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eevee dark wolrd diary : wensday

by pifchif

The bag was removed from my head i was in a lab a science lab i confused when i ask what i was doing here they did not say anything so i started to run when a umbreon attack me so i took a seet were they told me too and they started to exspirement me i said am just an eevee what do they want whith me they said confirmed there is a nother eeveelution a flying type this is what it should look like


now lets try to evolve it i did not want to evolve so i started to run i jump over umbreon and used dig to escape get that eevee they said but i was too far away then a scientist said to evolve use a sun stone and boom you have a windeon i saw some food so i took some but then isaw fire come at me and a charizard took my food and i fainted as i was closing my eyes i felt something grab me then i passed out.
  1. masterball gamer
    masterball gamer
    Amazing story
    Jul 31, 2015