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The Adventures of Pokemon Everywhere!: Eevee's Apple Problem

by Pikachu the Ninja

Pikachu the Ninja
One day, in the pokemon center, Cole's eevee was eating in apple for lunch in the middle of the day in the lunch room of the pokemon center. When eevee was eating his apple he was shocked when he spilt his drink on the table, so eevee went to go get a napkin, but when eevee was gone a random wild chespin came in not seen by Nurse Joy went to go look for some food and was amazed when the chespin saw the apple on the table, so quietly, the chespin stole the apple and ran off with it, when eevee returned he was shocked to find his apple was gone "Where did my apple go!?". Shocked, eevee decided to leave his trainer Cole in the pokemon center when he was taking a nap, so eevee left to go find his apple that he was going to eat, suddenly, eevee found footprints on the ground, "Hmm, I wonder which person or pokemon made these footprints?", so he followed them and ended up at the plaza fountain in the middle of the town to find a chespin about to eat his apple "Hey! That's my apple!". Eevee ran toward the chespin and said "Don't eat that apple! That apple is mine!" chespin heard and stop he went over to eevee and said "What are you talking about? This is my apple!", but eevee said "No, it's mine because I left it on a table in the pokemon center lunch room when I went to go get a napkin!", so chespin said "Fine, you can have it! But I'm still hungry!". Eevee felt bad for him so he gave him 5 oran berry's he found before he found chespin "Here, you can have these.", so chespin said "Thank you eevee! *munch,munch* that was delicious! Hey can I be part of your team?", in confusion eevee said "What do you mean?", chespin said "I mean I want to go on your journey with you and your trainer, can I be on your team?", in delight eevee said "Sure you can! Come on! Follow me!", so chespin followed eevee back to the pokemon center where Cole was asleep at. When the two came back, Cole saw the both them from his room upstairs, he ran down and said "Who's this eevee?", so eevee said "This is chespin! He want's to be part of the crew!", so Cole said "Is that true Chespin?", in delight chespin said "YES!!!!!!!!!", so Cole put out a empty pokeball, and chespin touched the middle button on the pokeball and went inside and stayed, so in dear happiness Cole said "Alright! I just caught a Chespin!", and after they caught chespin, Cole and eevee said thank you to Nurse Joy for the stay and meal and continued on their journey.
The End
  1. Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Crazy Umbreon Lady
    Awesome story! :D
    Apr 9, 2016
    Pikachu the Ninja likes this.
  2. Pikachu the Ninja
    Pikachu the Ninja
    Hope you liked my little story, but this is just Episode 1 tommorow I will release episode 2
    Apr 9, 2016