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Disney Princess Gym Series: Disney Gym 2 - Cinderella

by Takinas

Disney Gym 2 - Cinderella Compressed.jpg
Takinas This is the second entry in the line up of Disney Princess turned gym leader. For those of you who do not know, Sandshrew falls into the 'mouse' category which is why he fills for the third mouse.
Clefairy represents the Fairy Godmother, Growlithe is Bruno the dog, and Ponyta fills in for the withered horse that I don't think had a name.

I based my Cinderella on the original designs before they messed up her appearance. The hardest thing about this drawing was actually Clefairy.
  1. Marie Ravenclaw
    Marie Ravenclaw
    *kidnaps the Pichu*
    Feb 17, 2015
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