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Don't Protect me

by Cafe-Mocha

Stay Back.png
Cafe-Mocha It's 4:01 and I need sleep ;; u ;; This might be the first time I draw Rayquaza.. Honestly, the music that inspired me to draw this was worth me drawing! That mew is very noticeable..

We all know pokemon eat other pokemon like some of their Dex entries state. So Rayquaza was a hungry dragon looking for food, and stumbled upon Mimi as she was playing around with a piece of grass while Darkrai was supposedly away. Bloop bleep bop Mimi had her chance to defend herself with Seed Flare to ward it off, Darkrai being a knight in shining armor stepped in.

Stories with pictures :3c
Music that inspired me -- ASGORE
  1. KittehKatPoodums
    I really love how you draw mimi, she's so cute!
    Oct 3, 2020
  2. vergames
    also i can tell this is shiny requaza
    Aug 4, 2016
  3. vergames
    dis is awesome as i am looking at this i am listening to ASGORE
    Aug 4, 2016