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Dimention's Crossed Part 1

by Queen_Kazma

Queen_Kazma This a Story of Four characters, a Timid, but bold lion, a powerful champion fighter rabbit, a tomboy girl and a awkward Demigod. The only thing connecting them together is one creepy thing they have in common. Murder.
The midnight pool rippled as a lithe muscular figure of a lion appeared from the bushes surrounding the pool. Scar sat at the edge of it and examined the small waves coming across the pool. A small rustling alerted him that his friends where here. From the opposite side of the pool, the bushes parted to a tall man with a sun on his back, illuminating the staff he was holding and the black grinning face. behind him was a shadow Lugia, sparring effortlessly over the man's head and landing neatly beside Scar. Finally, out came a "Spider?" Scar thought bewildered as the spider came closer. "I don't remember inviting a spider?!" The spider came up to scar. The spider was now towering over scar and he could see every hair on it's body. "Hello." Shade spider hissed. "my name is Arachnie and I am here to help." Arachnie Retreated back to the shadows and Love Machine spoke up. "Alright scar. Speak up. Why have you grout us here." "Ya." XD001 growled. " I had to sacrifice a lot of things to make it here so make this speech snappy." Scar bristled and growled "Do you threaten my authority?! If so, LEAVE!" Scar looked at the faces of his partners and none left. "I thought so." He sighed. "now, I think we all have someone who is very pesky and keeps interfering with our plans." All heads nodded "my sister." XD001 muttered "silver nitrate.." Arachnie hissed. "King Kazma." Love Machine spat. "We need to exterminate then. If we do, then we can go with the plan. If those brat's are still in existence, they could pose as a major threat! So what are you waiting for?! KILL THEM!" XD001 instantly flew away and Love machine strode away, the light from his sun gradually fading. The last to go was Arachnie. Looking at the pool before scuttling away. "then we can continue." Scar smirked turning around and going back.

Chapter 1​
The day that 7 year old Kiriah was supposed to die, he was taking a walk with his parents. "look son." His father rumbled pointing to a rather dark part of the mountain. "That used to be scars hideout until some years ago when I killed him." "Wow dad!" Kiriah squealed jumping up and down. "tell me more!" "calm down Kiriah." His mother scolded shorting her husband a death glare. "haha many later son." Simba laughed heading back to there cave. Suddenly, multiple blurs whisked around them and soon, there stood a dozen hyenas, all foaming at the mouth. "PACK PACK KILL KILL!" They screeched pouncing on the family. Kriah looked around wildly as a hyena fastened it's teach around his leg. Kiriah screeched in pain and flung the hyena off and bolted. Only two followed him. Kiriah scrabbled up a tree, shivering as the two hyena's scratched the tree trying to get to him. When the sun set, the hyena's left but Kiriah was to scared to come down. Soon, he fell asleep and when he woke aging. It was day. Climbing down, he crawled to where the hyena's attacked, hopping to find his parents waiting for him. Instead all he found was dried blood and a few cracked lion bones. "nooooooooooooooo." Kiriah wailed flopping beside the bones. He stayed there until a paw fell on his shoulder. He whipped around only to find a timid female lion cub. "there there." She murmured. "Who are you?" Kriah sobbed whipping away his tears. "that doesn't matter.' the lioness cub replied. "Come with me if you want to live."

Chapter 2
The day that 15 year old shade was supposed to die, she was outside training with her Pokémon. "bade, you need to charge more then launch." Shade advised her absol. "yes sah." The absol growled trying aging, this time, getting the result that shade approved. Two twins steeped out of the shadows nodding there heads. "Good job ma'am." On of the twins said. "Time for outnumbered hand to hand combat." The other said. "fine." Shade growled sliding into a fighting stance. after beating the twins, shade flopped on the ground and a rush of wind whipped around her. Bottling upright, she saw her brother, Black swooping above in the sky, his eyes red. "Go ma'am." On of the twins shouted "we shall take care of this!" The twins sent out a plusle and a minum each as shade watched with her absol to protect her. Soon the battle was over and one of the twins was sprawled eagle spread on the grass eyes staring blankly at the face of his sobbing twin. shade shivered and slowly inched backwards and soon was running away, tears streaming behind her as she entered a forest.
  1. AzureEdge
    Isn't the name Kiara? (Or is it
    just me...)
    Hope you continue this story!
    Sep 7, 2014