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Dragon Quest Builders Guide

by Sylvious

Sylvious I got this wonderful game for Christmas, so I decided to make a walkthrough on it! If you want to complete this game, or simply need a refresher, this guide is for you!
Warning! This walkthrough contains some spoilers of the game, Dragon Quest Builders. This game is best played blind, if you accept the warning, read ahead.

Thanks for reading RedMew's Dragon Quest Builders (EN) Guide! Please like if you think this walkthrough is informational!

In case you didn't know, Dragon Quest Builders is a spinoff of the Dragon Quest RPG series created for the PS3/4, and PS Vita. The plot is based off an alternate ending to the original game, where the hero accepts the offer from Dragonlord to each rule one half of the world. Of course, this was a hoax. The hero was defeated, and the world was plunged into darkness. Humans got robbed of their powers to build new things from materials. It is said the "Legendary Builder", who still retains the power to create, will restore the world from darkness.

This walkthrough only shows you the missions and tasks you need to do to continue the game. This game is based off your imagination and what you can build. Feel free to build what you want.

And here is the controls:

Square - Place Blocks (Hold place blocks two blocks high)
X - Actions and Menu
Triangle - Attack/Break
O - Jump
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Move/Reset Camera
Left/Right Dpad - Move items in inventory
Up/Down Dpad - Switch weapons
Options - Birds-eye View
L1/R1 - Look Up/Down

Now, lets start Dragon Quest Builders!

Character Design
You can choose between Male or Female. This does not impact the game in any way besides your appearance.

You also have a choice for your hair, skin, eyes, and name.

Chapter 1; Part 1: Wake up!
A cutscene plays while starting the game. Dragonlord, the person who made this world become shrouded in darkness, appears. He gives the offer to the original hero, to be on his side and rule half of the land. Of course, we do not see the rest.

Somebody starts talking to you. "At long last, I have found you." They educate you about what happened to this world, and tell you about where you come in. "Arise, my child... Your destiny awaits..." .. And you wake up, as a small child. You have no recollection of previous events. The spirit talking to you encourages you to move freely. Move around and use O to jump. After your jog, they try to tell you about the task that you are about to preform. However, you have no strength from that lengthly nap.

Jump up and take the White Petals. The spirit teaches you more about your powers, that you can create new items from combining multiple materials. Go to the nearby Tree Stump, and craft some Healing Cream from your handful of petals. They will tell you to use the Healing Cream. Select the healing cream with the left/right sticks on the D-Pad, and press square to use it. Your health will be restored.

You have a duty, and that duty is to give humanity the power to build once again, and to defeat Dragonlord and restore the lands to its previous form. You interrupt the spirit, asking how to leave this crypt. They tell you how to do just that. Take the Broken Branch the spirit gave you, and approach the Tree Stump. Craft the simplest of weapons, the Cypress Stick. They try to tell you your mission again, but you interrupt. Press X away from the Tree Stump, and open the menu. Select Equipment, and equip the Cypress Stick. The spirit tells you more about the history, but you fall asleep.

To build a path out of the crypt, you must break and collect the nearby Earth. Go down a layer, and press triangle to break the Earth. Continue breaking blocks until you obtained 10 Earth. Press right and then left on the D-Pad. Then, go over to the red areas the spirit has marked and press square when the yellow markings match the red. Jump up the stairway and continue placing blocks, until you reach the exit. Press X to open the door, and leave the crypt. The spirit will congratulate you, and will teach you even more of the history. You will reply, "I don't get it!" So they adopt a more simple approach. "Use the power of creation that dwells within you, and rebuild this world however you see fit. No doubt you will fulfill your duty in the course of doing so. So too will you come to learn of the tragedy that befell this world, and the role you are about to play in its salvation..."

They will introduce themselves. They are Rubiss, the spirit of the land. Rubiss will watch over you throughout your journey. and she will confirm one thing. "You are not a hero. If nothing else, remember this..."

