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Gaiien Region: Dirt Fliers: Earchick and Turfowl

by Keleri

turfowl line dex.png
Keleri Earchick → (lv. 25) Turfowl

#013 - Earchick (earth + chick)
Burrowing Pokemon
It typically lives in old Duspine burrows but can dig its own. It is shy and will often flee rather than fight, but if cornered it will put up a considerable resistance.
Learnset: Tackle, Sand Attack, Peck, Mud-Slap, Whirlwind, Wing Attack, Dig

#014 - Turfowl (turf + owl)
Burrowing Pokémon
Its wings have been modified for digging, and it can travel almost as fast underground as it can in the air.
Base Stats: 55/80/80/55/75/75 (420)
Ability: Sand Rush/Lightning Rod/[Sand Stream]
Learnset: Tailwind, Brave Bird, Drill Peck, Drill Run, Razor Wing, Quill Storm, Steel Wing, Rototiller, Bulldoze, Earthquake, Sand Wave, Sand Shell, Sandstorm

Going to keep going with these until I’ve drawn the rest of the Gaiien dex. :)