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Dream Land

by Pollen-Puff

Pollen-Puff A pink puffball with the appetite of a million Waddle Dees on a quest to save the world like so many others...
Orange = Waddle Dees' Poyospeak
Dark Orange = Bandana Waddle Dee's Poyospeak
Pink = Translated from Poyospeak

Trees gently shaking in the breeze. Birdon chicks peeping in their nest. Butterflies gliding to and fro on their pairs of wings, one landing on an unsuspecting Waddle Dee, strolling on his way.
"Hello there, little butterfly! w-ahh!" The orange butterfly glowed, as did the Dee as it screamed in fear; it was not pain so much as immense fear and terror. The fear swallowed it until there was nothing left of the poor Waddle Dee. This was when the butterfly struck - the winged creature disappeared as the Dee's eyes turned black and it sprouted wings with an image its true eyes on them.

Ahh, it had been a great day to be Kirby. The sun was shining at the perfect degree, and the Maxim Tomato plant had sprouted. He was munching on one when he saw a butterfly land on a Waddle Dee. The two glowed, and the butterfly disappeared. The Waddle Dee was transforming!
"Did-did the pretty butterfly just do that?" A pink butterfly started to lazily glide towards Kirby. "Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Kirby ran away from the pink butterfly chasing after him. He spotted a Wheelie and quickly inhaled it.
"Wheel!" A backwards cap appeared on his head as Kirby used his Dash ability to turn into a wheel, running through a field with the butterfly far behind. He spied Bandana Waddle Dee running the other way and quickly stopped using Dash to turn back into Kirby. There was no way to stop the collision completely, however, and the two crashed.

"Ow, that hurt. Wait- is the butterfly still coming? Oh no!" Bandana Waddle Dee looked around in fear and spotted a red butterfly coming towards the two of them. Kirby discarded his ability and spit it at the butterfly, but the creature swiftly dodged. Bandana then came up with an idea:
"Waddle Copter! Take this, you little creep of a bug!" The spearsman spun his spear and lifted himself a few inches into the air, then started to twirl the his weapon towards the butterfly. A gust blew it back, and Kirby tried to join in. He spotted a Broom Hatter and quickly inhaled it.

Kirby used his broom to power up Bandana Waddle Dee's spear into Bluster Spear. The gust powered up and the butterfly blew away.
"Are you okay? A pretty butterfly was following me, too. Why are they so mean now?"
"I don't know," the spearsman replied "but it might have something to do with the Halberd. Look at the butterflies flock to it!"