Rubiss will tell you that this ravaged place was once called Cantlin. A city used to thrive here, with huge defenses. But all was destroyed by the monsters. Then, they will give you a gift: the Banner of Hope. Rubiss tells you that if you plant the banner in the land, it will be the symbol of Cantlin's restoration.

Approach the light, and select the Banner of Hope (D-Pad) and use it. The light will spread across the ruined town, and the people will be attracted to it. Look- there's one already!

Chapter 1; Part 2: It's Pippa!
Go talk to the child, and she will ask about the flag. She notices this this area is so bright and inviting, and introduces herself! Her name is Pippa, and she asks your name. Pippa will start moving around with an exclamation mark on her head, this means she has a task that she wants of you. Go talk to Pippa.

She asks who you are, and where you came from. You say you don't know, and the goddess told you to come to Cantlin. She claims it as suspicious, but asks to live in this place. Rubiss also starts talking to you, tell you cannot rebuild Cantlin alone. You need to house people that want to live here. Rubiss tells you to rebuild the broken house using the nearby Earth. They will give you a few blocks of Earth.

Enter the house by opening the door (X) and select your Earth. Repair the walls until there is walls covering the building, all two blocks high. Remember, you can break blocks with triangle. Then, talk to Pippa again. She will be amazed that you repaired the house with dirt, and knows what you can really do. She will give you 3 White Petals that she found on the way there. Talk to Pippa once again.

She will ask how you repaired the house. You say you have the power to build, and Pippa is uncertain what the definition of "Building" is. Rubiss will remind you that people lost the power to build. She appreciates your help, but it's not a room without light. Rubiss will tell you to use the nearby Mason's Workstation to craft torches, with the splat of blue goo and broken branch they gave you. Go over to the Workstation, and craft five torches. Then talk to Pippa.

Pippa finally understands what building means.... Sort of. She gives you a Broken Branch and asks if you could build anything with it. Talk to her again. You tell her your name, but says that it doesn't sound like you'd be a hero. She tells you that you should put the torch in the house. Rubiss tells you that a room is complete if it has walls two blocks high, a door, and a source of light.

Go over the the house, select the torch, and place it on the ground. And then talk to Pippa. She congratulates you, and is amazed. She thanks you, and gives you a Seed of Life. Use the seed of life to increase your health by five. Talk to Pippa again. She says it'd be a lot better with something to sleep at night. She says to make two beds. Rubiss tells you that she will not guide you to gather the materials, and that you can make a Straw Mattress using Grassy Leaves.

You will find out how to build a Straw Mattress. To build a Straw Mattress, you need three Grassy Leaves. They look like four leaf clovers. Collect leaves around the base, and craft two Straw Mattresses at the Mason's Workstation. Place them inside the house. It will create a Basic Bedroom, which increases Resident's HP by 10%. Talk to Pippa again. She will thank you, and Rubiss will talk about you can sleep on a bed to recover health. You will get two Broken Branches for completing the task.

Talk to Pippa once again. She'll ask if you are getting hungry, and talks about Plumberry Trees. She will ask for five. Go into the wilderness and collect Plumberries at the nearby forest. Also obtain other materials as they will be convenient later on. Talk to Pippa again once you have enough Plumberries. Hand over the Plumberries, and she will thank you. She'll give you 3 of the Plumberries. Your hunger meter will also be introduced.

Talk to Pippa again, and she'll talk about a place to store your things. You will be able to craft a chest, which can be made with three broken branches. If you went material hunting while collecting Plumberries, you should have enough. If not, collect them. Then go to the Masons Workstation and craft a chest. Place the chest in your bedroom, and talk to Pippa once again.

