathered in an instant. Perk was pointing in a direction with a scared face, when the kids called him he didn’t even respond and kept screaming. Bruno slapped him in the face.

“Shut up, Perk. Did you find the caterpie?”

“Y-yes. I saw that caterpie. But suddenly a wolf bite the caterpie and left. It looked at me, Bruno. It will come back!” Hearing this, Bruno’s face became significantly paler.

“W-wolf?? Are you sure, Perk?” Perk nodded.

“I think we should go home, Bruno. I will tell uncle Karlos and let the adults deal with the wolf.”

“R-right. We go home!”

Under Bruno’s commands. The kids marched back to the village. But suddenly Rumi remembered something important. Her basket, filled with berries. She left it somewhere in the meadow.

“I left something. I will be back soon!” Without a second thought, she dashed back to the meadow. Ignoring Bruno’s yelling about wolf. She started to combed the meadow again, all by herself. Rumi didn’t found her basket even after spending almost thirty minutes searching the area. Suddenly a familiar kid approached her and said.

“I saw your basket there.”

“Aaron! What are you doing here?”

“You took too much time, so I think you need some help.”

“how about the wolf? Do you not scared of the wolf?”

“I do. But I knew Perk is just lying to make Bruno ceased this caterpie hunting. He is not a good liar, why should wolf eat caterpie anyway. But how about you? you don’t seem scared of wolf?” Aaron’s question left Rumi thinking for a bit.

“It’s not like that I’m not scared of wolf. It is just.. you see, I just thought about retrieving the berries and not thinking about the wolf at all. But thanks goodness it is just a lie.” Rumi let out a relaxed sigh.

“Right. Let’s take your basket. I think I saw it there.” Aaron held Rumi’s hand and dragged her to the direction where her basket is supposed to be. A shocked gasp could be heard from both kids as they arrived at Rumi’s basket. Because a caterpie was eating the berries inside. The two kids stared at each other in disbelief.

“CATCH IT!” Rumi dashed at the caterpie.

“Rumi, don’t!!” Aaron’s warning is a bit late. Because Rumi had fell on the ground with sticky strings all over her body. She struggled to unbind herself from the strings. But looks like the strings would took a lot of time to be undone.

“Aaron, don’t worry about me. Catch it!!”

“Right.” Aaron took a non-direct approach. Using the tall grass as a shield from the strings, he zigzaged his way to the caterpie, but the caterpie was smarter than it seems to be and started predicting Aaron's movement. After three minutes, Aaron finally fell down to the ground with sticky strings all over his body. The caterpie walked triumphantly between its victims before disappared into the tall grass.


The kids would spent the next hour to help each other broke the bind.
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