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Dusk Evolutions for Ghost

by Maiden of Ghosts

Maiden of Ghosts Stuff happened, friendships crumbled, and the Pokemon RP verse I'm involved in is getting a reset!

The last week had been an adventure.

Regardless, because of the PokeRP verse reset.. It means new things for old characters! And because we're bringing back a concept from an old plot, we're re-using the Dusk Evolved. Meaning fake evolutions abound! And naturally, my main OC, Ghost, got some. c:



Necropolis Pokemon


An evolved form of Umbreon. While its appearance is elegant, it is tougher than it looks, and excels greatly at defending others. The moon disk above its head allows it to draw power from the moon. It uses its strength for the Dusk’s cause.


Psychopomp Pokemon


The evolution of Ophoiseon. This Pokemon will supposedly latch onto the soul of another, acting as a fiercely loyal and protective guardian to the individual. The bones that float beside its body serve as armour, and can disappear at will. Potent lunar powers and strength in battle makes Amenteon a powerful asset to the Dusk.
  1. Maiden of Ghosts
    Maiden of Ghosts
    @Yuki no Hana Aaa, thank you! And yeah, it would! I wish all my fakemon could be canon Pokemon, ahaha.
    Oct 25, 2015
  2. Yuki no Hana
    Yuki no Hana
    Those look so cool! It'd be pretty awesome if they did become really canon pokemon. :)
    Oct 25, 2015
    Maiden of Ghosts likes this.