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Double Trouble: The Big Day

by Fletchlinger

Fletchlinger Sisters Izzy and Iris begin their quest to become the best double battlers in Kalos!
Iris Brown slowly opened her eyes and closed them again. What time is it? she wondered. Then, the excitement from last night hit her as she looked around her room. The Meloetta curtains, the Chatot radio, the Mareep plushie next to her each whispered the exhilarating news...she was ten! She could FINALLY be a pokemon trainer!

She sprinted down the wood-floored hall to her sister Izzy's room, her black hair flowing behind her. She opened the door to her sister's room, which was covered in handmade jewelry and dresses. She jumped up and down and hollered "Izzy! Wake UP!!!

Izzy woke with a start. "What? Is the house on fire? I knew those curtains were a..."
"Izzy! Shut up! No, the house is NOT burning!"
"Then why are you waking me up?"
"to ask you if You're ready to become the world's best double battlers!"

The two girls had been dreaming of being double battlers since they were five. Iris was making a dance routine and Izzy was trying on hats when the television roared to life. The girls watched in awe as the double battling teams took each other down in the Double Pokémon League. They decided the y would win the Double Pokemon League in Kalos as soon as Iris turned ten, even though Izzy was a year older.

The girls dashed into their light blue kitchen, where they were greeted by a tan cat with magenta ears and neck fur.
"Delicatty!, get back here," came their mom's voice. The cat was transformed into a beam of red light and sucked into the red and white ball their mom held.
"Hey Mom!" They cried in unison.
"Hi girls. Happy birthday to you Iris!" she chirped.
"Yo," said Iris "Isn't there something else going on today?"
Mom's face fell. "Oh, I knew I couldn't distract you from that pokemon journey, could I?" She giggled, then sighed. "Here," She handed them each a granola bar, fruit for Izzy, and chocolate for Iris. "Eat them on your way to Professer Sycamore's"
"Thank you!" Said Izzy, "Ready Iris?"

She was born ready