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Do I Have a Bad Attitude?

by BLOO Muffin

BLOO Muffin Well I was rude to Tigara I bet she will say that but also I wanna know what you think
Umbreon: ...
Mimi: you suck *posts comment on youtube*
Umbreon: what are you doing best friend?
Mimi: O_O
Umbreon: mean comments again?
Mimi: yeah, so what?
Umbreon: you get no likes
Mimi: *angry* I will kill you!!
Umbreon: well you know I am angry too
Mimi: of the truth thing?
Umbreon: I believe them
Mimi: so why are you angry?
Umbreon: well today is the prom and my crush already has someone
Mimi: oh well *posts another comment on youtube*
Umbreon: :love: Hayato is on! I ♥ you Hayato *posts comment on youtube*
Mimi: that was my account!!
Hayato: *posts comment* really Mimi?
Mimi: Umbreon!! Come back here!
Umbreon: AHHH! *runs faster*
Do I have a bad attitude?
  1. SmolLimon
    Apr 6, 2015
  2. BLOO Muffin
  3. SmolLimon
    I never have seen you with a bad attitude
    Apr 6, 2015
  4. Pikachucat
    Apr 3, 2015
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