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Ennen Creatures: Dragon

by NonAnalogue

NonAnalogue So this is a young dragon in Ennen; her name is Crest and she has not yet reached maturation. Dragons in Ennen have an odd life cycle, and are somewhat symbiotic with elemental sprites. When a dragon reaches the age of maturation, they find a sprite at a similar age; together, they become a single being - an elemental dragon (or spritedragon). The dragon can be thought of as the 'physical' part of the being, while the sprite is the 'ethereal' or 'spiritual' part. As a result, any element that a sprite can be, so too can an elemental dragon. Neither the dragon nor the sprite is considered mature until this happens. As a result of this system, the culture and civilization of dragons and sprites are closely intertwined; most dragons and sprites alike think that there is one sprite or one dragon out there, meant for them.

When elemental dragons reproduce, the offspring always come in pairs: one baby dragon, and one sprite, of the same elemental affinity as the dragon itself.

Young dragons are not as big as one might expect; as the picture shows, Crest is roughly the same height as Tendy. Upon maturation, elemental dragons may grow much larger.

Young dragons also develop a protective helmet or mask on their head - the helmet differs from dragon to dragon - to protect them. This helmet may change or disappear entirely upon maturation, as elemental dragons' appearances differ wildly.

Element: none for immature dragons; varies for mature dragons