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dolphin whale

by theclownfish

theclownfish this a story (sort of) making fun of dolphin tale and godzilla. its very different than the 2 and i hope you enjoy!
There once was a dolphin the size of a blue whale and it was called the dolphin whale. It was the most aggressive creature in the sea and ate many deadly sea creatures like jellyfish, eels, pufferfish and even great white and hammerhead sharks. Whenever it passed by all the creatures hid into the nearest safe spot and waited until it was safe to go out and resume what they were doing.

One day fishermen caught the dolphin whale in their net when trying to get fish. It was surprisingly light for its size but unharmed and was kept in the net until they reached the harbor. They took the dolphin whale to a lab where it was to be examined. It was researched for 3 days. On the last day the dolphin whale had escaped and was nowhere to be found.

The scientists took a boat out to see when 2 very large creatures were swimming. One was identified as the dolphin whale but the other was what seemed to be a massive prehistoric creature that was originally native to land. The reptile, known as Godzilla, rose out of the water and tipped over the boat, killing all on board. Godzilla let out a loud roar and headed towards the city. The dolphin whale swam by quickly and went on land.

The dolphin whale walked towards the city and due to the quick adjustments, he fell over and thrashed around, destroying most of the city. When Godzilla got to land he saw the dolphin whale and found him to be a worthy rival. Now used to the conditions the dolphin whale got up and told the large intruder ''THIS IS MY SEA NOW AND ITS VERY DIFFERENT!!! I DONT NEED THOSE PUNY SHARKS AND FISH ANYMORE!!!''. Godzilla replied ''Lets fight. If you win you keep the city and i will live separately. If I win you have to go back to the sea.''. The dolphin whale charged immediately but Godzilla grabbed him and tossed him into the rubble. The dolphin whale started to throw buildings at Godzilla and he fell over.

The dolphin whale, using massive strength picked up a small mountain and threw it at Godzilla. He fell and was covered in heavy rock making it harder to get up. The dolphin whale picked up a sharp spire and jumped at Godzilla, hoping to puncture him. Due to stored radiation, Godzilla fired his signature radiation beam. The dolphin whale lost his flukes and said ''Okay, okay im sorry! I surrender, you get this land and ill get my native sea!''. Godzilla replied ''You did well. Congratulations and i hope we can do this again!''

Struggling the dolphin whale went back to sea and went into a deep part of the ocean, lit by angler fish and a few other animals. No-one bothered him until….. (to be continued. part 2 may be out tomorrow)
  1. theclownfish
    also kindly said criticism is accepted, dont follow the typical youtuber as an example.
    Sep 12, 2014