She'll ask what exactly happened to this world, and agrees that we will build the biggest, best city in the world. She will think about what to build, and you will build it. You'll obtain two broken branches for completing the task. Talk to Pippa again. She'll ask to build a room just like her blueprint. You'll obtain Pippa's picture. Select the picture, and lay it out wherever you want. Here are the requirements to build the blueprint:

x 48 Earth - Obtained From Wilderness
x 1 Bonfire - Crafted From 1 Blue Goo and 2 Broken Branches
x 1 Mason's Workstation - Obtained From Breaking Workstation
x 1 Straw Door - Crafted From 3 Grassy Leaves and 1 Broken Branch
x 1 Chest - Crafted From 3 Broken Branches

Obtain these items and place them where they are in the Blueprint to build a Stonemason's Workshop. Talk to Pippa after completing the task. Pippa will put materials that she finds in the chest, which is quite handy. You'll get 1 Coarse Cloth for completing the task.

Chapter 1; Part 3: The More, The Merrier!
Talk to Pippa again. She'll thank you for building the Stonemason's Workshop, and she'll say she saw a strange-looking man while walking to base. She waited until he went away and ran here. She suggests that you should ask for him to live with you. A new quest marker will appear on the compass on the top right. Follow the Q until you find a camp. Examine the Campfire, and it seems it was freshly stoked. A new quest marker will appear. Follow that Q until you find a dirt box.

Break the box and you'll find a man. Talk to him. He'll thank you, and asks who you are. You say you are building a town, and he is happy to join your town. This man introduces himself; his name is Rollo, the owner of the Cantlin Chronicle. He will join your party, and your job is to lead him back to town. Go to the flag on the compass, and you will find your town.

Once back at town, talk to Pippa. She'll be happy, and you think he is shady. She thinks Rollo is dependable since he has a beard. You will obtain a Seed of Life after completing this task. Then, talk to Rollo. He says this town is brimming with life, and mentions that the Cantlin Chronicle was describing the town. You get interested in this "Cantlin Chronicle", and explains that the Cantlin Chronicle is a valuable volume of ancient knowledge, passed down in his family for generations. It is hundreds of years old, and it's pages tell of mankind's hapless history and the lost art of creation and destruction. Rollo believes this meeting makes it destined to revive this town.

Talk to Rollo again, and he'll notice that you are the legendary builder. But then he declines the thought. He tells you that there is a tool crafted from feathers of Chimeras that dwell the mountains you met him. It lets you to teleport back to your base. He asks you to obtain the Chimera feathers and craft the tool. This item is the Chimera Wing. You need 5 Chimera Feathers to create the wing. Create an Oaken Club using two Broken Branches, and go to the mountains and defeat the Chimeras. Go back to town and craft the Chimera Wing.

Once the Chimera Wing was made, talk to Rollo again. He'll be amazed, saying that it was exactly what the Cantlin Chronicle described. He'll confirm that you are the builder, and Rubiss will tell you to keep building more materials. There are vital tasks that he thinks we need to do: Complete the restoration of the city of Cantlin, and unravel the mystery of what brought the town to ruin. He believes it's only a matter of time before the truth becomes clear. You will obtain 4 Broken Branches from completing this task.

Talk to Pippa. She'll be starving, and thought that you should thing of something to cook on. She tells you to also put a chest to store the meals. You will learn to build a Cookfire. To build a Cookfire, you need:

x 5 Broken Branches - Obtained From Wilderness
x 3 Grassy Leaves - Obtained From Wilderness
x 1 Bonfire - Crafted From 2 Broken Branches and 1 Blue Goo

Once crafted the Cookfire, make a room anywhere. Make sure to have a door and that it's two blocks high. Place the Cookfire and the Chest in the room, and you will make a Crude Kitchen. Residents will cook food and put it in the chest. Talk to Pippa again, and she will be happy you made a place for her to cook. You will obtain 2 Plumberries for completing the task.

Talk to Rollo, and he will also be happy you made a kitchen. He asks if you could make him something, but you respond with "Make it yourself!" He tells you that there are orange Marshrooms growing nearby, and asks to make 3 servings with those Marshrooms. Go to the waters edge and obtain Marshrooms, if you haven't already. I recommend using a Chimaera Wing to get back to town. Then, cook 3 servings of Shrooms-on-a-stick using the Cookfire, and talk to Rollo again.

