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eevee dark world diary: monday

by pifchif

I was alone i my cave like allways accept for when i hade trainer but he does not deserve to be a pokemon trainer for wate he did to me. I hade just finished dinner when i their was loud sond i wanted to go but i hadent left the cave since i hade a trainer this is were i was born so this feels the most like home to me then i saw a pokeball i jump back i hade not seen one of those in 10 years so i was a little suprised then a totodile came out of the pokeball then a trainer said totodile use water gun i was shock i diddint move and it hit me so i got up then the trainer said pokeball go it was hard but i broke out of the ball and desroyed it then i used trump card i hit totodile and maid him faint but then the trainer call back totodile i hoped the trainer would run but no he sended in a pikachu oh do hate the pikachu so i used a quick attack as strong is i could but pikachu didint faint the trainer yelled to pikachu use thunder then i escape i hade forgouting about the secret hole that i hade made. I was so happy. but then i saw jolteon comme out and attack me i fleed i was so scard then fearow grabe me and took me to his nest were his babes were.