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DQ free draw!.. :D

by RafuRum

RafuRum Drew a little something at a Dairy Queen free board today... :D Skitty represents a friend btw... :)
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  1. Linkachu
    I had my fill of ice cream yesterday in the form of a McDonald's smarties flurry, but I'd love to eat at a Dairy Queen with a Snorlax. ♥

    Adorable doodles, as always! Love the story behind this one as well. I'm sure it probably amused others who noticed it on the board, too. ^_^
    Mar 9, 2015
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  2. AzureEdge
    I want to go to a Dairy Queen now, and order my usual blizzard~
    But sadly, there is none in my area...*cries*
    Mar 9, 2015
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  3. Pikachucat
    mmmmm..... DANG IT now i wants some ice cream
    Mar 9, 2015
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