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Eevee chronicles chapter 2

by Megaman reborn

Megaman reborn Eevee chronicles chapter 2 star and eevee encounter a strange Pokémon
I chase the ditto "go eevee!" I say "tackle" eevee charges at ditto at a high speed and ditto flops down into a puddle. "Go heal ball" i exclaim as I throw the pink ball at the pokemon. It then shakes three times and dings. "Welcome to the team ditto" I say "I think I will call you jelly!"
I arrive at viridian city and go straight to the pokemon centre to sleep.
It's that Pokémon again,black and white, as usual. Once again I try to run but still get nowhere but then it catches up but similar to last time a pokemon saves me but this one was different this one was blue and silver, this Pokémon chased it away.