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Eevee story part six

by Therealist770

(Esbra) mom I want a puppy (eve) what kind (esbra) a growlilite (eve) so you want a fire breathing Dog like pokemon creature (esbra) yes a puppy (umbra) MOM IM BORED AGAIN (ada) Me to (eve) well stop we're getting a puppy also ada can we talk in private (AdA) sure (eve) all right so its umbra's birthday and he has always wanted a puppy so I need you to stall for us OK go THE CARNIVAL (ada) OK umbra we're going to the carnival (umbra) all right ( at the carnival) (umbra) ohhhh let's go on the cursed gengar rollercoaster ( ada) uh OK (umbra) all right this is gonna be awesome just so you know I've always love'd you (ada) aw thanks sweety (kisses him while being eaten) (umbra) well that's over (eve) (on phone) we're ready (ada) great (hangs up) umbra let's go home (on the walk home) (umbra) ada I've always wanted a puppy (ada) you know me two Ive never had a real best friend (umbra) I'll be you best friend (kisses her) well we're here (eve esbra and puppy) surprise !!!!!!!!! (Umbra) a puppy yes yes yes hi boy or girl (puppy) ARF ARF (umbra) its a boy I'll call you burn (burn) ow ow owwwwwwwwwww (eve esbra and ada) Happy BIRTHDAY (umbra) I completely forgot its my birthday thanks for burn (narrator) well that it for this part tune in tomorrow for the last part of season one its gonna be EPIC see ya there
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