He asks you to hand them over, and he is delighted. He notes that the Cantlin Chronicle has chapters regarding the preparation of meals. You'll ask to see the Cantlin Chronicle, but he deny's it, since it is a priceless family heirloom. And the book is written in an encrypted writing. However, he believes this book holds the key to restoring this town. Rollo says he will not keep those secrets to himself- he will tell you first thing. He gives you 1 serving of the Shrooms-on-a-stick.

Talk to Rollo once again, and you'll ask if he finished reading the book yet. He claims you to be inpatient, and that he would tell you first. Deciphering the writing in the Cantlin Chronicle takes time, and your work in restoring Cantlin has only just begun. Rubiss tells you that with building and placing items, your bases level will increase. Do not place your decorations higher that two blocks above the floor, as they will not count towards your points total. They tell you to fill your town with buildings and furniture, and see your new home flourish!

Rollo tells you to think of something you can place in your rooms, and you will eventually think of a pot. You can craft a pot with 3 Earth and 1 Blue Goo. Also, when you place furniture and decorations, your points total will increase. These points increase your base level.

Place Pots and other decorations until your base level increases to Level 2. Once Level 2, talk to Rollo. He will congratulate you, and tell you it seems your powers are becoming greater. Rubiss will give you a piece of advice: "No matter how many monsters you defeat, you will grow no stronger. Only by the weapons you wield and the armor you wear will your might as a warrior increase."

Rollo will tell you he made barely any progress deciphering the Cantlin Chronicle, and that it'll take some time. He hears an odd sound. You will obtain a Seed of Life for completing the task. Talk to Rollo again, and he says that monsters plan to attack your city in force! He will protect Cantlin at all costs! He will tell you to prepare your defences against the coming assault. Though, he will fight by your side.

Before facing the fight, I recommend crafting a few healing cream. After crafting healing cream, select yes to continue the fight. When the battle starts, head to the west side and attack the two skeletons. Two skeletons will appear shortly after as backup, and the leader (A bigger skeleton) will also appear later. A strategy I prefer to use is to attack and run, and then attack shortly after. Once you complete the battle, Rubiss will congratulate you. As hope wells within the residents hearts, your Banner of Hope will also grow, blanketing the land with light.

Though, your base is now known to the Dragonlord's vessels. Rubiss says they will launch more attacks in an attempt to destroy this area, and you must protect this place, no matter what. You say that you do not know if you are equal to the task, and even what this task is about. You just want to build things, not fight the monsters. They tell you that as you come to know more of the people here, you will realize the responsibility you have. Rubiss will go, and the rest is up to you. Though, she will always look over you.

After the conversation, you will obtain a Blue Tablet Fragment. A new resident will also appear. Make beds for both Rollo and the other resident, and place them in the bedroom. Go to sleep, and images will begin forming in your mind. A young man will begin to speak. ".... Beg pardon? The words of the king hath slipped thy mind? Forsooth, what manner of hero art thou to forget such a speech? Permit me to regale thee with His Majesty's words once more. Ahem... In days of yore, thy revered ancestor did receive of the Almighty Goddess the Sphere of Light. By its power was our world rid of the menace which did beset it." Though, there was a new threat- the Dragonlord. He stole the Sphere of Light, plunging the land into darkness once more. Should this continue, our realm will perish. He tells you to vanquish Dragonlord, and reclaim the Sphere of Light!

When awoken, talk to the new resident. He will tell you about coming here; he saw a shaft of light on the horizon and wanted to check it out, and found a city! He asks who you are, and what you are doing in this city. You tell him you are building a city, and he doubts you can live in harmony at this time. He is tired, so he decides to stay here for a short while. He introduces himself; his name is Larouche.

After talking to Larouche, talk to Rollo. He has a new task for you. He tells you the fiends have found our settlement, and that we would have no knowing of when they might strike. He also notices the tablet fragments you obtains after defeating the monsters. He saw a similar design in the Cantlin Chronicle, and he investigated further. If you sticked those fragments together, you would create a device called a Teleportal. It will transport you to a place where you can find whatever your heart desires!

