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Eclipse's Journal: Eclipse's Journal (Story part by part)

by Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon If u want u can ship pepole, Make a rp, Or Create another Season but only from my permission
Characters right now. (That are important)

Eclipse the Shiny Eevee
Sparks the Pikachu
Sunshine the Eevee
Rowley the Rowlet
Hunter the Mimikyu
Alice the Fennikin
??? The Zorua
"This is my story..."

"I've made it this far. I've Graduated Collage with a beautiful life, Beautiful Friends in a Beautiful Land" A Random Umbreon Says. "My Friends helped me get this far." He continues. "Oh u tell me how I got this far?" "let me begin." "My name is Eslipse the Umbreon"

Once upon a time in the Alola Region Mele-Mele Island.
I started going into High school. I was scared at first, Well for once High school was the Place I was going to evolve. Thankfully My best Friend Sparks the Pikachu helped me get over it. I knew I could count on him. I knew we were gonna pass this school
Together. Because thats what best friends do. I wasn't sure that other pepole would like me because I'm so tiny, I'm just a Eevee.

So the first class was homeroom. Which wasn't actually that bad, Me and Sparks are in the same Homeroom Together which was nice. Also there was quite a few other amazing Pokémon.
There was a Mimikyu with a Jacket on. He seems to be lonely and scared, there also was this Riolu that was happy for class. He had a Tank top on along with some pants that looked like Sans Pants.
There was also this Pikachu Belle and she has a Pink bright Dress along with a bow. She loved math and everything about school. There was so much classmates that I can't even explain them all!
And there was this Beautiful Eevee with the bow behind her left ear along with a jewel on her face.
I quickly fell in love with her but was distracted by Sparks Smaking me in the face for me to pay attention to the teacher. "Can u stop staring at Your Lady friend and pay attention?" He asked.
I quickly whisper to him "She's not my Girlfriend! I don't even know her yet. I'm just (uhhhh) Writing in my Journal.. Yeah!" "Still- Pay attention to the teacher" He ended. The teacher was a Greninja named mr. Amazuko (A-Mah- Zoo-Koh). He started by giving attendance. The perfect opportunity to learn the Eevees Name. "So Today were Taking Attendence, Say Here if your here"
"Hunter", "Here.....", "Alice" "...." "Where's Alice?" amazuko Says Loudly. A Fenniken Quickly rushed through the door and said Here, She had A witch Outfit on along with A Stick. I turned to Sparks and he looked like he fell in love too. I Ignored him. "Eslipse" Amazuko said. I quickly Reacted to a Joyful "Here!". I was Proud that I said that. Knowing that Sparks wouldn't say here and everyone will stare at him. "Sunshine?" "Here!" Said the Eevee. Her Voice sounded so Amazing. I quickly got into that Love Trance once again. Her name was Beautiful as well.

"Sparks?" Spark was In the Cute charm Affect. "Sparks?!?" The teacher continued. Everyone looked at him staring at Alice, Alice Blushed a tiny bit. "ummmmm...." she said in a sweet voice.
I quickly reacted and woke up Sparks Using Swift. Sparks quickly Fell off of the Trance and said "HERE!". Sunshine And the other Class gigged. Even Hunter!
The bell rung as we went to first class. Social Studies, I love Social Studies!

(Anyways that's all for Tonight) MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS (or something like that.)
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  1. Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon
    Sun and Moon: Part 2 Coming Tomarrow, For now PEACE OUT AND KEEP CATCHING THEM ALL!

    Sparks: Why does it has to End in the most Embarrasing Part.. :@

    Eclipse: *Giggles*
    Hunter: *Cracks a Smile*
    Alice: I-I never knew someone liked me, Everyone used to Hate me in the past.
    Sparks: Well, I-I do. Very much!:)
    Alice: *Blushes*
    Eclipse: Hey! Lovebirds were still here!
    Rowley: Yeah!
    Dec 4, 2016