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Dragon Master

by AssassinGallade

AssassinGallade My version of the story of The 1st Champion.
This is the story of a boy that would grow up to be the Dragon Master and the Champion of Kanto. The story begins with a boy named Lance who was said to have been born in Blackthorn City this boy grew up with a passion for dragons he grew up with a dratini. That Dratini was his best friend in the good times and the bad. The boy, once he became a trainer had a dream, to become the Champion of he Indigo League beat the Elite Four and become the Dragon Master. So he trained and battled then the Dratini evolved into a Dragonair and he began to catch more Pokemon like another Dragonair a Gyrados A Lapras and much more! He stormed through the Pewter City Gym along with the cerulean city gym and the Vermilion city Gym and one by one he defeated all the gyms including the Viridian city gym he made it through Victory road and defeated the Elite Four. He had done it he was the champion he was..... The Dragon Master!