Eventually, you know how to create a Blue Teleportal! It is created from these materials:

x 1 Blue Tablet Fragment - Obtained From Story
x 3 Earth - Obtained From Wilderness
x 1 Blue Goo - Obtained From Wilderness

Once you have the materials, build the Blue Teleportal and talk to Rollo again. He'll tell you that you can surely find new and exciting materials, which you can build new and exciting items! You'll get 1 Coarse Cloth for completing the task.

Before placing down the Teleportal, I recommend to build a dirt perimeter around the town. This way, it's harder for monsters to get into your base. Then, place the Blue Teleportal. Talk to Rollo again, and he will ask you to build the mightiest of tools: the Giant Mallet! The Cantlin Chronicle describes the Mallet as a fearsome hammer, strong enough to break huge boulders and fell great trees. Monsters known as hammerhoods carry these Giant Mallets wherever they go. They can probably tell you how to build one.

Chapter 1; Part 4: New Equipment!
Once you have learned about the Giant Mallet, enter the Teleportal! Open the red chest to obtain the Blue Naviglobe. Take a moment to notice and defeat the new enemies, to obtain new materials, and head to the house with a giant Bonfire on top. Go up the stone stairs, and talk to the Hammerhood inside. She is Clobberina, the head hammerhood. You tell her you want to learn how to make a Giant Mallet, but she can't teach it to you. Though, she makes a deal. If you can cover up the holes on her roof, she will tell you the recipe.

Break the ivy in front of her house, and use the workbench on her roof to make coils of cord. Then build a straw floor. Place the straw floor blocks in the holes. Then talk to Clobberina again. She'll notice you are the legendary builder, and teaches you how to make the Giant Mallet. Then build it from 3 Broken Branches. Equip the Giant Mallet, and go back to base. Make sure to obtain Orange Oil from the Orange Slimes while going back.

Go to the workstation and build the Wayfarer's Clothes. Here are the materials needed:

x 2 Coarse Cloth - Obtained From Skeletons
x 1 Blue Goo - Obtained From Blue Slimes
x 1 Orange Oil - Obtained From Orange Slimes
x 1 Cord - Crafted From 3 Ivy

Once crafted the Wayfarer's Clothes, talk to Rollo. He'll tell you about all the materials you can obtain with the Giant Mallet; Wood, Stone, Copper, and Coal! Copper and Coal is said to be through the Blue Teleportal. To begin with, Rollo recommends chopping down some trees. You'll obtain 2 Chimaera Wings for completing the task.

Approach a nearby tree, and chop it down! You'll obtain Plumberry Lumber. Build wood out of the lumber, and talk to Rollo again. He thinks about something to store all the materials you are collecting. He talks about the Colossal Coffer that the Cantlin Chronicle mentioned. He asks you to build one for him. You'll learn how to build the Colossal Coffer, here are the materials for it:

x 8 Wood - Obtained From Wilderness
x 3 Fur - Obtained From Hammerhoods
x 1 Pot - Crafted From 3 Earth and 1 Blue Goo

Once you have built the Colossal Coffer, place it down anywhere. Items will go in there if your inventory is full. Then talk to Rollo. He'll tell you that you can collect materials and not worry about your inventory! He'll ask if you collected any Copper, Coal, or Stone lying around through the Blue Teleportal. If you had a forge, you could smith metal items. You'll obtain 5 Blue Goo for completing the task.

Talk to Larouche, and he knows where you can find another townsperson. On the far side of the Hammerhood Village, there is a small island connected to the mainland by a land bridge. There is a person living there. I recommend building some healing cream, and then heading out to find the next villager!

