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Eclipse's Journal: Eclipse's Journal (part 3) For all or for Nothing

by Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon Sorry for the long wait. I've been lazy and Collage is boring XD oh well
(*munches on a burger) yep...
I slowly crawl out of the classroom. Sleepy but surely. The story was interesting but I still don't believe it. My energy quickly regained when our teacher said "Class, its gym time!" Everyone was pushing and rushing into the hallways. I didn't came with the crowd. As I'm not very athletic myself.
Soon enough I started sencing a aura, A sad one! I quickly walked and explored to find whoever was sad. It lead me to Sunshine crying on the floor. I quickly rushed to help not caring if I was late. "What's wrong?" I asked. Helping her up. "I will never evolve any time soon!" She sobbed. "I'm not good at fighting." I wondered why. "Why do u need to fight to evolve, us Eevee need evolution stones to evolve." I asked. "The gym teacher S-said that if u reach over A+ You will evolve. "I'm not very athletic..." she sobbed more. I tried to cheer her up. "There's actually two Eeveelutions were u need max happiness to evolve." I said. "Really?!?" Sunshine said getting a little bit happier. "Mhm! I don't wanna spoil it so it's a surprise!" I said. She got really happy and hugged me. "Oh Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Sunshine said Cheerfully. "Wel-Welcome!" I said while blushing. I was happy to help. "Anyways let's go to class." Sunshine rushed. I ran after her to class. When we got there we saw a couple new students. The teacher was a Machoke and The classmates were Me, Sunshine, Sparks, Hunter, Rowley, A Kirlia that some pepole call "Grace" Alice, and a Gallade named Jackson. But the big bully was Hakomo-o. He's a fighting type and might put danger on me and Sunshine.

The teacher told us to sit down to play a game. I love games. But Sunshine might not. I will do anything to protect her just in case she wants to evolve by Evolution stone. "Ok kids! We will play a game called "Double battles." I looked into Sunshine's eyes. She had kinda like a very scary look in her eyes. "Hey, Try to have Fun. The team will protect you. Believe in us.. Believe in you." I whispered. "Thanks for the prep talk." She whispered back. At the end of the teacher speaking he arranged us in teams of four. On my team was me, Sunshine, Sparks, and Rowley the Rowlet. On the other team was Drageov the Hakamo-o, Jackson the Gallade, Hunter the Mimikyu, and Cira the Catapie. The pepole that didn't want to participate was Alice and Grace. Alice cheered on our team
While Grace didn't want to see the teams fight and get beat up, so she just sat on the bleachers closing her eyes wishing it would be over soon.

The battle began, and I'm not gonna lie. It's was rough. This Gallade just keep trying to attack me, but why. Lucky I learned the TM for Shadow ball. The Hakomo-o just stood there playing on his phone. When one of our team members came close he would put the phone away and dragon pulse us. But he was easy to target. At the end the pepole that was awarded the rare candy and stones. Where Sparks, Rowley, Hunter did but he couldn't evolve so Drageov took his place. They got stones and rare candy. We watched them glowing and evolving. Sparks evolved into Alolan Raichu, Drageov evolved into Kommo-o, Rowley evolved into Dartrix. He kinda looked handsome. And all.
The bell rung and kids rushed out of the gymnasium for lunch, I was one of the pepole last. Sunshine randomly evolved into a espeon. Everyone was amazed that she somehow turned shiny.