Head to the cave on the small island, and there will be a person sitting next to a campfire. He'll tell you to leave now. Two strong skeletons will appear. Defeat them and talk to the boy again. He'll be amazed that you defeated the monsters, and says that you got lucky, since humans don't stand a chance against monsters. He'll say goodbye, but you'll tell him your building a town. He introduces himself; his name is Kenelm, and he is happy to join your city. Use a Chimaera Wing if you have one to get back to town.

Talk to Kenelm, and he says he's never felt so alive. He thanks you, and tells you that his ancestors used to be guards at Cantlin. Talk to Larouche, and he regrets telling you about him, since Kenelm regards himself and a soldier, and Larouche believes bad things happen with soldiers. He'll give you a Seed of Life for completing the task.

Go through the Blue Teleportal, and break Rocks, and obtain Copper and Coal. This will be used for better equipment. Go back to base, and build a Forge. Here are the materials for a Forge:

x 8 Stone - Obtained From Rocks
x 3 Copper - Obtained From Wilderness
x 3 Coal - Obtained From Wilderness

After building the Forge, place it inside the Workshop to create a Stonemason's Smithy. Build a Copper Ingot in the Forge, and build Leather Armor from 3 Fur, 1 Copper Ingot, and 1 Cord. Once you equipped the Leather Armor, build a Stone Sword from 1 Stone. Equip the Stone Sword, and talk to Rollo.

He'll tell you more monsters are coming to this town. Select yes, and get ready for a battle! 4 Brown Hammerhoods will come from the west, and 2 Chimaeras come for backup. Shortly after, the leader (A big Brown Hammerhood) appears. Defeat the monsters, and talk to Pippa.

She'll thank you, and asks to make a room just for her, since she gets distracted while working. To make the room for her, she needs a bed, a pot, and a sign for her. You will think of a Lady sign, Gentlemen sign, Inn sign, and Shop sign. You can make the Lady Sign from 1 Wood, 1 Magic Dye, and 1 Orange Oil. You can cook the Magic Dye, and obtain the Wood and Oil from the Wilderness. Place the Lady Sign on the wall, and place the Bed, Pot, and the Light Source. Then write on the sign and select Pippa.

Talk to Pippa, and she'll thank you. She'll mention her "super-secret project" but then doesn't actually reveal it. You'll obtain 2 Chimaera Wings for completing the task. Talk to Pippa again, and she'll reveal her super-secret project: She made clothes for everyone! She asks if you can make a dressing room. It would need Stone Stools. You'll also think of an Armoire. You can craft the Armoire from 3 Wood, 1 Stone, 1 Copper Ingot, 3 Coarse Cloth, and 1 Cord.

After you built the Armoire, place the Stone Stools and the Armoire along with a door and a light source to make a Dressing Room. Residents will change into new clothes in this room. Talk to Pippa again, and she'll thank you. She'll give you 3 Fried eggs for completing the task.

Talk to Rollo, and he'll reveal that monsters are coming back for more. He found out that there is a castle beyond the Hammerhood's village, and that the castle had a great stone stockade, fending off many monsters. He tells you to travel to that castle, and find out how to build the stone stockade.

Go through the Blue Teleportal, and head towards the Quest Marker. Across the way, you will find wheat. Get this wheat as it is important in another mission. Go to the stockade, and talk to the person there. He will give you spikes and stone walls. Use them to repair the stockade, and lure the enemies into the trap. Talk to him again and he will thank you, and disappear. Break the stockade, and go inside the castle. Talk to the boy there, and he will introduce himself. His name is Ranulph, the mayor of the city. Now he is a ghost.

You tell him you are the legendary builder, and he'll ask what business you have here. You tell him you are in search of the stone stockade. He'll ask why you build at all, and tells you to come with him. Go up the stairs and use earth as replacements. Go on top of the roof, and talk to him once again. He'll say this world was once beautiful, and now, all has been lost. The builder will bring back the light to this land. He'll encourage you to open the chest next to him. Open the chest to get the Stone Stockade. Use a Chimaera Feather to go back home.

Talk to Rollo again, and give him the Defensive Designs. You'll obtain 2 Stone for completing the task.